Top 10 Natural Wonders in Italy

Top 10 Natural Wonders in Italy

The country of wonderful culture, cuisine, fashion and of course nature. Italy has a diverse landscape and terrain – from mountains and tall snowy peaks to white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Check out these outstanding Italian natural wonders!

10. Furore Fiord

Furore features a true natural wonder – a fiord, which is very unusual to Italy. The dramatic fiord is rinsed by turquoise water with a nice beach and the settlement gradually ascends the precipitous gorge. Old fishermen houses are scattered there. Visitors come to town to admire fascinating nature and eat at the local restaurants with great views.

Found on the coast of beautiful Amalfi, Furore is one of the most beautiful little towns in the country. However, it is relatively undiscovered by the tourists, although it is embedded next to popular Positano and features a breathtaking landscape.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

9. Valleys of Tuscany

These are one of our favorite natural wonders of Italy. The ancient villas scattered around produce delicious wines and visitors are invited to stay – some villas are turned into lodges and hotels, that accommodate guests. Also, the valleys feature Cypress Trees – the symbol of the region.


Valley-Photo by Adnan Bubalo

Photo by Adnan Bubalo

Valley-Photo by Daniel Rericha

Photo by Daniel Rericha

Valley-Photo by Adnan Bubalo2

Photo by Adnan Bubalo

Valley-Photo by Giuseppe Peppoloni

Photo by Giuseppe Peppoloni

8. Hot Springs of Saturnia

Terme di Saturnia – the natural hot springs – have been used since the ancient times. According to legend, the springs were created after angry Jupiter had thrown lightning bolts, trying to hit Saturn. He missed him and a natural spa center was formed.

The water here is a pleasant temperature (37.5 °C) and rich with beneficial minerals, great views, and surroundings.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

Saturnia-Photo by Thanh Ha Bui

Photo by Thanh Ha Bui

7. Gran Paradiso National Park

The stunning park, named after Gran Paradiso mountain, is found in the northwestern part of Italy in the Alps. Besides striking landscape, valleys, mountain lakes, glaciers and alpine meadows, various endangered species, like Alpine Ibex, chamois, eagle-owl and more, find a home here. There are various small villages scattered in the park, where tourists can find visitor centers and learn more about the reserve.

Obviously, many people come here to have a good hike and admire the incredible views, that open from the mountains. Also, animal and bird watching are among common activities, however, the wildlife is so rich here, that one doesn’t need extra efforts to spot some local inhabitants here.

Gran Paradiso-Photo by Giuseppe Rizza

Photo by Giuseppe Rizza

Gran Paradiso-Photo by Stefano Unterthiner

Photo by Stefano Unterthiner

Gran Paradiso-Photo by Francesco Sisti

Photo by Francesco Sisti

Gran Paradiso

Photo by Unknown

6. Sardinia

Being the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia has a very long coast and numerous sandy beaches. Nature is versatile and provides all year round activities: horseback riding, sailing, even skiing in winter. And the cuisine is exquisite.


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5. Lake Garda

Situated in the alpine region, formed by the glaciers, surrounded with popular cities like Verona, Venice, and Milan, Garda is the largest lake in Italy. Numerous historic towns and villages are scattered along the shoreline and provide visitors with the cozy restaurants, spa centers, hotels and historic architecture. Needless to say, the natural beauty of this alpine gem and its surroundings is impeccable.

The site is a wonderful recreational area, providing numerous water activities, hiking routes, mountain biking, horse riding, climbing, skiing and more.

Garda-Photo by nick

Photo by nick

4. Aeolian Islands

The volcanic archipelago is scattered in the Tyrrhenian Sea just north of Sicily. It becomes very popular among the tourists in summer. No surprise – the islands provide spectacular views, deep blue sea, and authentic Italian fishing villages. In fact, the archipelago is listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.


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3. Capri

Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea has numerous small beaches around its coast. They are covered with small smooth pebbles. Some stretches of the coast feature quite dramatic rocks, protruding from the warm crystal clear water. Approaching the coast from a boat tour is a popular activity here.

Capri is a glamorous island, known for it luxurious villas, steep hills, and Limoncello. Despite the expensive lifestyle maintained here, there is a lot of free beaches for all the guests who visit the island.


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2. Etna

It is the tallest active volcano in Europe and also one of the most beautiful. It can be seen from the historic city of Catania, that once was an important flourishing cultural center. Etna is known to spit smoke rings and ashes, that create a fertile soil, but also can cause a lot of damage to the citizens.

Etna-Photo by Mario Fagone

Photo by Mario Fagone


Photo by Unknown

1. The Dolomites

The famous mountain range in the Alps is popular among skiers, hikers, mountain climbers as well as base jumpers, The Dolomites provide some breathtaking views and edgy slopes. Since there are numerous peaks, the range is still being explored by the base jumpers, who love to discover new locations.

Find great tall peaks, overlooking the breathtaking landscapes of valleys, lakes and Alpine meadows. Skiing resorts attract those fond of outdoor winter activities.

Dolomites-Photo by Lukas Furlan

Photo by Lukas Furlan


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

Dolomites-Photo by Hans Kruse

Photo by Hans Kruse