Trips To Take With Your Significant Other To See If They’re “The One”

Trips To Take With Your Significant Other To See If They’re “The One”

Are you asking yourself if you want to spend the rest of your life with the person you’re currently dating? They say that traveling can make or break a relationship. You may want to see if you’ll still get along with your partner when you go on a trip – after all, if you get hitched, you’ll be taking vacations with this person for the rest of your life. Here are some ideas you’ll want to keep in mind the next time you both file for some vacation time:

# That budget trip

Somewhere in wedding vows, there’s a part that says, “for richer or for poorer”. While most people like to splash out for their vacations, you may want to take a trip that’s on a stricter budget than both of you are used to. Will your partner be okay with the hostel instead of the five star joint? Will he or she be okay eating at the street stalls instead of that Michelin star restaurant? If you can get make a great trip work with a tight budget, then that’s a great sign for future budgetary concerns in domestic life.

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# That trip back home

This goes both ways – does your partner get along with your loved ones, and vice versa? While you can’t expect everything to go perfectly (crossed fingers, though), you’ll want to see what your family has to say about the person you’re dating. If you’re close to your family, they’ll know all about you and can give you a great outside perspective of your partner and your relationship. While you don’t have to take their opinions as gospel truth, they’re still worth hearing out. Plus there’s the added benefit of showing him or her around the place where you grew up!

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# Trips with your friends

Your friends have been your support group and your go-to people for advice – they’ll have a great perspective on your relationship and your partner. A trip with your partner and your friends will also show you if they get along well. You have this group of friends for a reason. Maybe they have the same interests, or the same personalities. If you see that your friends aren’t getting along with your partner, it might be a cause for concern. Just think, though, if they get along you can all hang out together in the future!

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# To your favorite places

For a long-term partnership to work, you don’t have to be the same person. After all, opposites attract. What you do need, though, is respect for each other’s preferences. By taking your partner to your favorite place, you’ll see how he or she feels about it. Like what was mentioned earlier, they might not love it like you do – but if you’re right for each other then they’ll try to see the place’s appeal. If they don’t, then you may want to make sure you’re with someone who does.

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# To somewhere you can’t speak the language

A relationship is chock-full of challenges, and you’ll have to figure out a way to get through them together. There are fewer things more challenging than traveling with your partner to a place where you both can’t communicate with the locals. It’ll require a lot of teamwork on your part, and lots of patience. Just think – you and your partner speak the same language, yet you still have miscommunication. What if you’re speaking to a local who doesn’t understand you? You can see how your cooperation holds up when you’re both trying to get directions to the bus stop, or if you don’t take your frustrations out on each other. You’ll even learn a new language together in the process!

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# A road trip

If you decide to get hitched with somebody, you have to remember you’ll be living with this person under one roof. Mimic that set-up on a road trip. You’ll be in a car for hours at a time, with only each other as company. See how your conversation flows, or if you’re comfortable enough with each other’s presence that silence is okay. You can help each other out by taking turns at the wheel to make sure the other’s getting enough rest. Play your music one hour, and your partner’s the next. Relationships, like road trips, are all about compromise.

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# A digital detox trip

Yes, we live in an increasingly interconnected world. Sometimes it even overshadows our need for human interaction, as they’re only a message away! Why not try to take a trip with your partner, with one condition: no Internet, no phones, and no distractions? It might be hard for the first day or so, but you’ll get the benefit of interaction without the glow of a phone screen waiting for attention. Conversations will last longer and delve into deeper topics – great for getting to know your partner even more. Make an exception for your digital camera, as you’ll want pictures to document the great time you both had.

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