Top 10 Best Italian Islands for Summer Holiday

Top 10 Best Italian Islands for Summer Holiday

Beloved Italy boasts pristine beaches, great culture and cuisine. Why not to go to one of its many islands, that offer all these things plus a slow pace, favorable for the vacationers. Check out this list and pick your favorite destination.

10. Filicudi

The unique island is home for only about 300 inhabitants, who are surrounded by azure waters, secret caves, prehistoric villages that date back to the Bronze Age and dramatic shoreline. There is only one accessible beach, therefore the island is more popular among the trekkers and hikers, who opt for a tranquil and picturesque getaway.

filicudi Photo from Sunsail

Photo from Sunsail


Photo by Unknown

filicudi Photo from Tamara Vacanze

Photo from Tamara Vacanze

9. Ponza

The largest of the Pontine Islands is popular among extravagant and rich tourists. However it is way cheaper then Capri, therefore much more affordable for anyone to visit. Ponza boasts a beautiful coastline, azure waters, lemon groves and great hotels. Complemented with fresh sea food it makes a fine holiday location.


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ponza Photo from Isola Ponza

Photo from Isola Ponza


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8. Elba

The island is now famous for being a site of exile of notorious French Emperor Napoleon. However the history in Elba takes us way back: archeological findings of the Etruscans and Romans can be explored in the museums. There is also a variety of outdoor activities offers: from diving and bathing to mounting biking, hiking and even golf.

elba Photo from Telegraph

Photo from Telegraph

elba Photo by Roberto Ridi

Photo by Roberto Ridi

elba Photo by Roberto Ridi 2

Photo by Roberto Ridi

7. Lampedusa

A stop between Africa and Italy, the island might be the least Italian as it boasts quite unique and exotic nature and species also found in North Africa. The stunning white beaches with crystal clear water attract bathers and scuba divers. Get on a boat and have a tour around this unique island.

lampedusa Photo from Italia

Photo from Italia

lampedusa Photo from Visit Sicily

Photo from Visit Sicily

6. Lipari

The largest of the Aeolian Islands group, Lipari is a perfect composite of nature and culture. Its biggest eponymous town boasts lively culture, busy life, picturesque streets and architecture. Visitors can relax on the beaches or in the hot thermal springs, have an exhilarating walk or a scenic boat tour around.

lipari Photo by Fabrizio Raneri

Photo by Fabrizio Raneri

5. Procida

Very densely populated island not far from Naples boasts an authentic Italian atmosphere. As neighboring Capri and Ischia have become way more touristy, Procida preserves the unique feel to it. Marina Corricella is an exemplary site – the port is lined up with the colorful fishermen houses that have become an iconic symbol of the island.

procida Photo from Sunsail

Photo from Sunsail


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4. Ischia

A volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea is a short boat ride from Naples. The tourists from around the world come here to enjoy the natural treasures the island provides: thermal spa and volcanic mud treatments as well as relax in the hot springs.

Ischia Photo from Ischia Review

Photo from Ischia Review

Ischia Photo from Ischia Review 2

Photo from Ischia Review

ischia Photo from CN Traveller

Photo from CN Traveller

3. Capri

The island boasts views to the deep blue sea, rugged surface luxury. Its steep rocky hills are peppered with elegant villas. The Phoenician Steps lead to the top, where amazing views open. Capri also has a small picturesque Old Town, where a number of restaurants and shops are found. Also taste the iconic Limoncello liqueur made of native lemons.


Photo by Unknown

capri Photo by Jerry Lai

Photo by Jerry Lai

2. Sardinia

The second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is famous for its crystal clear turquoise water, powdery beaches and slow pace. Besides unspoiled nature, there are Phoenician or Roman ruins that attract tourists. Sardinian wines and fresh sea food can be relished in the restaurants after a relaxing day on a beach.


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Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

1. Sicily

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea has a long and versatile history, evident in its culture to this day, and boasts spectacular nature. Mount Etna – the infamous volcano – probably is the most prominent landmark. The island boasts exciting towns and architecture and of course great beaches, that attract so many happy vacationers.

sicily Photo from Telegraph

Photo from Telegraph

sicily Photo from Azamara Club Cruises

Photo from Azamara Club Cruises


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