30 Italian Villages and Small Towns

30 Italian Villages and Small Towns

It looks like Italians really know how to live a beautiful and sweet life. The smallest village, embedded somewhere in the mountains or on a coast, is going to be colorful, ascending the steep rocks or surrounded with pristine nature. Check out these wonderful idyllic villages and small towns.

30. Civita di Bagnoregio

Top Villages-Civita di Bagnoregio

Photo by Unknown

29. Spello

Top Villages-Spello

Photo by Unknown

28. Mondello

Top Villages-Mondello

Photo by Unknown

27. Camogli

Top Villages-Camogli-Photo by DARIO BARUZZI


26. Tellaro

Top Villages-Tellaro

Photo by Unknown

25. Malgrate

24. Dolcedo

23. Limone sul Garda

Top Villages-Limone-Photo by Thomas Herzog

Photo by Thomas Herzog

22. Otranto

21. Scilla

Top Villages-Scilla

Photo by Unknown

20. Riomaggiore

Top Villages-Riomaggiore-Photo by Bjorn Moerman

Photo by Bjorn Moerman

19. Pienza

18. Gagliano Castelferrato

Top Villages-Gagliano-Photo by Hans Kruse

Photo by Hans Kruse

17. Cappella Santa Maria di Vitaleta, San Quirico d’Orcia

Top Villages-Vitaleta-Photo by Dieter Weck

Photo by Dieter Weck

16. The Langhe, Treiso

15. Portofino

Top Villages-Portofino-Photo by H Baudet

Photo by H Baudet

14. Bergamo

Top Villages-Bergamo-Photo by Nicola Scuri

Photo by Nicola Scuri

13. Matera

Top Villages-Matera-Photo by Hao Yang

Photo by Hao Yang

12. Corinaldo

11. Castelluccio

10. Polignano a Mare

Top Villages-Polignano-Photo by Vito Muolo

Photo by Vito Muolo

9. Boccadasse

Top Villages-Boccadasse-Photo by Roby Roella

Photo by Roby Roella

8. Taormina

Top Villages-Toarmina-Photo by Pascal Jansen

Photo by Pascal Jansen

7. San Gimignano

6. Barga

5. Castelmezzano

Top Villages-Castelmezzano-Photo by Vito Muolo

Photo by Vito Muolo

4. Vernazza

Top Villages-Vernazza-Photo by Justin Orr

Photo by Justin Orr

3. Alberobello

Top Villages-Alberobello

Photo by Unknown

2. Manarola

Top Villages-Manarola

Photo by Unknown

1. Positano

Top Villages-Positano-Photo by Ricky Uz

Photo by Ricky Uz