Top 10 Things to See and Do in New Zealand

Top 10 Things to See and Do in New Zealand

The remote country is a true gem on Earth. Its pristine nature is so unique and magnificent, that once you go there, you will feel reborn. We have picked ten destinations this week that you should consider visiting once in New Zealand.

10. Relax on Hot Water Beach

This is not just a name – water is actually hot in here! Underground hot springs heat up the water and allow vacationers to dig up a pool in the sand and relax in a natural hot bath, filled with healthy thermal water!

Why to go there?

The beach is also popular among the surfers, while the surroundings are perfect for hiking.

Hot-Photo by macronix

Photo by macronix

Hot-Photo by macronix2

Photo by macronix

9. Bathe on Top of Kitekite Falls

The picturesque waterfall is found near Auckland and Piha Beach. Its stream plunges down through a few stages, forming pools where visitors can have a refreshing dip.

Why to go there?

Explore the incredible forests and then have an exhilarating dip in one of the pools of Kitekite Falls.

Kitekite-Photo from The outbound

Photo from The outbound

Kitekite-Photo by Ian Rushton

Photo by Ian Rushton

8. Go Fishing to Lake Rotoiti

Found in Nelson Lakes National Park, Rotoiti is embedded in the mountains, therefore provides some of the most breathtaking views as well as hiking trails. The fishing enthusiasts will find the most scenic experience here.

Why to go there?

A truly spectacular place will be endorsed by both – the hikers as well as fishermen.


Photo by the Unknown

Rotoiti-Photo from Lake Rotoiti

Photo from Lake Rotoiti

7. Have a Day Trip to Martinborough

A short drive from the capital of Wellington, Martinborough’s abundance of vineyards and cultural events make it a great destination for the day trippers. Visit its fair and buy some local goods or go to a jazz festival and have a blast.

Why to go there?

Beautiful town will provide a great accommodation, places to dine and wine as well as a range of entertainment.

Hills around Martinborough dried out by summer drought

Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown

6. Climb Mount Taranaki

An active volcano is found on North Island. Standing at 2518 meters tall it is famous for its cone, which is one of the most symmetrical in the world. Thus it is so beautiful to look at!

Why to go there?

The volcano is found in Egmont National Park, which provides great hiking opportunities including a trail to Mount Taranaki.

Taranaki- Photo by andreas-j

Photo by andreas-j

Mount Taranaki Egmont NZ

Photo from Find your place

5. Surf in Raglan

The quiet and peaceful beach is one of the best places to go surfing in New Zealand. Manu Bay particularly is famous for the point break: waves here give a long ride. For the professionals only!

Why to go there?

There are beaches where the beginners can learn how to surf, whereas experienced surfers will definitely enjoy their ride as well.

Raglan-Photo from Kelpfire

Photo from Kelpfire

Raglan-Photo by Holly Martin

Photo by Holly Martin

4. Explore Waitakere Ranges

Only 25 km from busy Auckland one will find vast area of unspoiled nature. The landscape is so versatile here: one will find waterfalls, black sandy beaches, ancient forests and steep cliffs here.

Why to go there?

The hiking trails will allow explore the territory and admire the staggering nature.

Waitakere-Photo from Auckland NZ

Photo from Auckland NZ

Waitakere-Photo from Manatours NZ

Photo from Manatours NZ

Waitakere-Photo by Neil Hunt

Photo by Neil Hunt

3. Go to Kapiti Island

The pristine island is adored by the nature lovers and birdwatchers. Only 10 km long and 2 km wide the island can be approached on a day tour. Only 5 km from the mainland, Kapiti is a perfect destination for the day trippers.

Why to go there?

The island provides numerous scenic views as well as accommodation if you decided to stay.

Kapiti-Photo by gundy

Photo by gundy

kapiti-Photo by Truth Elenz

Photo by Truth Elenz

2. Have a Vacation on Waiheke Island

A pristine summer holiday destination is only a short ferry ride from Auckland. The island boasts wonderful sandy beaches, vineyards and olive groves. Plenty options for accommodation: guests can rent a beach house and enjoy the romantic sunsets with a glass of local wine from their porch.

Why to go there?

It has been rated to be one of the top destinations to have a holiday. Not only in New Zealand, but in the world as well!

Waiheke-Photo by Lee Gilbert

Photo by Lee Gilbert

Waiheke-Photo from Waiheke Shuttles

Photo from Waiheke Shuttles

1. See Wildlife in Fiordland National Park

The largest park in the country is found in the southern tip of South Island. The park offers some of the most iconic sites, that define New Zealands landscape: from fiords and alpine lakes, to green valleys and lush forests.

Why to go there?

The park also is home to many endangered species, that are found nowhere else but here.

Fiorland-Photo by Adam

Photo by Adam

Fiorland-Photo by CameliaTWU

Photo by CameliaTWU

Fiorland-Photo by Danny Xeero

Photo by Danny Xeero