Cinematic Dunes and Lakes in Ubari, Libya

Cinematic Dunes and Lakes in Ubari, Libya

Ubari (or Awbari), Libya. The capital of the Wadi al Hayaa District, the oasis town is a truly picturesque gem in the vast and empty Saharan landscape. The Berber-speaking town is sprawled across the dunes and lakes, that are of gold’s worth here.

The lush shoreline also features the Saharan Date palm trees, that make it look so cinematic. Those who go on a desert safari find bathing in the lakes after extremely refreshing. Ubari settlement unites a group of about 20 lakes and ruins of ancient villages.

Why to go there?

A truly unique place, having a geological and historical significance. Guided tours are available. Near Gebraoun Lake you can find sand ski facilities.

When to go there?

All year round.

How to get there?

Ubari is found 120 km from Sebha. Tourists are driven by cars. Also there is a military Ubari Airport, which has recently been used by the agencies, that organize safaris in Libya.


Photo by Unknown

Ubari-Photo by Luis Courtot

Photo by Luis Courtot

Ubari-Photo by Anna Gibiskys

Photo by Anna Gibiskys


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Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

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