Turnip Rock – a Rocky Remote Islet on Lake Huron, USA

Turnip Rock – a Rocky Remote Islet on Lake Huron, USA

Turnip Rock, Michigan, USA. Found on Lake Huron, the rock is a truly unique natural wonder. Carved by the thousands of years of consistent waves bashing the rocks, today Turnip Rock stands in the shallow waters and attracts visitors.

Growing trees and other vegetation on the top of the island make it even more admirable. However, the shore is private property, so the best way to see the rock is from water. Tourists get there by boat or kayak from Port Austin. The site indeed promises a great adventure!

Why to go there?

A unique rock formation worth visiting once in the area.

When to go there?

All year round. In winter it can be reached by walking the frozen lake.

How to get there?

Rent a kayak at the Port Austin, which is about 3 km (2 mi) from the rock. It can also be reached by Point aux Barques trail, which is 11 km (7 mi) long and is accessible from March to November.

Lead photo by David Frey

Turnip Rock

Photo by Unknown

Turnip Rock2

Photo by Unknown

Turnip Rock5

Photo by Unknown

Turnip Rock-Photo by Kathy Winkler

Photo by Kathy Winkler

Turnip Rock-Photo by Mikeydubz1

Photo by Mikeydubz1

Turnip Rock3

Photo by Unknown

Turnip Rock4

Photo by Unknown

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