Top 10 Fun Adventurous Attractions in the US

Top 10 Fun Adventurous Attractions in the US

The country covers a vast territory, boasting an abundance of various attractions. From the volcanoes and ice caves, to the tall peaks and refreshing pools in the canyons. Check out this list and plan your adventurous holiday!

10. Have a Dip in Hamilton Pool, Texas

Created by the collapse of the ground, today the natural pool is a favorite attraction. Surrounded with limestone walls the pool also features a waterfall, plunging down from the ceiling. Visitors reach the site by completing a picturesque trail and then have a dip.

Why to go there?

Beautiful park, great natural site and hiking opportunities.


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown

9. Go to Mount St. Helens, Washington

The volcano’s eruption in 1980 was one of the most devastating in USA. Only 154 km (96 mi) from Seattle, the eruption killed people, destroyed 298 km (185 mi) of highway and took away a cone summit, leaving a horseshoe crater.

Why to go there?

Many viewpoints to observe the active volcano, helicopter tours, Johnston Ridge Observatory provides more facts on Mount St. Helens – a must see once in the mountainous Washington area.

st-helens-Photo by Protik Hossain

Photo by Protik Hossain

st-helens-Photo by Ryan Dyar

Photo by Ryan Dyar


Photo by the Unknown

8. View the Ice Caves in the Washington State

In the surroundings of beautiful Mount Rainier there are Big Four Ice Caves. Located in the Cascade Range of Washington they attract a lot of tourists. On a hiking trail visitors get to admire unspoiled nature. Also the caves in Paradise Glacier around Mount Rainier are no less impressive.

Why to go there?

There are many ice caves in the area, which itself is also beautiful to explore.

Caves-Photo by Erik Hecht

Photo by Erik Hecht

Caves-Photo by Of Wildest Heart

Photo by Of Wildest Heart

Caves-Photo by Michael Matti

Photo by Michael Matti

7. Visit the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Carved by the Colorado river, the canyon at 277 miles (446 km) long is the biggest one on Earth. Two billion years of our planet’s geological history are evident here. Native Americans have been living here for centuries, inhabiting the caves and gorges. The natural wonder attracts 5 millions tourists annually, who come to admire the canyon as well as do some fun outdoor activities.

Why to go there?

Besides viewing the monumental structure and admiring the views, go rafting, camping, hiking, climbing or book a tour and approach the canyon from a helicopter or an airplane.

Grand-Photo by Brian Mossbough

Photo by Brian Mossbough


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown

6. Kayaking in Lake Powell

The man-made reservoir is the second largest in the States. Sprawled between Utah and Arizona, the destination attracts 2 million visitors every year. The recreation center was established enabling to use the lake’s benefits. It provides a great kayaking experience, since it boasts a lot of twists and turns, making the experience never boring.

Why to go there?

Besides kayaking the site provides a variety of following activities: swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing and hiking. In addition, the sites are stunning and can be explored on a boat or a plane tour.

Powell-Photo by yoyo jump

Photo by yoyo jump


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown

5. Base Jump from Perrine Bridge, Idaho

The bridge spanning the Snake River in Twin Falls is one of the most famous locations in the world among the base jumpers. Numerous successful jumps were completed here. It is only 150 m (486 ft) high, but refreshing dip in the river awaits the adventurers.

Why to go there?

It is extremely accessible since the jumpers can take off almost from their cars.


Photo by the Unknown

Perrine-Photo by Chris Bazil

Photo by Chris Bazil


Photo by the Unknown

4. Biking in Moab, Utah

Another fun activity in the state of Utah attracts those, who love biking. Mountain bikers get numerous great opportunities to flex their muscles: various rock formations provide steep, slick, dangerous yet exciting trails. Slickrock Bike Trail is a challenging route, which is recommeded for the professionals only.

Why to go there?

The place has preserved its unique historic heritage: one can still meet cowboys at work, while Native Americans’ influence is evident and alive.


Photo by the Unknown

Moab-Photo by Aaron Ingrao

Photo by Aaron Ingrao

Moab-Photo by m5photography

Photo by m5photography

3. Swim in Havasu Falls, Arizona

The beautiful falls, found in the Grand Canyon, form a natural pool, which provides an exhilarating swim for the hikers. The average water temperature reaches pleasant 21.1 C (70 F) degrees. Its blue color is due to magnesium and calcium.

Why to go there?

Stunning surroundings, a natural pool with two waterfalls and plenty of hiking opportunities.


Photo by the Unknown

Havasu-Photo by Guy Schmickle

Photo by Guy Schmickle


Photo by the Unknown

2. Hike Angels Landing in Zion

This is the most exciting trail in Zion National Park. A narrow route stretches throughout precipitous cliffs, where a deep abyss opens from both sides. Although it is quite dangerous and scary, no other trail can compete popularity with it. At the end of the path breathtaking views to a valley open.

Why to go there?

The hike is strenuous, but can be completed with no special equipment or much experience. It is open from April to November and can be reached by car or shuttle bus – so there is an easy and direct access.


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown

Angels-Photo by Joe Braun

Photo by Joe Braun

1. Free Rope Climb Half Dome in Yosemite

Yosemite Valley is a popular attraction, which mesmerizes with unique unspoiled nature. Climbers, hikers and backpackers visit the site all year round. Meanwhile Half Dome is an unusual rock formation, which challenges the adventurers and adrenaline lovers. While there is rather easy and safe Mist Trail Route, that leads to the top, some adventurers climb it with no rope!

Why to go there?

Visit the park and admire its wonderful nature. There are various activities you can choose from: hiking, climbing, camping or base jumping (which isn’t legal though).


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Photo by the Unknown


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