Top 10 Natural Wonders in North America

Top 10 Natural Wonders in North America

Vast continent has many natural wonders to offer for the travelers. The nature also is very diverse here: from glaciers and ice caves in Alaska, alpine lakes in Canada, gorges, canyons in Utah to pristine beaches in Mexico. Check out our list and pick your favorite destination.

10. McWay Falls, Big Sur, California, USA

Found in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, it is also known as a „tidefalls“, because it cascades directly into the ocean when the tide is in. A couple of decades ago it used to plunge into the ocean, however, its direction slightly changed after a fire and landslides.

Why go there?

The beach itself can be reached by boat – there is no direct and easy access by land. The site is often visited by the travelers, driving the Highway 1, on their way from San Francisco to Los Angeles or vice versa.

McWay-Photo by Helena W

Photo by Helena W

McWay-Photo by Mark Brodkin

Photo by Mark Brodkin

McWay-Photo by Michael Shainblum

Photo by Michael Shainblum

9. Hamilton Pool, Texas, USA

Created by the collapse of the ground, today the natural pool is a favorite attraction. Surrounded with limestone walls the pool also features a waterfall, plunging down from the ceiling. Visitors reach the site by completing a picturesque trail and then have a dip.

Why go there?

Beautiful park, great natural site and hiking opportunities.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

8. Caddo Lake, Texas and Louisiana, USA

One of the most unique and enigmatic lakes in the world. It is famous for flooding the trunks of the cypress trees. The waters of the lake are rich with various species of marine life. Boating through the like provides one of the most unusual and unforgettable experiences.

Why go there?

Visit the lake and have a boat tour around – this is one of the most unique places on Earth.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

7. Multnomah Falls, Oregon, USA

Found in the stunning and unspoiled Columbia River Gorge, the waterfall is one of the most popular and known attractions here. The natural wonder is memorable for the two tiers that it forms while plunging down for 165 m (542 ft) and forming a lower 21 m (69 ft) height fall. It is best approached from Benson Bridge, situated between the cascades. Native Americans believed the waterfall was created for a princess, who wanted to have a secret place to bathe in naked.

Why go there?

See unspoiled nature, impressive waterfall, which is significant culturally and historically.

Multnomah-Photo by Thomas Duffy

Photo by Thomas Duffy

Multnomah-Photo by Steven Michael

Photo by Steven Michael


Photo by Unknown

6. Zion National Park, USA

Found in Utah the park provides various fun activities as well as incredible sites. Among many Kanarra Creek, Subway, Angels Landing and Zion Canyon are the most popular spots. Also horseback riding, canyoneering, climbing and hiking attract adventurous visitors.

Why go there?

The striking natural wonder is one of the most beautiful parks in the US.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

Zion-Photo by Joe Braun

Photo by Joe Braun

5. Mendenhall Ice Caves, USA

The incredibly beautiful ice caves are found under a 19 km (12 mi) long glacier in Alaska. Found in the Mendenhall Valley, the caves are spacious cavities in the blue ice. The warming climate however threatens to melt the whole glacier. Therefore visit it until it evaporates completely.

Why go there?

The glacier is constantly melting and moving, therefore, changing its face. It also makes it difficult and even dangerous to reach. But once there, it definitely provides one of the most breathtaking sites. The melting ice also creates springs inside the caves, making it more lively and pretty.

Ice-Photo by Caters News Agency

Photo by Caters News Agency

Ice-Photo by Jared Carlson

Photo by Jared Carlson

Ice-Photo by Kent Mearig

Photo by Kent Mearig

4. Puerto Balandra, Baja California Sur, Mexico

The striking coastal area is surrounded with red mountains, features eight beaches and a turquoise lagoon. Busy city of La Paz is found nearby, making Balandra a pleasant getaway from urban hustle and bustle. On the contrary: unspoiled nature is preserved in Balandra and no tourist facilities, apart from a few restaurants and diving rentals, are developed.

Why go there?

Crystal clear water in the lagoon usually reaches 30° C and is perfect for exploring diverse marine life: corals and hundreds of species of colorful fish attract scuba divers. It is also perfect for swimming and sun bathing on soft white sand.

Balandra-Photo by Javier Garcia

Photo by Javier Garcia

Balandra-Photo by Javier Garcia2

Photo by Javier Garcia


Photo by Unknown

3. Moraine Lake, Canada

The world famous and most recognizable lake is found in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, at an elevation of approximately 1,885 m (6,183 feet). Moraine Lake is famous for its blue color and the amazing surroundings: high mountains with snowy peaks create the desired tranquility. Many hiking tracks are trod by visitors from all around the world.

Why go there?

Since this is one of the most popular natural attractions in Canada, a lot of tourism agencies organize hiking groups and provide visitors with the equipment.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

2. Grand Canyon, USA

Carved by the Colorado river, the canyon at 277 miles (446 km) long is the biggest one on Earth. Two billion years of our planet’s geological history are evident here. Native Americans have been living here for centuries, inhabiting the caves and gorges. The natural wonder attracts 5 millions tourists annually, who come to admire the canyon as well as do some fun outdoor activities.

Why go there?

Besides viewing the monumental structure and admiring the views, go rafting, camping, hiking, climbing or book a tour and approach the canyon from a helicopter or an airplane.

Grand-Photo by Stephen Wilkes

Photo by Stephen Wilkes


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

1. Niagara Falls

The most famous falls mark the border between Canada and USA. The natural wonder is made of three falls, that are sprawled in the Canadian and American territories. The waterfall attracts millions of tourists every year. It also serves as a source of hydroelectric power due to the incredible volume of water, that drops with immense power.

Why go there?

During a warm season, Niagara Falls is often visited in the evenings, since it is illuminated and fascinates with a show of colors. During the especially cold season this year, though, it got half frozen and visitors could admire the amazing ice structures.

Niagara-Photo by Neil Taylor

Photo by Neil Taylor

Niagara-Photo by Christian Stogner

Photo by Christian Stogner

Niagara-Photo by Sastha K L

Photo by Sastha K L