Top 10 Places to Visit in Thailand This Summer

Top 10 Places to Visit in Thailand This Summer

Thailand boasts an immense amount of historic landmarks, amazing nature and resorts, making it a top travel destination. Check out these ten locations we have picked out for you to consider on your trip to Thailand. Which is your favorite?

10. Bo Sang Umbrella Village

The village is found only a 30 minute drive from Chiang Mai and is famous for the handmade bamboo umbrellas also known as parasols. Not only you can purchase these beautiful authentic pieces, but also watch the process of local women making them!


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

9. Khao Yai National Park

The most visited park in the country boasts staggering nature and diverse wildlife. Visitors will get to admire the waterfalls, hike in lush forests, see monkeys, elephants, gibbons and even tigers among many other animals. In the outskirts of the park there are plenty of hotels, providing an accommodation for the visitors.

khao Photo from Bangkok

Photo from Bangkok

khao Photo from Bangkok 2

Photo from Bangkok

khao Photo by Laurence Norah

Photo by Laurence Norah

8. Floating Markets

In Bangkok’s neighborhood the visitors can experience a unique part of Thai culture – the floating markets. The merchants offer exotic fruits, fresh sea food, coconut juice and even food prepared right in the floating kitchens!

Floating market vendors, Bangkok, Thailand Floating markets are a common tradition throughout Southeast Asia where the numerous rivers and waterways are a primary means of transportation and commerce between villages. In this overhead view, Bangkok vendors draw their boats together to exchange a colorful, tasty array of goods, Thailand.

Photo from Art Wolfe

market Photo from Neeord

Photo from Neeord

7. The Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw

Bangkok’s most famous and impressive landmark was built in 1782 and served as the King’s palace for 150 years. It still remains one of the most important political and cultural centers of Thailand. The sumptuous interiors can be explored by the visitors.


Photo by Unknown

Grand-Palace Photo from Bangkok

Photo from Bangkok

6. Doi Suthep

The temple in Chiang Mai is surrounded with a lush forest and is the most famous and beautiful landmark in the city. The area is declared a national park, which means that once you decide to visti the temple, you will be exposed to scenic views all throughout your journey.

doi Photo by KLJCreative

Photo by KLJCreative

doi Photo from Oriental Escape

Photo from Oriental Escape

5. Go on Chao Phraya River Tour

Bangkok is a diverse and beautiful city. The river has played an important role for centuries, being a an essential part of trade and travel. The impressive cityscape can be admire on a boat tour – especially at night it gets lit up with thousand lights and looks just splendid.


Photo by Unknown

chao Photo by drflint

Photo by drflint

chao Photo from Bangkok

Photo from Bangkok

4. Similan Islands

On your way from Phang Nga liest nine islands, scattered in the Andaman Sea. They are famous for pristine beaches, turquoise water and rich marine life. A perfect spot for bathing, fishing and snorkeling as it has a surprising underwater visibility.

similan Photo from Panyaktour

Photo from Panyaktour

similan Photo from Phuket

Photo from Phuket

3. Ayutthaya

Built in 1350 Ayutthaya has become a capital of the kingdom. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the monument has been preserved enough to give a picture of sophistication and achievement of those time. An important and gorgeous historic landmark.

ayuthaya Photo from Bangkok

Photo from Bangkok

ayuthaya Photo from Pksightseeing

Photo from Pksightseeing

2. Ao Phang Nga National Park

Found in the Andaman Sea, the park boasts the famous karst formations, islands and islets, that have become a symbol of the region. There is also a popular James Bond Island, which has become world-famous after featuring in the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun. Have a boat tour around the park and admire the spectacular nature.

ao Photo by Mark Fischer

Photo by Mark Fischer


Photo by Unknown

1. Sukhothai Historical Park

Protected by UNESCO, the 13th century ruins are considered to be the most important historic site of Thailand, attracting thousands of visitors every year. The ancient ruins are set in the beautiful the surroundings, that can be explored on foot. Thus tourists get to experience an insiders view.


Photo by Unknown

Sukhothai historical park, the old town of Thailand in 800 year ago

Photo from iVisits