Top 10 Things to See and Do in Norway

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Norway

Norway is a glorious country, famous for the fjords, insurmountable mountain ranges and adorable Nordic villages. Such phenomena like the Northern Lights and glaciers are part of the Norwegians life. We have picked ten places to go and explore, while in this country. Which one would you like to see the most?

10. Hamnøy, Moskenes

This is one of the oldest fishing villages in Norway, providing a number of opportunities to experience the authentic Nordic lifestyle. Visitors are accommodated in the original fishermen cabins – the oldest one is from the 1890s! However, today all the facilities are installed inside, including internet, and provide a cozy stay in this wild region.

Why to go there?

The village has preserved unspoiled nature and the rough mountainous scenery dominates the landscape. Moreover tourists can rent boats and bikes, go hiking and fishing. Local museums and galleries introduce to the culture and history of the region. And even annual Feelgood Jazzfest is being held here!

Top 10 Norway-Hamnoy-Photo by Luca Venturi

Photo by Luca Venturi

Top 10 Norway-Hamnoy-Photo by Marcin Cwiek

Photo by Marcin Cwiek

Top 10 Norway-Hamnoy

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Norway-Hamnoy-Photo by Rich Pick

Photo by Rich Pick


9. Tromso

The biggest city in the Northern Norway is the best place to admire the Aurora Borealis – one of the main attractions in the Arctic Circle. Incidentally Tromso drops in the zone where the Northern Lights are visible for about 6 hours a day! Moreover despite the remote location it has a lively cultural life here – from the music scene to the museums, from beautiful nature to a ski track and a ski jump – the town provides numerous outdoor as well as indoor activities.

Why to go there?

The town is especially beautiful in winter and Christmas period. It is also the best place to see the Northern Lights. A very Nordic-like town with rich cultural life and plenty of activities.

Top 10 Norway-Tromso-Photo by Yngve Blomsø

Photo by Yngve Blomsø

Top 10 Norway-Tromso3

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Norway-Tromso

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Norway-Tromso-Photo by Tore Eriksen

Photo by Tore Eriksen

Top 10 Norway-Tromso2

Photo by Unknown

8. Trolltunga, Hardanger

Also known as the Troll’s Tongue Rock, the site is among the most photographed places in Norway! No wonder, since it is indeed an impressive rock, protruding 700 m (2 300 ft) above the Ringedalsvatnet lake. The site is accessible from mid-June to mid-September and hikers get to admire impressive views all the way up to the “tongue”.

Why to go there?

It is characteristic that in Norway you won’t see any fences on such rocks. Therefore the authentic experience and views are preserved, while everyone is responsible for their own safety. The visitors love taking crazy pictures here, since obviously it provides one of the rarest opportunities to make an impressive shot.

Top 10 Norway-Trolltunga2

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Norway-Trolltunga

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Norway-Trolltunga-Photo by  VDubVanLife

Photo by VDubVanLife

7. Besseggen Ridge, Jotunheimen

A mountain ridge, embedded between the blue lakes of Gjende and Bessvatnet, creates one of the most fascinating sceneries in the country. Therefore it attracts the most hikers and backpackers in Norway. The most popular way to get around is by taking a boat from Gjendesheim to Memurubu and then hitting the road on foot. It takes approximately 5 to 7 hours to complete the route.

When to go there?

All year round. The peak season is of course summer, but in winter there are skiing facilities and tours offered for those who are not afraid of the snow challenge.

Top 10 Norway-Besseggen

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Norway-Besseggen-Photo by Lhox

Photo by Lhox

Top 10 Norway-Besseggen-Photo by Cody Duncan

Photo by Cody Duncan

6. Hoyvika Beach, Andøya

Located on the northernmost island in the Vesterålen archipelago, the beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the region. The whole island has a dramatic surface, high peaks and a mountain range, which also surrounds Hoyvika. And although it is found in the Arctic circle, climate in Andøya is mild all year round and the temperatures do not drop much below zero in winter.

What to do there?

The island, Hoyvika and more beaches can be explored on a coastal trek from Stave to Bleik. The 9 km (5.6 mi) trail can be completed in about five hours. It provides numerous panoramic views to the mountains, hills and a rocky coastline. Hikers also have an opportunity to watch nesting colonies of puffins, shags, kittiwakes and guillemots.

Top 10 Norway-Hoyvika-Photo by Benny Høynes

Photo by Benny Høynes

Top 10 Norway-Hoyvika-Photo by Stian Klo

Photo by Stian Klo

Top 10 Norway-Hoyvika-Photo by Svein Oftedal

Photo by Svein Oftedal

Top 10 Norway-Hoyvika-Photo by Fred Åge Hol

Photo by Fred Åge Hol

5. Geirangerfjorden

A 15 km (9.3 mi) long fjord is a branch of the much longer Storfjord. It is listed as the World Heritage Site and is protected by UNESCO. The picturesque environment is characteristic of lush greenery and precipitous rocky cliffs. Numerous waterfalls plunge down these walls, thus adding an extra charm to the place.

Why to go there?

The site can be explored via hiking trails or from a cruise in the Geirangelva river. Tourists also like kayaking, fishing and hiking here, while in winter it makes a great skiing spot.

Top 10 Norway-Geirangerfjorden-Photo by Ghost Farm

Photo by Ghost Farm

4. The Atlantic Ocean Road

A 8.3 km (5.2 mi) long road stretches through the archipelago in the Norwegian Sea and promises one of the most scenic rides in Europe. The road passes through small Nordic villages, features some breathtaking twists and turns and sometimes is being hit by huge waves. Nevertheless it is classified as the National Tourist Route and is included in a cultural heritage list.

Why to go there?

The road is one of the most popular routes in the world. The way connects Averøy island with the mainland at Eide municipality. Adventurers come to the Atlantic Road in autumn to experience the storms, that hit the drive.

Top 10 Norway-Atlantic-Photo by Asbjorn Floden

Photo by Asbjorn Floden

Top 10 Norway-Atlantic-Photo by Benjamin Gs

Photo by Benjamin Gs

Top 10 Norway-Atlantic-Photo by Martynas Milkevičius

Photo by Martynas Milkevičius

Top 10 Norway-Atlantic

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Norway-Atlantic2

Photo by Unknown

3. The Troll Wall, Romsdal

The impressive wall is part of the mountain range of Trolltindene. The 1 100 m (3 600 ft) height wall is the tallest vertical rock in Europe. Therefore it is a desirable challenge for the climbers and base jumpers. There are ten routes established by the various international climbing groups and new possible options, since the environment constantly changes due to the melting ice, storms and rockfall.

Why to go there?

One of the most popular and beloved rocks among the climbers. Even if you are not a professional, the landscape is breathtaking. There are many climbing and hiking options in the region. AAK Fjellsport Senter provides with information, equipment and even gives climbing lessons.

Top 10 Norway-Troll Wall

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Norway-Troll Wall2

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Norway-Troll Wall-Photo by Andreas Winter

Photo by Andreas Winter

Top 10 Norway-Troll Wall-Photo by Natalia Eriksson

Photo by Natalia Eriksson

2. Lofoten

We find this to be one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world! Although found in the Arctic Circle, the weather is surprisingly mild here. Lofoten features azure water, rich marine life and even the biggest deep water coral reef on the planet. In summer the area provides 24 hours of sunlight, allowing visitors to explore the region uninterruptedly.

What to do there?

Lofoten offers a wide range of activities. Visitors go climbing, hiking, cycling, surfing and mountaineering. Fishing and whale safaris are also among the most popular activities, while cycling allows to explore nature and authentic villages.

Top 10 Norway-Lofoten-Photo by Lofoten

Photo by Lofoten

1. Oslo

The vibrant capital is considered to be one of the best cities to live in the world. Founded in the 11th century, Oslo has preserved its historic heritage, including Viking ships and historic buildings. Everything from the ancient artifacts to the art works can be explored in numerous museums. Meanwhile hip atmosphere invites to enjoy cafes, restaurants and night clubs.

Why to go there?

Oslo offers a nice blend of history and urban facilities. From historic heritage and the museums, dedicated to one of the most famous Norwegian artists Edward Munch among others, to the lively city life – the capital is a must see once in Norway.

Top 10 Norway-Oslo3

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Norway-Oslo2

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Norway-Oslo

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Norway-Oslo4

Photo by Unknown