Waimea Canyon – the Majestic Canyon of the Pacific in Hawaii

Waimea Canyon – the Majestic Canyon of the Pacific in Hawaii

Waimea Canyon, Kauaʻi, Hawaii. A 16 km (10 mi) long site is also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. However its lush surface isn’t anything remotely similar to the rocky and bare landscape of Arizona. The canyon is a result of the dramatic geological processes: the natural wonder was formed after a volcano that created the island collapsed.

The site welcomes tourists and provides numerous hiking trails, that enable to explore the natural wonder. The Waimea Canyon Lookout provides breathtaking panoramic vistas, as well as number of other smaller viewpoints and picnic areas. Visitors can also set a camp at Koke’e Campground and enjoy the unforgettable experience in unspoiled natural environment.

Why to go there?

A truly beautiful site, geologically significant and providing numerous activities as well as great views.

When to go there?

All year round.

How to get there?

By car take the Highway 50 towards Waimea Canyon Drive.

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Lead photo by Ian Miller


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

Waimea-Photo by Mark Hughes

Photo by Mark Hughes

Waimea-Photo by Keith Manning

Photo by Keith Manning


Photo by Jhames

Waimea-Photo by Petr Š

Photo by Petr Š.

Waimea-Photo by Pius Sullivan

Photo by Pius Sullivan

Waimea-Photo by Rob Etzel

Photo by Rob Etzel