Stockholm Archipelago – the Magical World of Islands

Stockholm Archipelago – the Magical World of Islands

Just a few minutes away from Stockholm you can find an astonishing area – Stockholm archipelago. This amazing sight is the second-largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea. The exact number of islands is still debatable (the number varies between 14,000 and 100,000), but the general consensus is about 24,000 islands.

Why go?

Ask anyone in Stockholm about one summer activity no visitor should miss, and most will tell you to see the archipelago. The remarkable area provides a variety of activities and sites to explore – from idyllic towns and majestic castles to local delicacies or bays lined with soft sand.

When to go?

The archipelago is an obvious summer playground, but it is beautiful all year round. Just be aware that in winter the regularity of routes depends on the weather conditions.

Small Island of Stockholm Archipelago

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How to get there?

You can get to many places in the archipelago by car, bus, train or even bike. However, for a great travel treat you should take a boat.

The main boat operator in the archipelago is Waxholmsbolaget. They are part of the Stockholm transport system and run the public transport at sea.

Located next to Kungsträdgården and Grand Hôtel, Strömkajen is the main harbour of Waxholmsbolaget in Stockholm.

The single ticket price depends on your destination and varies between 60-130 SEK. You can also buy a travel card that gives unlimited rides during specific periods of time. A five-day ticket costs 420 SEK. A thirty-day ticket is 750 SEK.

You can plan your trip through the archipelago by using a trip planner available on the Waxholmsbolaget website.

Fishing in Stockholm Archipelago

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Which island to choose?

There are endless possible itineraries for exploring the archipelago. It depends how much time you have and what you want to do.

A good destination for a half-day trip can be the closest island to Stockholm – Fjäderholmarna. Explore the island by yourself – just take a walk around and don’t forget to taste the smoked salmon from Rökeriet restaurant before going back to the city.

Sandhamn is another great trip. Try extensive walking paths along the beaches and windswept pines in this historical place situated in the outer archipelago. While you’re staying at Sandhamn, you can kayak, cycle, or relax at the spa.

Interesting fact:

From the Middle Ages until the end of the Cold War, the Swedish military has had troops, ships, and fortifications for the defense of Stockholm in the archipelago. Today, most facilities are closed down.

Kayaking in Stockholm Archipelago

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Camping in Stockholm Archipelago

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Hiking in Stockholm Archipelago

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Kayaks in Stockholm archipelago

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Kayaking, Stockholm Archipelago

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