Top 10 Things to See and Do in Venice

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Venice

The jewel of Italy, that once used to be a separate powerful state, Venice is a romantic getaway. An abundance of historic heritage, architectural monuments and various fun activities will provide an unforgettable vacation. There is plenty to discover here, but here are our top ten choices.

10. Explore the Bridges

Since the city is entangled with a web of canals, buildings and sidewalks are attached by the bridges. And these are the works of art on their own. So many details, different styles and sizes, bridges of Venice are also among the symbols of the town.

What to see?

Among the most popular bridges are the Rialto, Scalzi, dell’Accademia, Costituzione, Bridge of Sighs and many many others.

Top Venice-bridge

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Ponte dei Scalzi Bridge - One of three that cross the Grand Canal

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9. Eat Some Unseen Fish

The lagoon has provided an abundance of fish for centuries. Water defines Venice from inside out after all. The fish market itself offers an unforgettable experience, where you will find marine species you haven’t even heard of before!

Why to do this?

Find something you haven’t tried before in the Rialto and Chioggia markets. This will provide the most authentic Venetian experience!

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8. The Doge’s Palace

There is plenty to see in the palace. Visitors can admire the impeccable architecture, interiors and exhibitions. The museum provides information and insight into one of the most influential cities at the time. After all, major political decisions were conceived and passed here. The inquisitive travelers can order a guided tour, which will take them on exciting Secret Itineraries Tour.

Why to go there?

An architectural wonder, historically significant place, one of the most popular attractions in Venice. After all the iconic Venetian landmark was a palatial residence of the Doge of Venice since the 14th century.

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Photo by Gene Lvov

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7. Participate in the Carnival of Venice

The colorful fest takes place just the day before Ash Wednesday. Its roots go back to 1162. Venetian masks define the carnival, which also attracts many theaters troupes to participate in it. People from all around the world come to see and be part of this pretty fest!

Why to go there?

Elegant, historic, eccentric and vibrant festival makes you live a dream and become someone from a historic novel for a day!

Top Venice-Carnival-Photo by Nora De Angelli

Photo by Nora De Angelli

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6. Visit San Giorgio Maggiore

The small island and its historic towers peak out from afar. Lying south from the main island, this one looks like a pretty oases in the middle of the sea. Church of San Giorgio Maggiore is the main symbol of the island and a masterpiece by Palladio.

Why to go there?

The island houses a theater, library and arts center, making it an attractive cultural hub.

Top Venice-San Giorgio Maggiore-Photo by Daniel Metz

Photo by Daniel Metz

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Top Venice-San Giorgio Maggiore

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5. Eat and Drink like a Venetian

You are used to see the great squares, cathedrals and palaces. However, there are numerous narrow streets and small cafes, taverns and restaurants, hiding in the secret corners all around the town. And as you know Italians are so good at their cuisine!

What to eat and drink?

The local Venetian specialities are the ombra and the spritz. These are refreshing liquors, that will make a hot busy day lighter. Try Rixoto de gò or Sarde in saor – traditional Venetian dishes.

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4. Visit Grand Canal

The main water-traffic corridor in Venice stretches through the whole city. The 3800 m (12467 ft) long canal can be explored by water buses, water taxes and gondolas – the tourists’ favorite transportation. The houses on the banks of Grand Canal were built from the 13th to the 18th centuries and demonstrate the glory of the city, when it was run by the wealthy Venetian families.

Why to go there?

The canal indeed reflects the impeccable style and atmosphere of beautiful Venice. And it is so long, that it can even be seen from space!

Top Venice-Grand-Photo by Constantin Gololobov

Photo by Constantin Gololobov

Top Venice-Grand-Photo by Daniel Viñé Garcia

Photo by Daniel Viñé Garcia

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3. Have a Gondola Ride

The canals, that serve as streets, are the symbol that defines the city the most. Taking a gondola tour is a must-do once here, since it allows to admire architecture as well as to experience authentic Venetian lifestyle. Agencies offer numerous different gondola tours, that you can book online. Some even include a serenading gondolier!

Why to do this?

Gliding through the Grand Canal is a must, since this is the main canal in whole Venice. Also depending on a tour, the gondolier will take you to the less explored, but no less beautiful corners of the city.

Top Venice-Gondola-Photo by Artem Kovtun

Photo by Artem Kovtun

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Top Venice-Gondola-Photo by David Ruiz Luna

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2. View the City from the Campanile

The tallest tower in Venice – ascending 99m (325ft) above the city – provides the best panoramic views. It was built in 9th century! However, it has been rebuilt after collapsing in the early 20th century.

Why to go there?

Admire the views. Today tourists can use the lift and approach the panorama, which even features the Dolomites far in the horizon.

Top Venice-Campanile-Photo by Ian Parker

Photo by Ian Parker

Top Venice-Campanile-Photo by Cloud Mine Amsterdam

Photo by Cloud Mine Amsterdam

Top Venice-Campanile-Photo by Geoff Billing

Photo by Geoff Billing

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1. Visit St Mark’s Basilica

The true masterpiece, built in the 12th century, boasts an abundance of marble statues, columns, stunning design and opulence of works of art. It is always crowded and the queues are long, however, the interiors boast more marble and gold – something you wouldn’t see anywhere else.

Why to go there?

An incredible architectural achievement, depicting the affluence of Venice and its rich history.

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