Tunnel of Love – the Most Romantic Place in Ukraine

Tunnel of Love – the Most Romantic Place in Ukraine

Tunnel of Love in the village of Klevan is the most romantic place in Ukraine. It’s a 4-kilometer long green corridor, created by trees lined up in an arch with the railway in the middle. 

The railway was built during the Cold War for military purposes. Trying to hide it, the track was “camouflaged” by trees. Later the train track was used to deliver wood to the woodwork factory. In fact, trains still run there. 

Today the Tunnel of Love is a Ukrainian hotspot for lovers. Local legend says that if you and your beloved come to the Tunnel of Love and sincerely make a wish, it will come true.

The place is very popular among photographers too. Couples photoshoots are especially popular, but the tunnel is also a great spot for thematic shootings.

Train Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Best time to visit the Tunnel of Love

The place is gorgeous at any time of the year. Summer and spring offer fifty shades of green. In the autumn you can immerse yourself in palettes of yellow, orange, red, and brown. And if you want to feel like Elsa from Frozen – visit during the wintertime.

Seasons in the Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

How to get to the Tunnel of Love

Klevan village where Tunnel of Love is located is actually “in the middle of nowhere”, but you can reach it from Lviv or Kyiv by train, bus, or car.

The main bus providers in Ukraine are Gunsel and Autolux

If you are looking for a train you can book a ticket on the official Ukrainian Railway website: https://booking.uz.gov.ua/.

Map location: Google Maps

Tunnel of Love in Autumn

Interesting facts

  • During summer there are lots of mosquitoes in the tunnel, so make sure that you take insect repellent with you
  • In 2015 Japanese movie Tunnel of Love was filmed in the tunnel. 
  • The Tunnel of Love was relatively unknown until 2011 when it went viral on the internet. Since then it has been visited by tourists all over the world. 
Tunnel of Love
Tunnel of Love in winter
Green Tunnel of Love in Ukraine