Top 10 Structures Inspired by Ancient Architecture

Top 10 Structures Inspired by Ancient Architecture

We all admire the ancient architecture. But what about our contemporary or more recent history, which has looked for an inspiration to the Classical period? Check out these ten great structures, that were built quite recently, but has preserved the monumental quality of ancient architecture.

10. Egyptian Hall, Harrods, London, England

Founded in 1834, Harrods is the most famous, popular and important department stores in the entire Europe. It is known for its luxurious boutiques and goods, famous customers and impeccable interiors. The Egyptian Hall recreates the pyramids, Sphinx, hieroglyphs and columns. Here you can byu Egyptian-style clothing.

Why to go there?

Harrods is like a tourist attraction itself. There is a display at the base of the Egyptian Escalator, which features a glass with a lipstick smudge of Princess Diana from her last dinner and the engagement ring from Dodi.

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Top 10 Contemporary-Harrods

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9. Wafi City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A huge complex covers numerous different purposes: it houses a hotel, residences, nightclub, department store and restaurants. The enormous pharaoh statues welcome people at the front entrance, whose walls also feature ancient Egyptian carvings.

Why to go there?

Go there and have fun, as the entire complex was built for that purpose. Also it provides a great shopping experience since it features over 200 shops!

Top 10 Contemporary-Wafi

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UAE - Dubai: stained glass - Wafi Center roof detail - photo by Llonaid

Photo by Llonaid

Top 10 Contemporary-Wafi-Photo by artonfile

Photo by artonfile

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8. Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California, USA

Built in 1919 by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, the castle was donated to the state of California after his death. Architect Julia Morgan took inspiration from various European styles and eras: from Roman to Spanish Baroque. The art exhibition includes copies of ancient sculptures, specially made to blend in with the eclectic design.

Why to go there?

A popular site is visited by a million tourists each year. You will rarely get a similar occasion to see something as fancy as this.

Top 10 Contemporary-Hearst-Photo by Allen Freeman

Photo by Allen Freeman

Top 10 Contemporary-Hearst-Photo by Ellen Yeates

Photo by Ellen Yeates

Top 10 Contemporary-Hearst-Photo by Christopher Pine

Photo by Christopher Pine

Top 10 Contemporary-Hearst-Photo by Todd Sipes

Photo by Todd Sipes

Top 10 Contemporary-Hearst-Photo by Mike Nicholson

Photo by Mike Nicholson

Top 10 Contemporary-Hearst-Photo by Job Jao

Photo by Job Jao

7. Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita, Matera, Italy

This is a wonderful example how to use ancient spaces for contemporary purposes. Its atmosphere takes you back to the Medieval times, but brings the impeccable facilities with it. Guests are accommodated in the rustic rooms, overlooking Byzantine roofs outside. Authenticity plays a major role here: archways, tall ceilings, cobblestone floors and only minimal furniture create an original experience.

Why to go there?

Matera is indeed a great city to see once in a lifetime. Meanwhile the stay at the hotel promises an authentic experience and immaculate service. Breakfast are being served in the 13th-century church – a good way to start a day!

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Photo by Sextantio

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Photo by Sextantio

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Photo by Sextantio

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Photo by Sextantio

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Photo by Sextantio

6. Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The botanical garden found in the North Saskatchewan river valley, has adopted the historic tradition of building pyramids for human purposes. The stunning Ancient Egyptian pyramids served as an inspiration for the garden, which preserves thousands of rear plants, that grow in these glass structures.

Why to go there?

Explore a wide range of various rare and exotic plants and flowers, learn about their natural habitats and admire the unique natural wonders.

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Top 10 Contemporary-Muttart

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5. Stourhead, Warminster, England

The Stourhead estate includes not only gardens, but a mansion and a village, once owned by the Barons of Stourton. The 18th century estate’s design reflects Ancient Greek mythology: the temples of Hercules and Apollo, an artificial lake and Grecian style revive the significant era. But the serene feeling of British aura remains.

Why to go there?

A wonderful place to have a nice romantic stroll. The environment is tranquil and gorgeous to look at, leaving one at peace and quite, promising an exhilarating walk.

Top 10 Contemporary-Stourhead-Photo by Chris Spracklen

Photo by Chris Spracklen

Top 10 Contemporary-Stourhead-Photo by Gary Clark

Photo by Gary Clark

Top 10 Contemporary-Stourhead-Photo by Matt Spracklen

Photo by Matt Spracklen

4. Sanssouci, Potsdam, Germany

The complex was built by a commission of Frederick the Great of Prussia as his summer palace. The rococo palace is absolutely magnificent, mostly inspired by Classical period: the statues of Roman emperors, a Chinese teahouse, golden elements, terraced gardens, baroque flower gardens today are open for public to see.

Why to go there?

Admire the historic architecture, which was inspired by various eras, especially the Classical one.

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Top 10 Contemporary-Sanssouci-Photo by Avi Cohen

Photo by Avi Cohen

Top 10 Contemporary-Sanssouci-Photo by Kjuvale

Photo by Kjuvale

3. Luxor Las Vegas, Las Vegas, USA

The black glass pyramid looks stunning, we have to admit. The capital of entertainment, money and all the fun stuff has adopted the iconic symbol of Ancient Egypt, the magical land of sun, sand and underworld.

Why to go there?

Luxor is a huge hotel and casino complex – fourth largest in Las Vegas. Here you have a rare opportunity to actually live in a pyramid.

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2. Old City of Shanghai, China

The district fascinates with amazing traditional architecture, temples, gardens and food. At night it gets especially beautiful, when illuminated with colorful lights, and crowds of people come here to have fun. Although most of the buildings are renovated, however they look no less impressive. In spring and fall a fair is held in the City God Temple. During a Lentern Festival the streets get filled with colorful lanterns.

Why to go there?

Ancient architecture, traditional food, historic prominence and contemporary adjustments. It seems like the Old Town never sleeps and is always packed with locals, as well as tourists, who do not miss a chance to admire this spectacular place.

Top 10 Contemporary-Shanghai-Photo by Anakin Yang

Photo by Anakin Yang

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Photo by Anakin Yang

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Photo by Anakin Yang

Top 10 Contemporary-Shanghai-Photo by Tim Harman

Photo by Tim Harman

1. Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, USA

Built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exposition, the monumental structure still serves as an art exhibition place. Moreover, it is also a favorite spot to get married or simply visit as a tourist. The design is inspired by the classical period in Europe. The water in the lagoon in front works as a mirror and reflect the complex.

Why to go there?

A truly staggering architectural piece, which can be explored on a lazy stroll around the huge complex of buildings and gardens.

Top 10 Contemporary-Palace of Fine Arts-Photo by James Fike

Photo by James Fike

Top 10 Contemporary-Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts

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