Top 10 Holiday Destinations in the Balkans

Top 10 Holiday Destinations in the Balkans

The Balkans spans across the few countries, that boast amazing nature, mountains, azure coastline and historic towns. We have picked ten locations, that have drawn our attention this summer. Check out the list and share your favorite spot with us!

10. Gamzigrad, Serbia

The native town of Roman emperor Galerius Maximianus, who later built a palace here, attracts for its impressive historic heritage. The site is open from April to November and specialized guide tours are offered, that provide a deep insight into this ancient monument.


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9. Rugova Mountains, Kosovo

Proclaimed a national park, Rugova is famous among the winter sports enthusiasts. However, with an abundance of waterfalls, lakes, caves, canyons, green valleys and tall peaks, the park is also an amazing retreat in summer. Hikers, climbers and backpackers will find it beautiful and exciting.


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rugova Photo from Panacom

Photo from Panacom

8. The Šar Mountains, Macedonia

The mountain range sprawls over a several Balkan countries. Meanwhile in Macedonia it is one of the best places to go hiking and mountaineering. Various peaks, green valleys and alpine lakes create a wonderful scenery, which can be explored on a day trip as well as on a few day journey.

shar Photo by Nace Popov

Photo by Nace Popov

shar Photo by Gadjowsky

Photo by Gadjowsky

shar Photo from Adventure Link

Photo from Adventure Link

7. Maramures, Romania

The historic region is a fine place to go on a few days tour. The visitors will be exposed to the scenic landscapes, small villages with authentic wooden architecture and lush forests. Try to catch the narrow-gauge steam train from Viseu de Sus, which passes some staggering locations.

maramures Photo frpm Agora Travel

Photo frpm Agora Travel

maramures Photo from Romaniadacia

Photo from Romaniadacia

6. Lake Skadar, Montenegro

Regarded as a national treasure, the lake boasts a wide diversity of wildlife including birds. Moreover, a picturesque surroundings and the lake itself make it an attraction on its own. Therefore a cruise trip and birdwatching are the most popular activities here.

skadar Photo from Enjoy Adria

Photo from Enjoy Adria

5. Rovinj, Croatia

An ancient town on the Adriatic Sea coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations in summer. With its great beaches, crystal clear warm water, an abundance of restaurants and night clubs, Rovinj makes it a fine place to relax, dive into recreational activities and have fun during the night!

Rovinj Photo by Vicki Mar

Photo by Vicki Mar

Rovinj Photo by Roving

Photo by Roving

4. Dhërmi, Albania

A relatively small village boasts an amazing turquoise coast. Recently it has gained much popularity among the party goers, as Dhërmi also offers some exciting night clubs. Various hotels will ensure a comfortable relaxation and an unforgettable stay.

Dhermi Photo from When on Earth

Photo from When on Earth

Dhermi Photo from Drone Stagr

Photo from Drone Stagr

Dhermi Photo by awboonen

Photo by awboonen

3. Piran, Slovenia

One of the major tourist attractions in the country, Piran is proud of its old town, packed with gorgeous Medieval architecture. Besides the picturesque historic cityscape, Piran also offers to visit some of its cultural establishments including Tartini theatre, coastal galleries, Maritime museum and Aquarium.

Piran Photo from Zenith Holidays

Photo from Zenith Holidays

2. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The beautiful city experienced heavy bombings the breakup of Yugoslavia. However, with a lot of effort, it has been rebuild and now has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. The historic Ottoman-style bridge, spanning the emerald Neretva River, is the main feature here.

Mostar Photo from World for Travel

Photo from World for Travel


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1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Protected by UNESCO, the impressive town is one of the most favorite holiday destinations in the country. The town boasts amazing historic architecture, great beaches, hotels and breathtaking landscape – Dubrovnik is a place to be on a holiday season.


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