Top 10 Incredible Natural Wonders in Asia

Top 10 Incredible Natural Wonders in Asia

Asia covers a huge area of our planet Earth. So many natural wonders are found here – from the highest mountain in the world to the sunniest beaches in Maldives. We have picked ten beautiful natural wonders that you should consider witnessing once in your lifetime.

10. Living Bridges in Cherrapunji, India

In the north-east part of the country there are lush rainforests, considered to have the richest biodiversity in Asia. Various unique plants grow here, like Ficus Elastica, enabling the locals to create living bridges from their roots! Apparently, the technique is indispensable: the region is the wettest place on Earth and wooden bridges would simply rot. Although it can take up from 10 to 15 years to make a living bridge, the tradition exists for over 500 years.

Why to go there?

The Tree Root Bridges are the favorite tourist attraction in Cherrapunji and Nongriat village. Also Meghalaya is a popular tourist destination because of its versatile landscapes unlike anywhere else in India.

Bridges-Photo by Rex Features

Photo by Rex Features

Bridges-Photo by Gautam Sarmah

Photo by Gautam Sarmah


Photo by the Unknown

9. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand, India

The World Heritage site flares up in full bloom in August and September. If Namaqualand is not on your way, this is the next most picturesque flowery field in the world! Embedded in the Himalayan range, the valley is also home for various endangered species. The nearest town is Joshimath: from here the road leads to the valley. But also prepare your hiking boots, since it requires to walk a lot.

Why to go there?

The visitors have to get a permit from Forest Department. However, it is definitely worth visiting the site, since it might be the most lush and colorful one you have ever seen!


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown

8. Gokyo Cho Lake, Nepal

The main lake that is part of the Gokyo Lakes system, sprawling across Sagarmatha National Park. The glacier fed lakes are embedded in the staggering mountainous surroundings and hold a religious significance by both – Hindus and Buddhists.

Why to go there?

Go there in August, when pilgrims bathe in the lake during the Janai Purnima festival.

Gokyo-Photo by Birukov Yury

Photo by Birukov Yury

7. Kelimutu, Moni, Flores Island, Indonesia

A volcano has three amazing summit crater lakes of different colors. The water of the lakes is red, green or blue. However, it changes due to the fumes, coming from the volcano and causing chemical reactions.

Why to go there?

It is believed by the locals that the lakes are a resting place for their ancestors. According to their tradition, the water color corresponds to the moods of the spirits. One can never predict the colors of the lake, as sometimes they change to white and black.


Photo by the Unknown

Kelimutu-Photo by Nathalie Stravers

Photo by Nathalie Stravers


Photo by the Unknown

6. Ban Gioc, China, Vietnam

The spectacular cascade marks a border between two countries. Originally two waterfalls get divided into several smaller plunges because of the rocks, that separate them. It is the fourth largest waterfall after Iguazu, Victoria and Niagara Falls, that mark a national border.

Why to go there?

A lot of endemic plant species are also found in these wonderful surroundings. The double waterfall is best admired from the Vietnamese side, but also can be reached from China.


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown

BanGioc-Photo by Son Tong

Photo by Son Tong

5. Huanglong, China

This scenic place means „Yellow Dragon“ in Chinese. Found in the Minshan mountain range, Huanglong is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Among various natural wonders, the colorful terraced pools are among the most recognizable and picturesque spots here. The nature reserve also features temples and Buddha statues, scattered in the park.

Why to go there?

Besides forests, waterfalls, hot springs and mountains, Huanglong is a home for the endangered Giant Panda and Sichuan Golden Snub-nosed Monkey.

Huanglong-Photo by Dominik Orth

Photo by Dominik Orth

Huanglong-Photo by Ronnie

Photo by Ronnie

4. Mount Everest, the Himalayas

Found on the border of Nepal, Tibet and Chine, Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth. The Himalayan range itself provides amazing landscape, mountain lakes, scenic rides and of course opportunities to climb.

Why to go there?

Only the professionals go climb the mountain and it is the life challenge. Nevertheless, anyone can find great trail to hike or climb.


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown

Everest-Photo by Alexey Zavodskiy

Photo by Alexey Zavodskiy

3. Maldives

The groups of islands in the Indian Ocean are a true natural wonder in their own right. Dazzling white soft sandy beaches, crystal clear warm water and rich marine life make it the most desirable holiday destination in the world.

Why to go there?

Besides the amazing nature, there are numerous resorts, that will make your trip to Maldives truly unforgettable.

Maldives-Photo by Kanuhura

Photo by Kanuhura

Maldives-Photo by Cocoa Island

Photo by Cocoa Island


Photo by the Unknown

2. Son Doong Cave, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam

The biggest cave in the world is so deep, it could house a 40-story building! 9 km (5,5 mi) long, the cave has a jungle and river in it. The glorious cave was discovered and explored only in 2010. The jungle, called Garden of Edam by the explorers, is inhabited by monkeys and flying foxes. A real underworld is found in here!

Why to go there?

One of the most unique places on Earth. Son Doong is rich with the cave pearls – the calcite crystals, formed over the centuries. 300 million years old fossils are also found here. New species of plants were discovered around the river and waterfall.

SongDong-Photo by Carsten Peter

Photo by Carsten Peter

SongDong-Photo by Carsten Peter2

Photo by Carsten Peter

SongDong-Photo by Carsten Peter3

Photo by Carsten Peter


Photo by the Unknown

1. Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines

Its steep slopes form a perfect symmetrical classic volcano. Mayon is active and eruptions are frequent. In 2013 in May the volcano spit ash and rock, forming a cloud 500 meters (1640 fr) above the peak. It killed five climbers, who were on their way to the summit.

Why to go there?

Mayon is truly one of the most beautiful volcanoes, a perfect cone. However, it is dangerous, so the climbers usually are devoted adventurers.


Photo by the Unknown

mayon-Photo by Ferran Vega

Photo by Ferran Vega

mayon-Photo by Edwin Martinez

Photo by Edwin Martinez