Visit Historic Ward Charcoal Ovens in Nevada, USA

Visit Historic Ward Charcoal Ovens in Nevada, USA

Ward Charcoal Ovens Historic Park, Nevada, USA. Six large ovens were built outside of Ward, established by the silver miners. Today it is a ghost town, while these ovens are the best preserved heritage. Built in 1876 by Italian masons, they were used for producing charcoal: this kind of construction appeared to be much more efficient then the previously used beehive shape ovens.

The park is part of the Great Basin, which results in a desert and arid environment. There are creeks and springs, pinyon and juniper forests, and a diverse wildlife, that includes mountain lion, deer, coyote, fox, rabbit and more. Tourists can have a nice hike and go camping – various facilities here enable to enjoy a day or two of outdoor activities.

Why to go there?

In the park visitors can admire unspoiled nature, have a nice hike and spend a night at a camp. Moreover these ovens and the ghost town of Ward provide a valuable insight into the history of the USA.

When to go there?

The park is open all year round. Most visitors come between May and August. In winter there can be snow, which provides skiing opportunities.

How to get there?

The site is found only 32 km (20 mi) from the town of Ely. The best way to get there is via road U.S. 93.

Lead photo by Royce Bair

Ward Ovens-Photo by Royce Bair2

Photo by Royce Bair

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Ward Ovens-Photo by Rick Pisio

Photo by Rick Pisio

Ward Ovens-Photo by Brian Garner

Photo by Brian Garner

Ward Ovens-Photo by Cal Payne

Photo by Cal Payne

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Ward Ovens-Photo by Kelly Carroll

Photo by Kelly Carroll

Ward Ovens

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