Top 10 Gorgeous Lakes in the Himalayas

Top 10 Gorgeous Lakes in the Himalayas

The highest and largest mountainous range in the world is known for its tall peaks. However, numerous lakes embedded in the backdrop of the rugged rocky landscape, creates a wonderful oases. Most of the lakes are sacred and have been attracting pilgrims for centuries. Check out our ten picks of the week.

10. Suraj Tal Lake, India

The Lake of the Sun God is another sacred pond, found in Lahaul and Spiti valley. It is on the way from Manali to Leh, which provides access for the visitors. It also attracts motorcyclists and hikers, who are keen to explore the area from up close.

Why to go there?

The trekking and biking tours take place here, allowing tourists to visit the place on a guided trip.


Photo by Unknown

Suraj-Photo by Neeraj Mishra

Photo by Neeraj Mishra

Suraj-Photo by keedap

Photo by keedap

9. Tso Kar, India

Found in the valley of the Rupshu Plateau, the salt lake is surrounded with stunning Himalayan peaks. Popular among the visitors, the surroundings also attract animal and bird watchers, since it is home for a few rare species like the Kiangs, rare wolves and gazelles.

Why to go there?

A tented camp on the shores of the lake provide an accommodation for the visitors, who can relax and have a stay at the site.


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Birds eye view of the Korzok village and of the Korzok Phu (stream) flowing into the Tsomoriri lake.

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TsoKar-Photo by Luca Belis

Photo by Luca Belis

8. Tsomgo Lake (Changu), India

The lake is known to change colors every season. While in winter it freezes, at other times its coloration varies from emerald to blue. Buddhists monks foreshadow future from its water. In spring and summer the lush surroundings boast a variety of blossoming flowers, thus creating a truly picturesque scene.

Why to go there?

The lake is one of the most popular attractions in Sikkim state. Keep in mind, that visitors have to get a special permit to gain the access.


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Tsomgo-Photo by fashionplate

Photo by fashionplate

7. Pangong Tso, India, Tibet

The gorgeous pond spreads from India to Tibet in Himalayas in 4,350 m (14,270 ft) height. The lake is 134 km (83 mi) long. Mountains define the landscape and attract tourists, as well as filmmakers, who admire the wonderful set.

Why to go there?

Go on a pilgrimage through India and Tibet and visit this lake on your way.


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Photo by Unknown

Pangong-Photo by Abhinav Yadav

Photo by Abhinav Yadav

Pangong-Photo by Anuvrat

Photo by Anuvrat

Pangong-Photo by Taneti Kishore

Photo by Taneti Kishore

6. Gosaikunda, Nepal

The alpine lake remains frozen for six months from October to June. Once melted it forms the Trishuli River. Hindus believe that their gods Shiva and Gauri were born here, thus granting a sacred status to the site.

Why to go there?

The lake lies on the Dhunche-Helambu trekking route, therefore many visitors come to admire the lake.

Gosaikunda-Photo by Karna Deshar

Photo by Karna Deshar


Photo by Unknown

Gosaikunda-Photo by Karna Deshar2

Photo by Karna Deshar

5. Namtso, Tibet, China

A lake in the Himalaya mountains is an important sacred place. For centuries during winter, when the lake freezes, pilgrims have been walking to the islands found in the lake. However, today Chinese government have forbidden the practice.

Why to go there?

Tibet is a truly special and sacred place. The country and its surroundings are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.


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Namtso-Photo by Jan Shen

Photo by Jan Shen

Namtso-Photo by Jan Shen2

Photo by Jan Shen


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4. Gurudongmar Lake, India

Located at the altitude of 5,430 m (17,800 ft), the lake is one of the highest in the world! Named sacred after a few gurus, who had made holy pilgrimages to the site, the lake remain an important religious destination.

Why to go there?

Found in the state of Sikkim, the lake is part of the tour package, which offers visitors to explore the state and its natural wonders on a guided trip.

Gurudongmar-Photo by Avishek Patra

Photo by Avishek Patra

Gurudongmar-Photo by Joyita Tewari

Photo by Joyita Tewari

Gurudongmar-Photo by Nilotpal Roy

Photo by Nilotpal Roy

3. Chandra Taal, India

Also known as the Lake of the Moon, the gorgeous natural wonder is found in the Spiti Valley, which sprawls across India and neighbors Tibet. It is situated high in the mountains – however even at an altitude of 4 300 m (14 100 ft) it is quite often visited by the hikers and campers. It is said that traders from Tibet have discovered the lake – they would set a camp here and rest before continuing their trip.

Why to go there?

The valley is a popular tourist destination – it offers numerous amazing views and hiking trails. Meanwhile the lake is an indeed beautiful feature of Spiti.

Chandra-Photo by Dhurjati Chatterjee

Photo by Dhurjati Chatterjee


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Chandra-Photo by mrichat

Photo by mrichat

2. Gokyo Cho (Dudh Pokhari), Nepal

The main lake that is part of the Gokyo Lakes system, sprawling across Sagarmatha National Park. The glacier fed lakes are embedded in the staggering mountainous surroundings and hold a religious significance by both – Hindus and Buddhists.

Why to go there?

Go there in August, when pilgrims bathe in the lake during the Janai Purnima festival.

Gokyo-Photo by Birukov Yury

Photo by Birukov Yury

Gokyo-Photo by Sean Bagshaw

Photo by Sean Bagshaw

1. Yamdrok Tso, Tibet

Lying between Tibetan capital Lhasa and town Gyantse, the freshwater lake is one of the sacred lakes. It stretches for 72 km (45 mi) and is surrounded with amazing Tibetan nature. Due to its spiritual powers, the Dalai Lama as well as local people make pilgrimages to Yamdrok. The lake’s holy importance is associated with the Second Buddha, who brought Buddhism to Tibet. The Samding Monastery – the female monastery – is built on a peninsula.

Why to go there?

The lake is located in an amazing environment and is a wonderful spiritual retreat.


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Yamdrok-Photo by Harrison Zhao

Photo by Harrison Zhao

Yamdrok-Photo by Christian Ortiz

Photo by Christian Ortiz

Yamdrok-Photo by Harrison Zhao2

Photo by Harrison Zhao


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