Zabriskie Point – the Iconic Site in the Death Valley, USA

Zabriskie Point – the Iconic Site in the Death Valley, USA

Zabriskie Point, California, USA. Found in the east of the infamous Death Valley, Zabriskie Point offers a glimpse of a landscape, exposed to the millions of years of ferocious erosion. Named after Christian B. Zabriskie, the site inspired Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni, who shot an eponymous classic movie here.

The inquisitive visitors have to get to the hills, from where the spectacular view of this place opens. 360 other peaks can also be seen in a horizon. A hike from the Golden Canyon to Zabriskie Point spoils with some of the most fascinating views in the terrain. After all, the site is often referred to as the most captivating in the whole Death Valley.

Why to go there?

A famous, culturally and geologically significant site.

When to go there?

Anytime except in summer, when the weather gets unbearably hot.

How to get there?

From Highway 190 reach a parking lot. It is a short hike from there. There is a longer trail from the Golden Canyon entrance, but the views are more beautiful.

Lead photo by Greg Boratyn

Zabriskie Point-Photo by David Hellard

Photo by David Hellard

Zabriskie Point-Photo by Dean Blazic

Photo by Dean Blazic

Zabriskie Point-Photo by Eddie Lluisma

Photo by Eddie Lluisma

Zabriskie Point-Photo by Peter Coskun

Photo by Peter Coskun

Zabriskie Point-Photo by Rob Etzel

Photo by Rob Etzel

Zabriskie Point-Photo by Sarah Marino

Photo by Sarah Marino

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