Top 10 Unforgettable and Romantic Canal Trips

Top 10 Unforgettable and Romantic Canal Trips

Some cities count on the canals. It is a means of transportation and for some even provides a living space, like the houseboats in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, the visitors can enjoy an opportunity to explore the city on a boat tour and get a different perspective.

10. Blakeney, Norfolk, England

The Medieval port village boasts sand hills, channels, creeks and enchanting houses. In the historic buildings visitors will find pubs, restaurants, hotels and shops. It also features parks, beautiful gardens and of course sandy beaches. Outdoor activities include hiking, cycling, going on a trip on a boat, horse riding and even bird watching!

Why to go there?

The picturesque scenery looks like a typical coastal settlement. The sandy landscape overlooking the sea provides a tranquil and romantic spot for a weekend getaway.

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9. Fenghuang (Phoenix Ancient Town), Hunan Province, China

Phoenix Ancient Town is situated in Hunan Province, which is famous for its glorious nature and unique Tianmen mountains. The historic town has rich culture: from a few ethnic languages and customs, to arts and architecture. The Ming and Qing style buildings are very well preserved and protected by UNESCO.

Why to go there?

Explore the town on a boat trip, which takes place in a traditional boats, providing an authentic experience.

Top Canals-China-Photo by Edwin Leung

Photo by Edwin Leung

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Photo by Kitcha Kron Sonnoy

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Photo by Stephen Patterson

8. Lindau, Bavaria

The city is situated in a unique place – on an island in Lake Constance. Lindau’s historic harbor features a beautiful statue of a lion – a Bavarian symbol. It is the only way to get in – through the canal. Lindau is a popular tourist destination because of its natural surroundings, as well as historic center, boasting many Medieval buildings and streets.

Why to go there?

The city features many historic architectural wonders. It is also located next to the Swiss and Austrian borders: Austria’s Pfänder mountain creates a striking natural backdrop.

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7. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, USA

For those, who find the actual Venice a very long distance away, there is an exciting solution maybe just around the corner. Huge resorts complex not only has architectural elements of Venice, but also the canals with gondolas!

Why to go there?

Besides the Venetian aura, the resort also houses Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, a wedding chapel, Blue Man Theater and the nightclubs. Plenty of restaurants and cafes, shops, three pools – the whole world is found in the Venetian.

Top Canals-Venetian-Photo by Mike Sanchez

Photo by Mike Sanchez

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Photo by Aubrey Stoll

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Photo by Tayo Okusanya

6. Korinthos, Peloponnese, Greece

A city, whose history began in 700 BC, was built on the foundation of Ancient Corinth. Today it is the cultural center of the region. Tourists usually come here by boat, which goes through the Corinth Canal – a narrow canal carved in the rocks in the 19th century. Today it is used mostly for the touristic purposes.

Why to go there?

The city is located in the amazing environment: it is surrounded with the Aegean Sea from one side and with mountainous landscape from another. The impressive ancient ruins of temples, fountains, agora and other exhibits can be explored in the archaeological site of Ancient Korinthos.

Top Canals-Korinthos

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Top Canals-Korinthos-Photo by Chris P

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Photo by Bill Peppas

5. Colmar, Alsace region, France

One of the most famous and romantic French little towns, Colmar fascinates with wonderful architecture, ancient narrow streets and the canals, that provide an opportunity to have a nice boat trip. Actually, the canals crossing the city are called little Venice.

Why to go there?

Besides the architecture, explore the cuisine. The region produces wines and has a famous 170 km long Wine Route, which passes Colmar as well. Wine and the Alsatian cuisine are another things to explore here.

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4. Copenhagen, Denmark

A hip Scandinavian city is always a fun place to explore: from traditional Nordic spirit to Christiania, where liberal lifestyle influence the pace here. The boats work here as buses, taking people from one side of the town to another – what a great mean of transportation!

Why to go there?

It is a great way to explore the exciting town from the canals. The glass roofed boats allow to have a really scenic trip around.

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3. Bruges, Belgium

The Medieval part of Bruges has many remarkable monuments: the Church of Our Lady, for instance, is one of the highest brick buildings in the world. The tourists love taking a romantic boat tour in Bruges canals – probably the best way seeing the town.

Why to go there?

One of the most beautiful and well preserved Medieval cities in Europe is crossed with the canals.

Top Canals-Bruges-Photo by Curious Lines

Photo by Curious Lines

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Photo by Sam De Gueldre

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Wherever you go in Amsterdam, there are canals all over the city. Many people travel and actually even live in the boats, as this is an old tradition and also quite convenient in a crowded city. Houseboat hotels also provide tourists with accommodation on water and trips around the city.

Why to go there?

One of the most exciting European cities is famous for a liberal spirit, nice historic architecture and coffee shops, where one can get a nice cup of coffee obviously.

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Top Canals-Amsterdam

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Top Canals-Amsterdam-Photo by dhikagraph

Photo by dhikagraph

1. Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

The main water-traffic corridor in Venice stretches through the whole city. The 3800 m (12467 ft) long canal can be explored by water buses, water taxes and gondolas – the tourists’ favorite transportation. The gondoliers sometimes even sing songs, making the experience even more romantic.

Why to go there?

The canal indeed reflects the impeccable style and atmosphere of beautiful Venice. And it is so long, that it can even be seen from space!

Top Canals-Venice-Photo by Daniel Viñé Garcia

Photo by Daniel Viñé Garcia

Top Canals-Venice-Photo by Constantin Gololobov

Photo by Constantin Gololobov

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