Top 10 Utterly Monumental Bridges

Top 10 Utterly Monumental Bridges

It seems like since the ancient times humanity was striving to build monumental structures. This time we wanted to find great bridges, that takes breath away and are tourist landmarks themselves. Some are old, some are new – here are out ten choices of the week. Which is your favorite?

10. Ponte Gobbo, Bobbio, Italy

The picturesque bridge is found in the region of Emilia-Romagna. It is considered to be the symbol of a small town of Bobbio. According to the legend the bridge is a result of Saint Columba’s fight with Satan. Ponte Gobbo has probably originated during the Roman reign. What is known for sure that it was here in the 12th century already.

Why to go there?

Although relatively small, Bobbio has a lot to offer. Visitors can explore historic architecture, enjoy a variety of cultural events and relax in thermal springs.

Bobbio-Photo by Alfonso Prous

Photo by Alfonso Prous

Bobbio-Photo by Monika Photography

Photo by Monika Photography


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

9. The Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, England

Opened in 1864, the suspension bridge is one of the most recognizable symbols of this hip city in the western part of the UK. Stretched across the Avon Gorge, which boasts beautiful views to the city and the River Avon, the bridge is accessible for the cars, cyclists as well as pedestrians. It was a life project of legendary engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who unfortunately did not live to see his design to come to life.

Why to go there?

Today it is a popular attraction in the always vibrant city of Bristol, that also hosts annual Balloon Fiesta – therefore there are so many pictures of balloons flying above the bridge.


Photo by Unknown

Bristol-Photo by Mathew Roberts

Photo by Mathew Roberts

Bristol-Photo by Sigita San

Photo by Sigita San


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

8. The Pamban Bridge, India

The first sea bridge, opened in 1914, at 2 km (1.4 mi) long is also the second longest one of the kind in the country. It connects Rameswaram – a town on Pamban Island – with the mainland. Along the bridge a railway is built as well, providing a truly scenic ride along the Gulf of Mannar. Considering the challenging and corrosive surroundings, it is considered to be an architectural wonder of India.

Why to go there?

This year on 24 February the bridge marked its 100th anniversary. Tourists come here to have a scenic ride and visit Pamban Island, town of Rameswaram, that is the most popular tourist destination here.

Pamban-Photo by PRABHU SHANKAR



Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

7. The Seven Mile Bridge, Florida, USA

One of the longest bridges in the world (10,9 km; 6,8 mi) spreads above the Florida Keys – the beautiful coral cay archipelago. Every April, on Saturday the road gets closed for 2,5 hours for a fun run. The marathon is being held since 1982 to commemorate the rebuilding project. 1,500 runners participate in the challenge.

Why to go there?

The construction has won many awards, including an Exceptional Award for Cost Savings Innovation. It is an incredible structure to view from above as well as have a ride on.

Seven-Photo by Edinchavez

Photo by Edinchavez


Photo by Unknown

Aerial View of the Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, Florida USA

Photo by Unknown

Seven-Photo by Wendy J.

Photo by Wendy J.

6. The Millennium Bridge, London, England

The bridge crosses the River Thames and links Bankside with the City of London. The Globe Theatre, the Bankside Gallery, the Tate Modern Gallery and St Paul’s Cathedral are visible from the bridge. The suspension bridge was opened in 2000, thus the name. It is also the first pedestrian bridge built over the Thames in London in a hundred years.

Why to go there?

Visit the center of London and get from the one bank to another in no time. Also the bridge is especially beautiful at night, when it gets illuminated by the colorful lights and attracts the photographers.

Millennium-Photo by Graham Duerden

Photo by Graham Duerden


Photo by Unknown

Millennium-Photo by Tomas Sereda

Photo by Tomas Sereda

Millennium-Photo by Gerard McAuliffe

Photo by Gerard McAuliffe

5. The Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA

There is a variety of bridges, most popular being a cable-stayed and a suspension bridge. Meanwhile the Brooklyn Bridge is a hybrid of both of these types. Its constructions were finished in 1883, making it one of the oldest bridges in the US. It connects Manhattan with Brooklyn, spanning the East River, and is one of the most iconic landmarks in Big Apple. Unusual thing about it is that it has two separate access for vehicles and pedestrians.

Why to go there?

The bridge has been endorsed by the artists and often features in Hollywood movies – Woody Allen has made it a true cinematographic icon. It is a famous site to see in NYC. Many photographers enjoy it for it provides a number of angles and panoramic views to the city.

Brooklyn-Photo by Sebastien

Photo by Sebastien

Brooklyn-Photo by David Ayash

Photo by David Ayash


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

Brooklyn-Photo by Ben Reiss

Photo by Ben Reiss

4. The Charles Bridge, Prague, The Czech Republic

One of the most famous historic bridges in the world and Europe, the Charles Bridge crosses the Vltava river in the heart of the city. Commissioned by King Charles IV in the 14th century, the constructions finished in the 15th century. The Charles Bridge, which is 621 m long, is claimed to be one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in the world. Moreover, it is famous for the 30 Baroque statues, depicting saints, that are situated on the balustrade.

Why to go there?

Historic architecture, the most famous bridge, the most popular site in Prague. The bridge connects Prague Castle with the Old Town and is considered to be one of the most romantic places in the city, visited by thousands of tourists every day.

Charles-Photo by Mark Kats

Photo by Mark Kats

Charles-Photo by Nermin Smajić

Photo by Nermin Smajić

Charles-Photo by Sergio Otero Sevillano

Photo by Sergio Otero Sevillano

Charles-Photo by Abinayan Parthiban

Photo by Abinayan Parthiban

Charles-Photo by Gabor Jonas

Photo by Gabor Jonas

3. Millau Viaduct Bridge, France

Spanning across the valley of the River Tam in Southern France, the bridge is of an impressive 343 meters (1,125 ft) height, which makes it the tallest bridge in the world! The monumental structure was finished in 2001 and is always praised for being the great engineering achievement.

Why to go there?

The bridge spans for 2,5 kilometers, thus providing a truly fun and scenic ride, as panoramic views to the valley open.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

Viaduc de Millau - Architecte Lord Norman Foster (340m haut sur l' A75) - Aveyron (12)

Photo by Unknown

Millau-Photo by Andrzej Gorzkowski

Photo by Andrzej Gorzkowski

2. Tower Bridge, London, UK

Another famous bridge in London, a true symbol of the river Thames. Built between 1886–1894, the bridge is among the most recognizable British landmarks. It dominates the cityscape and features in numerous films, shot in the capital. Visitors are allowed to climb to the towers and even hire the rooms for various events. The bridge represents Victorian Gothic style, characteristic to the 19th century.

Why to go there?

Tower Bridge is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Do not miss it once in London!

Tower-Photo by Carmen Martín

Photo by Carmen Martín

Tower-Photo by Steve Docwra

Photo by Steve Docwra

Tower-Photo by Andrew Thomas

Photo by Andrew Thomas


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

1. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

The engineering wonder is a symbol of the West Coast. Besides being the most photographed bridge in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge offers a beautiful trek, which takes from one side to another.

Why to go there?

See this iconic landmark, which attracts thousands of photographers, searching for a unique angle and right light.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

GoldenGate-Photo by George Steinmetz

Photo by George Steinmetz


Photo by Unknown