Top 10 Incredible Beauties Hidden in the Caves

Top 10 Incredible Beauties Hidden in the Caves

So many natural wonders around, but what about what’s underneath us? The entire new worlds open, once someone tries to go deeper. And one can only imagine how many undiscovered treasures are still out there. Check out these ten great caves, that promise a once in a lifetime experience!

10. The Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, Guangxi, China

A huge natural limestone cave is the most popular and at 1200 years old probably the oldest attraction around. It is indeed mind-blowing – just look at all that shimmering! Of course, the natural coloration is light brown and the current effect is a result of multicolored lights. Nevertheless, the site is striking and you can feel you are in an underground wonderland.

Thousands of years ago the site was hidden under the Ocean. After the water levels precipitated a wonderful landscape was uncovered. It features caves, gorges, mountains and the most romantic Li River. The cave is 240 m (787 ft) long and tourists can explore its pillars, rock formations, and stalactites, most of which even have names. The tour takes about an hour and provides an unforgettable experience!

Why go there?

Geologically interesting site, one of the top attractions in Guilin

Top 10 Caves-Reed Flute Cave (2)

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Caves-Reed Flute Cave (4)

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Top 10 Caves-Reed Flute Cave (1)

Photo by Unknown

9. Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

A very mysterious structure in Staffa, in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, is a true natural wonder. The hexagonally-jointed basalt columns, created by lava flow thousands of year ago, formed this unusual rock formation. The natives call it a Melodic Cave, because of the echoes, caused by the waves. The eerie sounds create the feeling of a cathedral and have even inspired many artists, writers, and composers, including August Strindberg, Felix Mendelssohn, and Pink Floyd.

Why go there?

The region is truly beautiful, with a rich historic heritage. Meanwhile, the cave is one of the most popular landmarks here.

Top 10 Caves-Fingal-Photo by Darby Sawchuk

Photo by Darby Sawchuk

Top 10 Caves-Fingal2

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Caves-Fingal-Photo by F. David Carmona López

Photo by F. David Carmona López

8. Grotta Palazzese, Polignano a Mare, Italy

The fishing village of Polignano a Mare in Apulia itself is another very interesting coastal place to visit in Italy. Meanwhile, the restaurant, installed in a cave at the seaside, is one of the most famous and desirable places to dine here. Actually, the limestone cavern has been serving as a spot to hold various events since the 1700s!

Why go there?

A very romantic restaurant, entertaining its guests with special dishes, fresh sea food, and long wine list. All the good things that make Italian cuisine are found here.

Top 10 Caves-Grotta Palazzese

Photo by Grotta Palazzese

Top 10 Caves-Grotta Palazzese2

Photo by Grotta Palazzese

Top 10 Caves-Grotta Palazzese4

Photo by Grotta Palazzese

7. Caves in the Algarve, Portugal

The southernmost region of the country has a striking coastline, which is rich with spectacular limestone caves and grottoes. The coastline can be explored on a boat tour: beaches like Ponta Da Piedade, which is famous for the sandstone towers, are best approached from the water. The caves can also be seen and visited while hiking on a beach. On Algarve Seafaris the tourists get to visit the largest caves and explore the dramatic coastline.

Why go there?

There is a lot to explore on the coastline and visitors can choose various options. Algarve Seafaris cruise collects tourists from Marina de Vilamoura and Albufeira. On the other hand, one can go on her own and have a fun day trip on the beach.

Top 10 Caves-Algarve-Photo by Tramont_ana

Photo by Tramont_ana

Top 10 Caves-Algarve-Photo by Joel Santos

Photo by Joel Santos

Top 10 Caves-Algarve-Photo by Paulo Duarte

Photo by Paulo Duarte

6. The Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Tannourine, Lebanon

Also known as the Cave Of Three Bridges, it is indeed an impressive natural wonder. The waterfall, created by melting ice that trickles down Mount Lebanon, plunges 255 m (837 ft) down the Three Bridge Chasm – a limestone formation. Geologists claim that the rock is around 160-million years old, meaning that it was present in the Jurassic period when the dinosaurs were wandering the Earth. Today it is a popular tourist attraction.

Why go there?

A true natural wonder, providing an adventurous hike, great views, and unforgettable experience. It is advised however to be extremely careful, as the cliffs are slippery and the rock is rather frail. Therefore it is not allowed to stand on the bridge for a group of people.

Top 10 Caves-Baatara-Photo by Serge Melki

Photo by Serge Melki

Top 10 Caves-Baatara-Photo by Jack Seikaly

Photo by Jack Seikaly

Top 10 Caves-Baatara

Photo by Unknown

5. Mendenhall Ice Caves, Juneau, Alaska, USA

We have written about many ice caves found around the world, but this web of caves located under a glacier in Alaska is truly one of the most beautiful. Spacious caves are surrounded with blue ice, which is melting, thus creates springs, that flow in this underground world and make it look even more mysteriously appealing. Warming climate, however, threatens to destroy this natural wonder, therefore visit it until it is too late.

Why go there?

One of the most beautiful ice cave systems in the world. Juneau is a popular tourist destination, providing numerous outdoor activities and great views due to its rich and impressive nature.

Top 10 Caves-Mendenhall-Photo by Kent Mearig

Photo by Kent Mearig

Top 10 Caves-Mendenhall-Photo by Ron Gile

Photo by Ron Gile

Top 10 Caves-Mendenhall-Photo by Ryan Long

Photo by Ryan Long

4. Batu Caves, Gombak, Malaysia

The hill is a famous sacred place, which also features a temple complex, scattered in the caves. Besides striking natural beauty, tall golden Hindu statues and buildings inside of the caves create an enigmatic experience. Although the caverns are at least 400 million years old, the religious site was established only in the late 19th century.

Why go there?

It is a popular attraction in Malaysia, found only 13 km (8 mi) north of Kuala Lumpur. There is an easy access by train. Besides the route to the caves is said to be beautiful as well.

Top 10 Caves-Batu-Photo by Danny Xeero

Photo by Danny Xeero

Top 10 Caves-Batu

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Caves-Batu-Photo by Jordan Alexander

Photo by Jordan Alexander

3. Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece

On the outside, the cave is surrounded by the forest and on the inside, a magnificent site opens: a cave with a crystal clear lake inside. One of the halls opens on the surface and lets the light in, which makes the water appear to be so clear, it seems that the boats are gliding through the air. Incidentally, in Greek mythology, the site is known as the Cave of the Nymphs – who would argue that it is the best place for them to bathe?

Why go there?

Melissani Cave and Lake are one of the most popular attractions here. It is easy to find the site, which is a short trip from Sami or Agia Efimia. It is said that the best time to visit the cave is on a sunny day when the light comes in.

Top 10 Caves-Melissani

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Caves-Melissani-Photo by Andrey Grinyov

Photo by Andrey Grinyov

Top 10 Caves-Melissani3

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Caves-Melissani2

Photo by Unknown

2. The Waitomo Caves, King Country, New Zealand

These absolutely marvelous caves are a signature of the country’s natural beauty. On the surface there is a small village, meanwhile, underneath it, there is an entire cave system, which is more than 2 million years old. The glowing effect is caused by the worms Arachnocampa luminosa, that radiate light and are only found in New Zealand as well as Australia.

Why go there?

This is indeed a „once in a lifetime“ experience. The visitors get to admire the glowing caves as well as explore the web of caves on a guided tour.

Top 10 Caves-Waitomo

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Caves-Waitomo-Photo by Ian Cossor

Photo by Ian Cossor

Top 10 Caves-Waitomo2

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Caves-Waitomo-Photo by Ian Cossor2

Photo by Ian Cossor

1. Son Doong Cave, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Quảng Bình Province, Vietnam

Discovered only in 2010, the cave is considered to be the biggest one in the world! And it is indeed very impressive – there is an entire underworld with the jungle and river, waterfalls, unknown plants, and fossils. Cave pearls – calcite crystals – are another unique and interesting feature. The cave is now open for the tourists to view and experience this unbelievable place.

Why go there?

The main reason to go is of course to see this amazing cave. But also there is an adventurous streak because the place is still quite an unexplored terrain. Be among the pioneers and sign up for an adventure of a lifetime.

Top 10 Caves-Son Doong-Photo by Carsten Peter

Photo by Carsten Peter

Top 10 Caves-Son Doong-Photo by Carsten Peter2

Photo by Carsten Peter

Top 10 Caves-Son Doong-Photo by Carsten Peter4

Photo by Carsten Peter

Top 10 Caves-Son Doong-Photo by Carsten Peter3

Photo by Carsten Peter