Top 10 Things to See and Do in Singapore

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Singapore

The city state might not be big, but it has enough space for a variety of unbelievable inventions, architectural achievements and entertainment. A lot of extravagant, futuristic and scrumptious landmarks attract visitors from all over the world. Check out these ten cool things to see and do in Singapore.

10. Walk the Helix Bridge

The bridge leads to the notorious Marina Bay Sands complex and is an impressive structure in its own right. The shape of the structure was meant to remind a human DNA, which it does! It is very impressive at night, when lit up by thousand of lights.


Photo by Unknown

helix Photo by biomimi

Photo by biomimi

helix Photo by Jenea Medina

Photo by Jenea Medina

9. Stay at Parkroyal

One of the most unique and wonderful hotels we have ever seen! Parkroyal on Pickering really takes ecology seriously. It might be a modern take on the legendary hanging gardens. There are more energy saving technologies installed in the building, which has won various international awards!

parkroyal Patrick Bingham-Hall

Photo by Patrick Bingham-Hall


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8. Explore the Local Cuisine

There is an abundance of options to eat out in Singapore. A gastronomical paradise for the gourmands, Singapore boasts such a diverse cuisine, once can only dream of. From sumptuous 5 star restaurants to the street chefs in the markets – explore the tastes as much as you can!

eat Photo from Expatliving

Photo from Expatliving

eat Photo from Expatliving 2

Photo from Expatliving

7. Night Safari

The zoo is home for over 300 species of nocturnal animals. Often dubbed as the best night spot to visit in Singapore, Night Safari boasts seven different ecological zones and extremely endangered animals such as hippos, rhinos, tigers, lions, wolves and many more.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

6. Marina Sands Bay

The complex encompasses three skyscrapers, that are connected on top, where one can find the famous infinity pool. It is a major attraction as it houses a hotel, a casino, a shopping center, varoius bars, restaurants and other kinds of entertainment!

marina Photo from Your Singapore

Photo from Your Singapore


Photo by Unknown

5. Gardens By The Bay

A huge park features various gardens, rare plants and walking paths, providing a great place to have an exhilarating stroll. The impressive features are huge artificial trees, that get illuminated at night and make the cityscape look even more futuristic.


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garden ę

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garden č

Photo by Unknown

4. Have a Boat Tour

The Singapore River has played an essential role in the city’s development. For centuries it has been an artery that enabled trade and travel. Today it is one of the most popular tourist activities – approach Singapore and its amazing cityscape from water!


Photo by Unknown


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3. Sentosa Island

Just a short distance south from Singapore, the island is the most popular holiday getaway from the busy city. The site is a wonderful destination for the weekend trippers. One will find great sandy beaches here and a plethora of entertainment, including Universal Studios Singapore and Resorts World Sentosa!

Singapore, the artificial beach of the Sentosa island

Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

2. Explore Chinatown

This is said to be the oldest Chinatown in the world! The Singapore’s district is indeed authentic, unique and is protected as an important heritage site. Visitors will find various shops, original art works, restaurants and entertainment.

Chinatown Photo by William Cho

Photo by William Cho

1. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

One of the most famous Buddhist temples in the world comprises a stupa and a museum, which introduces Buddhism as well as story of Buddha himself. Amazing architecture and artifacts inside will take one’s breath away and uplift the spirits. Definitely a must-see once in Singapore.

buddha Photo by William Cho

Photo by William Cho