Top 10 Towns Embedded in the Mountains

Top 10 Towns Embedded in the Mountains

Mountains have been attracting settlers for thousands of years. Although not easily accessible, humans have been conquering the tall peeks for ages. See these little settlements or big town embedded in the mountains, that create a staggering backdrop of the city.

10. Lion Rock, Sri Lanka

The enormous – 200 meters high – rock served as a capital in the 5th century. The royal palace was built on the top of it and its sides were decorated with colorful frescoes under King Kasyapa’s command. Later it was used as a Buddhist monastery.

Why to go there?

Today Sigiriya is protected by UNESCO. The well preserved spot is a wonderful example of the ancient cities: some hydraulic systems work even today. Sigiriya is one of the most visited sites in Sri Lanka.


Photo by Unknown

LionRock-Photo by Oleg Golikov

Photo by Oleg Golikov

LionRock-Photo by Nicolas Pelletier

Photo by Nicolas Pelletier

LionRock-Photo by Joshua Paul Shefman

Photo by Joshua Paul Shefman

9. Castelluccio, Umbria, Italy

A very small village is situated high in the mountains and is surrounded with striking nature. At 1452 m high, Castelluccio is the highest village in the Apennines. Officially established in the 13th century, the settlement was inhabited even earlier by the Romans. The fertile slopes are cultivated and famously give a lentils harvest. The little village is best known for the colorful valleys, that start blooming in spring and summer. Poppies, rapeseed and wild flowers define the landscape at this time of the year.

Why to go there?

Travelers know Castelluccio as a skiing, horseback riding and trekking destination. In the town there are also hang-gliding and para-gliding schools, that offer an unforgettable flight.

Castelluccio-Photo by Unicorn 81

Photo by Unicorn 81


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8. Gásadalur, Vagar Island, Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands have a lot of small villages spread across the unspoiled nature and mountainous landscape, which is so enigmatic. The village of Gásadalur is situated on the edge of a steep cliff with a waterfall. From the other side the mountains of Vagar surround the village.

Why to go there?

Explore the islands in a complete serenity – not many tourists and just a few locals ensure a crowd-free trip all the way.

Gasadalur-Photo by ksb-artist

Photo by ksb-artist


Photo by Unknown


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7. Wengen, Switzerland

The hiking and skiing village is a nice place to visit at any time of the year. Switzerland is famous for its small villages, surrounded with amazing nature. In Wengen the tourist agencies will offer various activities, which will let you explore the Jungfrau-Aletsch site protected by UNESCO.

Why to go there?

The romantic getaway to the mountains will provide a cozy accommodation as well as plenty of fun outdoor activities.

Wengen-Photo by Tomáš Morkes

Photo by Tomáš Morkes

Wengen-Photo by Aleksandar Gospić

Photo by Aleksandar Gospić

Wengen, Swiss Alps, Canton Bern, Switzerland

Photo by Blaine Harrington

Wengen-Photo by Jan Geerk

Photo by Jan Geerk

6. Civita di Bagnoregio, Province of Viterbo, Italy

Initially Civita was the first settlement established by Etruscans over 2 500 years ago, whereas Bagnoregio was its suburb. Only recently tourists rediscovered the sister towns, that mesmerize with impressive nature and panoramic views, as well as historic architecture, balancing on a fragile cliff. Its several hundred years old architecture denotes versatile history, but also needs a preservation plan: the city is included in the list of 100 Most Endangered Sites.

Why to go there?

The ancient city is founded on a volcanic plateau above the Tiber river valley. Tourists are welcome by the few friendly locals, whose number quickly decreases.

Civita-Photo by Tyler Durdan

Photo by Tyler Durdan


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View of the old town of Bagnoregio before sunrise

Photo by Unknown

5. Ronda, Spain

The historic city is founded on the high mountains, 750 m above sea level. It attracts and fascinates visitors from all around the world. The river of Guadalevín runs through the city and divides it into two parts. The water during centuries has carved a 100 m deep canyon El Tajo. Many architecture from Neoclassical style has been preserved in Ronda. Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles had the residencies and spent their summers here.

Why to go there?

Besides being one of the most unique and picturesque historic towns in Spain, it also features the rock paintings of Cueva de la Pileta – the Neolithic Age art.


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4. Cappadocia, Turkey

The iconic site is the most popular tourist attraction in Cappadocia. Among houses, churches and other buildings carved into the soft pillars between the 4th and 13th centuries, some monasteries also were established here. The beauty of Cappadocia is protected by UNESCO. It is considered to be a natural wonder, as well as a historic and cultural place.

Why to go there?

The site is the most recognizable in the country. Hot air balloon tours allow the visitors to fully admire the place from above.

Cappadocia-Photo by Wan Doo Kong

Photo by Wan Doo Kong

Cappadocia-Photo by Vitaly Afanasyev

Photo by Vitaly Afanasyev

Cappadocia-Photo by Cagdas Kara

Photo by Cagdas Kara


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3. Meteora, Greece

Built on the sandstone rock pillars, the complex of six Eastern Orthodox monasteries is the largest and the most important in the country. Protected by UNESCO, Meteora fascinates with a striking landscape.

Why to go there?

The beautiful complex is one of the most unique architectural wonders in the world. The staggering location only makes one wonder of the efforts, that took to built this incredible place.

Meteora-Photo by Darby Sawghuk

Photo by Darby Sawghuk

Meteora-Photo by Darby Sawghuk4

Photo by Darby Sawghuk

Meteora-Photo by Darby Sawghuk3

Photo by Darby Sawghuk

Meteora-Photo by Darby Sawghuk2

Photo by Darby Sawghuk

2. Catania, Italy

The town is founded next to Etna – the tallest active volcano in Europe and also one of the most beautiful. It can be seen from the historic city of Catania, that once was an important flourishing cultural center. Etna is known to spit smoke rings and ashes, that create a fertile soil, but also can cause a lot of damage to the citizens.

Why to go there?

Various activities include visiting some of the 400 craters, taking an adventure tour to a waterfall created by lava, speleological tours and climbing Etna. Catania is also a nice place to visit.

Etna-Photo by Mario Fagone

Photo by Mario Fagone


Photo by Unknown

1. Innsbruck, Austria

The capital of Tirol is located in the picturesque Inn Valley. The town is surrounded with high mountains, which makes it a very popular winter sports spot: it even has hoasted a few Winter Olympics. Today visitors can find an abundance of historic monuments and buildings. After all Innsbruck was always in the middle of the turbulent historic event.

Why to go there?

One can find historic architecture, museums and vibrant urban life as well as unspoiled nature and world quality resorts here. Innsbruck is a great holiday destination for those, who are willing to explore, discover and learn as well as have fun outdoors.


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