Natural Lava Pools in Madeira, Portugal

Natural Lava Pools in Madeira, Portugal

Porto Moniz, Madeira, Portugal. Located in the Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, Porto Moniz is a village of Madeira – a popular resort. One of the most popular and attractive features of the village are natural volcanic pools.

The whole archipelago is of a volcanic origin, therefore these natural pools are quite common among such islands. The pools get inundated with salty water, which thaws and becomes very pleasant to swim in. Other attractions in the village include an aquarium and a science museum.

Why to go there?

Madeira is a nice tourist destination, while lava pools are exciting and popular bathing spot, providing an exhilarating dip.

When to go there?

The season from May to October is the warmest, but there are no extreme temperature changes all year round.

How to get there?

Get to Madeira by plane or boat. Get around by bus, taxi or rent a car.

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Lead photo by Ana Filipa

Porto Moniz-Photo by Francis Naef

Photo by Francis Naef

Porto Moniz-Photo by Monica Silva

Photo by Monica Silva

Porto Moniz-Photo by Bas Meelker

Photo by Bas Meelker

Porto Moniz-Photo by Axelle Lança

Photo by Axelle Lança

Porto Moniz

Photo by Unknown

Porto Moniz-Photo by Diego Freitas

Photo by Diego Freitas

Porto Moniz-Photo by albert barker

Photo by albert barker

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