Top 10 Amazing European Lakes

Top 10 Amazing European Lakes

Lists with lakes seem to be popular among our dear readers. So we have prepared a new one, that features greatest European lakes. Which one would you like to go and see the most?

10. Hallstätter Lake, Hallstatt, Austria

The lake is famous for the idyllic village situated on its shores. Hallstatt is a popular tourist destination and offers various activities. In summer visitors can hike around the lake and explore its beautiful surroundings, as well as go boating or swimming in the lake.

Why to go there?

Various activities and facilities, beautiful views are promised in this picturesque historic little town in the mountains.

Top Lakes-Hallstätter-Photo by rudi1976

Photo by rudi1976

Top Lakes-Hallstätter-Photo by Fabian Vogl

Photo by Fabian Vogl

9. Königssee, Bavaria, Germany

The eponymous settlement is surrounded with the Watzmann mountain, that is part of the Bavarian Alps, and gorgeous Königssee lake. The fascinating nature defines Schönau’s dramatic landscape. The municipality is one of the most famous tourist spots in the region.

Why to go there?

Besides the beautiful nature, hiking in the mountains and boating, Schönau is also visited for its bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton track, wellness and spa centers.

Top Lakes-Königssee-Photo by Michael Wünsche

Photo by Michael Wünsche

Top Lakes-Königssee2

Photo by Unknown

Top Lakes-Königssee

Photo by Unknown

8. Misurina, Italy

Found 1754 meters above sea level, Misurina is exceptionally beautiful crystal clear lake. The air is also very pure and fresh, that even a center for asthma patients is established here. Grand Hotel Misurina on the shores provides visitors with world-class service and accommodation.

Why to go there?

Explore the pristine surroundings around the lake, which provides a tranquil haven.

Top Lakes-Misurina (1)

Photo by Unknown

Top Lakes-Misurina (2)

Photo by Unknown

Top Lakes-Misurina (3)

Photo by Unknown

Top Lakes-Misurina (4)

Photo by Unknown

7. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

The significant nature reserve is one of the main tourist destinations in the country. The mountainous landscape and crystal clear blue lakes define the park and make it a recognizable site. The water caused soft limestone to erode, thus creating karst formations. As a result a lot of waterfalls, caves and lakes have formed in the area. The wildlife in the park is also versatile: due to a very low pollution and protection, the untouched nature is home for many animal species.

Why to go there?

There are several hiking trails: the main stretches through the whole park and it takes about 4.5 hours to complete it. Boat trips allow to explore the crystal clear lake and see what hides under the water.

Top Lakes-Plitvice-Photo by Boris Frkovic

Photo by Boris Frkovic

Top Lakes-Plitvice-Photo by Maciej Duczynski

Photo by Maciej Duczynski

Top Lakes-Plitvice-Photo by Andrea Pozzi

Photo by Andrea Pozzi

Top Lakes-Plitvice-Photo by Bojan Sirola

Photo by Bojan Sirola

6. Gjende Lake, Jotunheimen, Norway

The proglacial lake is 18 km (11 mi) long and is surrounded with the steep mountains. Its striking emerald color is caused by the rock flour, carried here by the Muru river. There are a lot of tourist facilities in the park, making the lake a popular destination.

Why to go there?

Jotunheimen National Park is a favorite tourist attraction, with various hiking trails and climbing opportunities.

Top Lakes-Gjende-Photo by Lars Øverbø

Photo by Lars Øverbø

5. Mývatn, Iceland

A shallow lake, found next to an active volcano of Krafla, looks stunning from above. Its shoreline features what is known as “pseudo craters” – the formations that was made after water under the surface of earth had exploded.

Why to go there?

In summer a marathon around the lake takes place, attracting athletes and spectators. And of course come here to admire the views, obviously.

Top Lakes-Myvatn-Photo by Jonas Bendiksen

Photo by Jonas Bendiksen

Top Lakes-Myvatn

Photo by Unknown

4. Piora Valley Lakes, Ticino, Switzerland

Ritom, Cadagno and Tom are three lakes in the gorgeous valley. Surrounded with the mountainous landscape, these alpine lakes create a breathtaking view. Also Lake Cadagno is meromictic, which means it has layers of water, that do not coalesce. There are only few such lakes in Europe. The valley can be reached with a funicular, which also promises great views.

Why to go there?

Visitors go on a hiking tour, which approximately is completed in 3.5 hours and encompasses all three lakes. There are various lodges and opportunities to eat famous local Piora cheese, while enjoying the panoramic sites.

Top Lakes-Piora-Photo by Sean Burke

Photo by Sean Burke

Top Lakes-Piora

Photo by Unknown

Top Lakes-Piora-Photo by Lollo Riva

Photo by Lollo Riva

3. Eye of the Sea, Poland

The largest and one of the deepest lakes in the Tatra Mountains, is surrounded with exquisite landscape. It is the most popular tourist destination in the mountain range, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

Why to go there?

There is a tourism center and a hut on the shores of the lake, which provides visitors with necessary facilities.

Top Lakes-Sea Eys

Photo by Unknown

Top Lakes-Sea Eys-Photo by Patryk Kosmider

Photo by Patryk Kosmider

Top Lakes-Sea Eys2

Photo by Unknown

2. Ringedalsvatnet, Norway

The lake is embedded in the mountains and is surrounded with very precipitous tall peaks. It is famous for having another very popular feature – Trolltunga – a fascinating rock, which stands out of the mountain, so it is horizontal to the ground.

Why to go there?

You get an opportunity to visit two great spots at once – the lake and Trolltunga. The latter provides a wonderful backdrop and a viewpoint to the lake.

Top Lakes-Ringedalsvatnet-Photo by Mario Ruebsam

Photo by Mario Ruebsam

Top Lakes-Ringedalsvatnet-Photo by Irena Prikryl

Photo by Irena Prikryl

Top Lakes-Ringedalsvatnet-Photo by JasperGrom

Photo by JasperGrom

Top Lakes-Ringedalsvatnet2

Photo by Unknown

Top Lakes-Ringedalsvatnet

Photo by Unknown

1. Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

The deepest and oldest lake in the world reaches 1,642 m (5,387 ft) depth and becomes a gorgeous spot when is frozen. These pictures are made during the cold season and depict these amazing ice engravings.

Why to go there?

The region features unspoiled nature and attracts adventurers, who are willing to experience pristine and sometimes even challenging conditions, especially in winter.

Top Lakes-Baikal-Photo by Danil Korzonoj4

Photo by Danil Korzonoj

Top Lakes-Baikal-Photo by Danil Korzonoj5

Photo by Danil Korzonoj

Top Lakes-Baikal-Photo by Danil Korzonoj3

Photo by Danil Korzonoj

Top Lakes-Baikal-Photo by Danil Korzonoj

Photo by Danil Korzonoj

Top Lakes-Baikal-Photo by Danil Korzonoj2

Photo by Danil Korzonoj