Top 10 Unexpectedly Amazing Groves and Forests

Top 10 Unexpectedly Amazing Groves and Forests

Whether it is a park, a forest or just an avenue planted with trees, these sites exude enigmatic charisma. Check out the ten amazing locations, that look as if from a fairy-tale. Some of them are favorite spots by the photographers and the filmmakers!

10. Slope Point, South Island, New Zealand

The southernmost point of beautiful New Zealand mainly is used for sheep herding. The terrain is indeed brute: strong winds from Antarctica blow 2000 miles and then smash into Slope Point. The uninterrupted intense winds have affected the trees, that have crooked tremendously. Only the sheep herd here: all animals and humans have abandoned the Slope Point. However, it is really an interesting and a unique place to visit once in the area.

Why to go there?

To see the windswept trees, steep rocky coastline and sheep in this lonely corner of New Zealand.

Slope Slope-Photo by Carol Darby Slope-Photo by Daniel Pietzsch

9. Cypress Tree Avenue, Point Reyes, California, USA

Located in Point Reyes – a gorgeous cape and popular tourist attraction in Northern California – the avenue leads to a historic place. The building you can see in the end of the avenue is KPH – a public coast radio station, which served the ships in the 20th century. Today it mainly functions as a historic service. Huge old Cypress Trees, lining up the road to the station, invoke a nostalgic memory of the sumptuous 20th century America.

Why to go there?

Visit Point Reyes cape and this beautiful site as well.

Cypress-Photo by Frank Schulenburg Cypress Cypress2

8. The Boomslang, Cape Town, South Africa

A 130 m (427 ft) long tree canopy walkway is your next most favorite hiking route! The scenic bridge rises above the trees and provides one of the most unique experiences ever. Found in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, the walkway attracts visitors to admire the wonderful vista to the mountains and lush greenery.

Why to go there?

The bridge is a creation by Mark Thomas Architects and Engineers Henry Fagan & Partners. It starts in the forest and then gradually ascents until it reaches the highest point of 12 m (49 ft). It really looks like a magic walkway from a fairy-tale and you should definitely go there once in the city.

The-Boomslang-Photo by Adam Harrower3 The-Boomslang-Photo by Adam Harrower2 The-Boomslang-Photo by Adam Harrower

7. Tuscany, Italy

One of the most beautiful regions in central Italy is known for its gorgeous valleys, ancient villas, wine and cuisine. Cypress Tree, although is found everywhere in Italy, definitely defines and is a signature feature of the Tuscan landscape. The tree was brought to Italy by the Phoenicians and Greeks, meanwhile the Etruscan brought it to Tuscany. Its wood is extremely fragrant and good for making essential oil. In fact, Italians plant these trees around their houses, churches, cemeteries or roads, so that the scent would guard against the demons.

Why to go there?

Tuscany is indeed a wonderful place in Italy. Its mild climate, relaxed pace and unspoiled nature offer a great holiday. Staying at a historic villa also adds an extra excitement to the experience.

Tuscany-Photo by Evgeny Kuklev Tuscany3 Tuscany-Photo by Giuseppe Peppoloni

6. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, India

In north-east of the country there are lush rainforests, considered to have the richest biodiversity in Asia. Various unique plants grow here, like Ficus Elastica, enabling the locals to create living bridges from their roots! The Tree Root Bridges are the favorite tourist attraction in Cherrapunji and Nongriat village. Apparently, the technique is indispensable: the region is the wettest place on Earth and wooden bridges would simply rot. Although it can take up from 10 to 15 years to make a living bridge, the tradition exists for over 500 years.

Why to go there?

Meghalaya is a popular tourist destination, having versatile landscapes unlike anywhere else in India.

India-Photo by Rex Features India India-Photo by Gautam Sarmah

5. Sequoia National Park, Sierra Nevada, USA

Once home for Monachee Native Americans, today the national park is famous for the giant sequoia trees and the General Sherman tree among them. The latter is the largest living tree in the world and a pride of the park. The park is neighboring Kings Canyon National Park.

Why to go there?

Today the site attracts many visitors due to its unspoiled nature and these glorious sequoia trees. In winter it is covered in snow, which creates beautiful white landscapes. Besides the General Sherman, the Tunnel Tree is another famous attraction – a tunnel was cut in a tree, which fell in 1937.

Sequoia-Photo by Allard Schager Sequoia-Photo by Frank McKenna Sequoia

4. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

This road of trees, planted in the 18th century by the Stuart family, can also make you believe in wonders. Although looking quite saturnine, the avenue has a beautiful history. The Stuart family created this avenue, which approached their Gracehill House. So that the arrival at the house would be unforgettable. Indeed – the bundle of branches create a stunning tunnel. Even the famous TV show „Game of Thrones“ used it as a set.

Why to go there?

A truly impressive site, one of the most famous roads in the country.

Dark-Hedges-Photo by Przemysław Zdrojewski Dark-Hedges-Photo by Mark Geddis Dark-Hedges-Photo by Mladen Popovic

3. Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan

The western outskirts of Kyto – Arashiyama – have a lot of famous tourist attractions. Among Tenryuji Temple, Togetsukyo Bridge and Japanese garden the bamboo forest is one of the favorite destinations. This quiet and striking nature retreat attracts the locals and tourists for a stroll.

Why to go there?

Bamboo plays a very prominent part in Asian culture. In Japan the bamboo forests often surround shrines to protect them against evil. Situated in the mountains, forest’s paths lead to the top, where amazing panorama of the forest and river opens.

Bamboo-Photo by Peter Stewart Bamboo-Photo by Kaboose-18 Bamboo

2. Gorbea Natural Park, Alava and Vizcaya, The Basque Country

Located in northern Spain, Gorbea is a huge protected natural park. The reserve is surrounded with various towns and makes a popular recreation area for those, who love to leave the city for a while and go to nature. At the heart of the park is an eponymous peak – the 1482 m (4862 ft) tall Gorbea, which is available to climb with no special equipment.

Why to go there?

The park also features waterfalls, hiking trails, lush vegetation, diverse fauna, beautiful landscapes and forests, that look really fascinating in these misty pictures.

Gorbea-Photo by David Pintado Gorbea-Photo by David Pintado2 Gorbea-Photo by Jokin Romero

1. Avenue of the Baobabs, Menabe, Madagascar

The dirt road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina is known for the group of these giant trees growing around this section. The road is one of the most popular and visited places in Madagascar. The avenue is also the most accessible place to see the Baobab trees in Africa.

Why to go there?

The avenue is considered to be one of the world’s most exciting roads.

Madagascar-Photo by Marsel Van Oosten Madagascar-Photo by Todd Gustafson Madagascar-Photo by Marcel Staron