Top 10 Unexpectedly Clear Waters in the UK

Top 10 Unexpectedly Clear Waters in the UK

We are continuing our admiration with the British Isles and have made another list of ten sites, that boast crystal clear waters. The land of contrasts, Great Britain sometimes surprises with its unusual nature – from rough surface and peaky mountains, to sandy beaches, clear waters and palm trees – the island is indeed something very different from the rest of Europe.

10. Somerset Beaches, England

The most important vacationers’ attraction in South West England. Soft sandy beaches and clean water make it a nice destination all year round. From water activities in summer to romantic strolls on the beach in autumn – come and visit anytime.

Why go there? A lot of tourist facilities make the stay in Somerset easy and flawless. Also, various activities will please visitors from all walks of life.


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9. Cornwall Beaches, England

The county of Cornwall has been an inspiration for centuries. It has been attracting artists for centuries, who would try to capture the elusive beauty of the staggering coastline. After the railway invention, more and more people started coming here, turning it into a nice resort location.

Why go there? Besides the numerous nice beaches and picturesque coastline, the small seaside towns are vibrant with a colorful cultural life. Numerous galleries, cafes, restaurants and boutique shops can be found here.


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8. East Sussex, England

The county is famous for the dazzling white chalk headland known as Beachy Head. At 162 m (531 ft) high it is the highest cliff of the kind in England. Other than that, the county boasts a lot of small picturesque villages along the coastline, that are tourist oriented.

Why go there? Find a nice retreat in one of the many seaside resorts or go on a trip and visit as many as you can on your next holiday.

East Sussex2

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East Sussex

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East Sussex3

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7. Luskentyre, Isle of Harris, Scotland

Found on the western island, Luskentyre beach is one of the most unexpected places in the country. Voted the best beach in Britain, Luskentyre is proud of crystal clear emerald water lapping over the white soft sand. The whole Luskentyre Bay features picturesque landscapes of vast dunes. Visitors can approach the area by hiking on the beaches and hills.

Why go there? Various water activities, including bathing, kayaking, fishing, diving and more, attract more adventurous types. However, always check before going if water is free from jellyfish.

Luskentyre-Photo by Tim Winterburn

Photo by Tim Winterburn

Luskentyre-Photo by Stephen Hay

Photo by Stephen Hay

Luskentyre-Photo by Joe Higney

Photo by Joe Higney

6. East Portlemouth Beaches, Devon, England

A small English village on the southern coast of Devon is situated on the hills, overlooking the Kingsbridge Estuary. The latter is popular among the sailors and vacationers, for providing water activities as well as beautiful unspoiled surroundings. The beaches in East Portlemouth are famous for crystal clear even turquoise water.

Why go there? A wonderful holiday destination in the UK. All the facilities are provided for the vacationers, who can swim, enjoy various water sports, admire the scenery on a ferry or on foot – discover, National Trust Coast Path, providing great panoramic views to the country.

When to go there? In summer, when the weather is the warmest to enjoy the beaches.

How to get there? Get there by train from Ivybridge or Totnes, by bus from Kingsbridge, by ferry from Salcombe or by car using A3121/A379 road.

East Portlemouth-Photo by Ian Wool

Photo by Ian Wool

East Portlemouth-Photo by David Noble

Photo by David Noble

East Portlemouth-Photo by Ollie Taylor

Photo by Ollie Taylor

East Portlemouth

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5. Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The magnificent group of waterfalls is located in Glenn Brittle – a large glen in Scotland. The spot attracts many hikers and even mountain bikers. The glen is also visited by the wildlife lovers: many rare animals and plants have inhabited the area. However, the spectacular landscape alone is worth go seeing!

Why go there? One of the most famous and favorite sites in the staggering Isle of Skye.


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4. Rhossili Bay, Swansea, South Wales

The idyllic sandy beach stretches for 5 kilometers and boasts a backdrop of romantic sandy dunes. It also features ancient ruins and an impressive 193 meters tall beacon. The small village of Rhossili Down is found behind the bay.

Why go there? A truly beautiful site, providing a quiet haven for those, who seek a tranquil vacation in unspoiled nature.

Rhossili Bay-Photo by Alamy

Photo by Alamy

Rhossili Bay-Photo by RacheyKins

Photo by RacheyKins

Rhossili Bay

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3. Blackpool Sands, Devon, England

Another unexpected site on the British Isles, which makes you wonder, whether you are in England or somewhere south like Italy. A beautiful soft sandy strip, cinctured with a rocky cliff, which boasts lush greenery on the top of it.

Why go there? A great spot, which attracts vacationers, is family friendly, offers great food and shops just next to the beach.

Blackpool Sands2

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2. Marloes Sands, Pembrokeshire, Wales

The beach of staggering beauty has been discovered by a wider audience considerably recently. It has been attracting locals for years, but recently it has attracted even Hollywood’s attention and was featured in the movie “Snow White And The Huntsman”.

Why go there? The unspoiled bay features fabulous views to the sea and great facilities and services in the neighboring villages, thus providing a nice vacation for the tourists.

Marloes-Photo by Mike Howe

Photo by Mike Howe


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1. Porthcurno, Cornwall, England

A village is found in the fantastic surroundings: a small sandy strip is engraved between the tall rocks. The beach boasts crystal clear water and can be approached from the top of one of the cliffs. It is often regarded to be one of the prettiest beaches of Cornwall.

Why go there? Besides the natural beauty of the beach, one can find fine facilities and cafes, that offer great cuisine, just next to the site.

United Kingdom, UK, England, Cornwall, Penwith peninsula, Great Britain, Travel Destination, Coastal landscape near Porthcurno, with the National Trust owned Logan Rock, one of the iconic rock formations of Cornwall's Land's End Peninsula, in the background

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