Top 10 Unusual Bathing Spots

Top 10 Unusual Bathing Spots

Bathing on a soft sandy beach is a no-brainer. But what about more unusual bathing spots? Lava pools, caves, cenotes and man made lakes make a wonderful holiday destination. Check out the list and pick your favorite!

10. Avaiki Cave, Niue

Niue is a raised coral atoll, which ensures its natural and unspoiled beauty. Water here is extremely clear, having a 30 meters (100 ft) visibility! The versatile marine life can be admired while snorkeling or boating. Meanwhile the Avaiki Cave is said to be the first settlement by the newcomers from Polynesia, at around 900 AD. It features limestone caves, carved by erosion, and pools, filled with this turquoise water, which is not even very saline.

Why to go there?

Visiting Niue can be a goal itself: not many visitors reach this remote island. Once there swimming, diving and boating are a must-do. While Avaiki Cave is a nice place to bathe in – it is like a natural pool!

Avaiki-Photo by David Lansing

Photo by David Lansing


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

9. Bahmah, Wadi Shab, Oman

A natural sinkhole in Hawiyat National Park is truly beautiful and provides a great swimming experience. Surrounded with the desert, the sinkhole is filled with crystal clear water, creating a nice oasis. There is a car park and changing facilities to ensure a nice trip.

Why to go there?

One of the best swimming spots in the country.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

8. Giola, Thassos, Greece

A unique water reservoir, located near the village of Astris, provides a pleasant swimming experience. The Aegean Sea inundates the lagoon with water, which gets much warmer than in the sea. It is indeed one of the most popular bathing sites here!

Why to go there?

Not only it is a unique natural pool, but the water is much warmer than in the sea and more pleasant to swim.

Giola-Photo by Evgeni Dinev

Photo by Evgeni Dinev


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

7. Porto Moniz, Madeira, Portugal

One of the most popular and attractive features of the village are the natural volcanic pools. The whole archipelago is of a volcanic origin, therefore these natural pools are quite common among such islands. The pools get inundated with salty water, which thaws and becomes very pleasant to swim in. Other attractions in the village include an aquarium and a science museum.

Why to go there?

Madeira is a nice tourist destination, while lava pools are exciting and popular bathing spot, providing an exhilarating dip.

Porto-Moniz-Photo by Ana Filipa

Photo by Ana Filipa

Porto-Moniz-Photo by Bas Meelker

Photo by Bas Meelker


Photo by Unknown

Porto-Moniz-Photo by Francis Naef

Photo by Francis Naef

6. Cenote, Chichén Itzá, Mexico

Deep natural sinkholes are very often found in Mexico. Chichén Itzá’s two pits are especially beautiful and popular among the tourists, since the city itself is very interesting and worth visiting. Chichén Itzá was an important city in Mayan civilization. Sacred Cenote serves not only as a natural wonder, but as a historic spot, as well.

Why to go there?

Have an exhilarating dip in this natural wonder!


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

5. Queen’s Bath, Kauaʻi, Hawaii

Found in the northern part of Kauai island, Queen’s Bath provides certainly one of the most unique swimming experiences you can think of. Naturally formed dam is the size of a couple big pools. Fed by the ocean, Queen’s Bath enables to enjoy water here, since the rocky coastline might be too dangerous for the swimmers. A small waterfall streaming nearby provides freshwater to rinse off sand and salty water after the bathing.

Why to go there?

Queen’s Bath is open during summer, since in winter the waves are too strong. The tourists are warned to wear a footwear for their own safety, because the rocks are slippery. The Bath is a ten minutes walk from a parking lot that can be reached from Highway 56.


Photo by Unknown

Queen-Photo by Alex Rapada

Photo by Alex Rapada

Queen-Photo by Laura Hope

Photo by Laura Hope

Queen-Photo by Joshua Williamson

Photo by Joshua Williamson

4. Calanque d’En-Vau, Cassis, Marseille, France

A picturesque calanque, situated on the bay that borders two cities, is one of the most unique natural sites in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. The inlet carved into the white limestone features dazzling turquoise water like you haven’t seen before. There are a few calanques here, but this one has the most precipitous and therefore impressive cliffs.

Why to go there?

It is possible to go hiking here, but the trail is quite challenging and would take all day long. There are also various boat tours from Cassis, that enable to admire the site from water.

Calanque-Photo by Michael Melford

Photo by Michael Melford

CC BY-NC-ND Bruno Monginoux

Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

3. Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

The man-made reservoir is the second largest in the States. Sprawled between Utah and Arizona, the destination attracts 2 million visitors every year. The visitors are offered many water activities, including swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and water skiing. Besides, the sites are stunning and can be explored on a boat or a plane tour. Hiking is another popular activity.

Why to go there?

Its impressive 300 km (186 mi) length creates a 3150 km (1,960 mi) long shoreline. Therefore the recreation center was established enabling to use the lake’s benefits.

Powell-Photo by Mike Reyfman

Photo by Mike Reyfman

Powell-Photo by Wan Shi

Photo by Wan Shi


Photo by Unknown

2. Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA

The beautiful falls, found in the Grand Canyon, form a natural pool, which provides an exhilarating swim for the hikers. The average water temperature reaches pleasant 21.1 C (70 F) degrees. Its blue color is due to magnesium and calcium.

Why to go there?

Stunning surroundings, a natural pool with two waterfalls and plenty of hiking opportunities.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

1. Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Maranhão, Brazil

Known as the desert lagoons found among the sandy dunes, these natural wonders attract visitors from July to September. A sandy scenery is not a desert, though. But it definitely looks like one, therefore, the lagoons add up to the uniqueness of the park. Water is crystal clear, warm and perfect for swimming.

Why to go there?

This is a true natural wonder, worth seeing.

Lencois-Photo by Yuzuru Ozawa

Photo by Yuzuru Ozawa

Lencois-Photo by Rene Dissel

Photo by Rene Dissel

Lencois-Photo by Michael Anderson

Photo by Michael Anderson


Photo by Unknown