Top 10 Breathtaking Ocean Views

Top 10 Breathtaking Ocean Views

Want to see a vast panoramic view, that sprawls long into horizon? Where the ocean meet the sky? Or would you like to see a romantic sunset, when the Sun slowly sinks into the realms of water? We have picked ten great viewpoints for you, from where breathtaking sites to the ocean open.

10. Lion’s Head, Cape Town, South Africa

The city is endowed with wonderful nature – the Table Mountain alone provides great hiking trails, a lift with a cable car and a number of viewpoints. Lion’s Head is one of the most exciting spots here – from 669 m (2195 ft) height hikers can admire the cityscape and a view to the ocean.

Why go there?

It is worth visiting the site not only for the great views but for an interesting hike as well, which features ruins of historic architecture on the way up.

Top Ocean Views-Lion-Photo by Lars Schöning

Photo by Lars Schöning

Top Ocean Views-Lion-Photo by Ellerman

Photo by Ellerman

Top Ocean Views-Lion

Photo by Unknown

9. Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, California, USA

An arch bridge in Big Sur was opened in 1932 and basically was the main link between the area and the rest of the coast. Its gorgeous location promises an unforgettable ride: a 98 m (320 ft) deep abyss opens below the bridge, while a stunning view to the Ocean opens in front of it. The visitors can also have a stroll on the bridge and admire the open view to the Ocean.

Why go there?

It is also one of the most photographed bridges on the Coast. Travelers very often stop at the viewpoints on the both sides of the bridge and snap a couple of shots. Bixby is also attributed as providing one of the most scenic rides.

Top Ocean Views-Bixby-Photo by Marvin Chao

Photo by Marvin Chao

8. The Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia

Stretching along the Great Ocean Road, the trail provides one of the best hiking experiences as well as views to the horizon. The route is about 100 km (62 mi) long and can be completed in approximately eight days. However, one can choose certain sections and walk only for a chosen amount of time and still be able to enjoy the experience.

Why go there?

Visitors are offered to choose from a variety of itineraries. They can sign for a few hours walk as well as extend the trip for eight days! The campsites allow hikers to have a good night rest and continue their trip the next day. The route indeed promises breathtaking views.

Top Ocean Views-Victoria

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Victoria2

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Victoria3

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Victoria-Photo by Thinkoholic

Photo by Thinkoholic

7. The Great Australian Bight, Australia

The oceanic bight stretches for about 1160 km (720 mi) along the southern coastline of the continent. Mostly the steep cliffs are 60 m (200 ft) high and create this spectacular view of waves breaking to the colossal rock wall. Native Australians have been living on these beautiful shores for ages. Apart from being impressive itself, the Bight makes it a wonderful platform to watch whales from. It is a protected area, which preserves the populations of Southern right whales and Australian sea lions.

Why go there?

There are specially made viewpoints to admire these ocean giants. Also, there are some great beaches like Salmon Holes or Green Poll, that provide a refreshing dip in the water.

Top Ocean Views-Great Bight-Photo by Kurt Baeten

Photo by Kurt Baeten

Top Ocean Views-Great Bight-Photo by Laneo & Ricey

Photo by Laneo & Ricey

Top Ocean Views-Great Bight-Photo by Laneo & Ricey2

Photo by Laneo & Ricey

6. The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

With over 1 million visitors every year, the Cliffs of Moher is the most popular natural attraction in Ireland. The approximately 214m (702 ft) tall rocky walls stretch for 8 km (5 mi) along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. On the highest point O’Brien’s Tower, built in 1835, provides a great viewpoint, from where the breathtaking vista opens.

Why go there?

The site provides incredible views, hiking trails and historic viewpoints. One of the most popular natural attractions in the country must be on a bucket list.

Top Ocean Views-Ireland

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Ireland-Photo by Artistic Globe

Photo by Artistic Globe

Top Ocean Views-Ireland2

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Ireland3

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Ireland4

Photo by Unknown

5. Cabo Vidio, Asturias, Spain

The rugged surface and precipitous cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean are located in the northern part of the country. A dramatic coast provides some of the most exciting views. Although the place looks quite inhospitable, there are a few viewpoints that give a good impression to this glorious natural wonder.

Why go there?

Amazing views to the vast coastline open from here: one can admire the ascending and descending cliffs, mountains and horns. Moreover, there is a picturesque town of Cudillero only 10 km (6 mi) away, which is worth visiting while in the area.

Top Ocean Views-Spain-Photo by guardafaro

Photo by guardafaro

Top Ocean Views-Spain-Photo by Javifreitas

Photo by Javifreitas

Top Ocean Views-Spain

Photo by Unknown

4. Nugget Point, Otago, New Zealand

A 19th century’s lighthouse is situated on the steep point of Otago. The location is gorgeous: the whole shoreline is very dramatic, while down from the cliff huge rocks protrude from the water. It is one of the most popular sites in Otago as a vast panoramic view to the ocean opens.

Why go there?

At the bottom of the headland, a colony of seals can be seen. Nugget Point is also home to penguins, gannets, spoonbills, Hector’s dolphins and other animals, that can be comfortably observed from a bird hide.

Top Ocean Views-Nugget

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Nugget2

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Nugget-Photo by DarkElf Photography

Photo by DarkElf Photography

Top Ocean Views-Nugget-Photo by Ronald Kuiper

Photo by Ronald Kuiper

3. The Sahara Desert, Morocco

It is truly beautiful and staggering to see the biggest desert in the world, which features nothing but the sand, to all of a sudden meet the Atlantic Ocean. Here in Morocco the Sahara ends with a beautiful beach, surrounded with dunes. It attracts surfers, who love to hit the waves here.

Why go there?

The site provides a magnificent spot to relax, watch the ocean and surf.

Top Ocean Views-Sahara-Photo by Pixcooler

Photo by Pixcooler

Top Ocean Views-Sahara

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Sahara2

Photo by Unknown

2. Hanauma Bay, Oʻahu, Hawaii

A true natural wonder, the bay is the most popular destination on the island of Oʻahu. A very beautiful bay provides an amazing beach for the bathers and divers. The pristine marine ecosystem is indeed impressive and therefore protected by the state to ensure its preservation. Meanwhile, from the top of the hill great views to the ocean open, framed within this gorgeous bay.

Why go there?

It is hard to believe, but sometimes it attracts 3 million visitors per year! It is also a Nature Preserve since it features a very rich and versatile marine life.

Top Ocean Views-Hanauma-Photo by Floyd Manzano

Photo by Floyd Manzano

Top Ocean Views-Hanauma2

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Hanauma

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Hanauma-Photo by Randy Storms

Photo by Randy Storms

1. Namib Desert, Namibia

One of the most fascinating views we have ever seen is found in Namibia, where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. However, there is no other way seeing it but from the plane. The vast desert sprawls for thousands of kilometres before it drops into cold and tempestuous waves.

Why go there?

Namib-Naukluft National Park, however, is accessible for the tourists. The distinctive feature of this location is the red dunes, that create a truly beautiful landscape.

Top Ocean Views-Namib2

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Namib-Photo by Stefan Cruysberghs

Photo by Stefan Cruysberghs

Top Ocean Views-Namib3

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Namib-Photo by Rocco Mega

Photo by Rocco Mega

Top Ocean Views-Namib4

Photo by Unknown

Top Ocean Views-Namib

Photo by Unknown