Visit Tunupa Volacano and its Fascinating Surroundings in Bolivia

Visit Tunupa Volacano and its Fascinating Surroundings in Bolivia

Tunupa Volacano, the Potosí Department, Bolivia. The 1601 m (5253 ft) high volcano and its surroundings are indeed very appealing: the versatile landscape looks quite unearthly. On the northern side of it sprawls the Salar de Uyuni – the largest salt flat in the world, which like a magnet attracts tourists here.  On the other side there is a lot of greenery and pastures, where lamas graze.

The Aymara people unsurprisingly consider Tunupa to be a holy mountain. Most tours here include visitations to these two sites as well as Laguna Verde and Laguna Colorada. Tourists have an opportunity to climb the mountains and approach the Salar from above. The flat looks like a mirror after rain, therefore do no be reluctant to travel there during the rainy season.

Why to go there?

The region is rich with natural wonders. The holy Tunupa volcano is very impressive, surrounded with amazing nature. Flamingos, lamas and numerous photographing as well as hiking opportunities make it a great destination in Bolivia.

When to go there?

All year round. Summer and rains take place from December to February, winter – from June to August.

How to get there?

The place is quite a remote one. However, there are various tours – drivers with jeeps will take and guide you around. Tours take off from Calama, Villazon or Tupiza.

Lead photo by Anna Gibiskys


Photo by Unknown

Tunupa-Photo by Anwen Garston

Photo by Anwen Garston


Photo by Unknown

Tunupa-Photo by Jonny Finkel

Photo by Jonny Finkel

Tunupa-Photo by Yuki Takaku

Photo by Yuki Takaku

Tunupa-Photo by Anna Gibiskys2

Photo by Anna Gibiskys


Photo by Unknown

Tunupa-Photo by Tommaso Renzi

Photo by Tommaso Renzi

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