Top 10 Slow Pace Towns for a Perfect Holiday

Top 10 Slow Pace Towns for a Perfect Holiday

If you are looking for a perfect holiday getaway, look no further. We have picked out ten small coastal towns, that will accommodate and provide great facilities, yet will offer an uninterrupted relaxation on the pristine beaches. Check out the list and pick your favorite!

10. Gruissan, France

Found in the region of Languedoc, which is known for its small coastal town and sandy beaches, Gruissan is a friendly commune, which welcomes guests during the warm season. It has a proper Old Town, great wineries and modern beach facilities, making it very accessible and comfortable for a good vacationer.

Gruissan Photo by Geotag Aeroview

Photo by Geotag Aeroview


Photo by Unknown

Gruissan Photo by Tourisme

Photo by Tourisme

9. Binisafúller, Spain

Found on the idyllic island of Menorca, Binisafúller is a quiet getaway. The town boasts soft powdery sand and crystal clear water. The secluded beaches are surrounded with pines, making it an intimate and private beach experience.

8. Marettimo, Italy

Found on the eponymous island in the Mediterranean Sea, Marettimo village boasts a port, great nature and local vibe. Those who come here are said to fall in love with the island immediately and make it their holiday home for the rest of their lives.

marettimo Photo from Sunsail

Photo from Sunsail


Photo by Unknown

7. Llafranc, Spain

Found on Costa Brava – one of the most popular coasts in Spain – Llafranc represents the region very well. Elegant beach that is within a hand’s reach from your hotel is covered in soft sand and rinsed by crystal clear warm water. There is enough entertainment to keep you interested, yet it is low key enough to make you relax.


Photo by Unknown

lafranc Photo from Vitage Travel

Photo from Vitage Travel

6. Alacati, Turkey

The coastal town boasts warm azure crystal clear waters and a beautiful Old Town, with restaurants and shops lined up in the narrow streets, that date back to the 14th century. The visitors can enjoy the uninterrupted relaxing holiday in this pretty town.

Alacati Photo from 74escape

Photo from 74escape

5. Collioure, France

Another town in Languedoc – the southern region in France, famous for its sandy beaches, Collioure is a picturesque historic town. Visitors can bathe in the very harbor of it, surrounded with the historic buildings and towers. Truly one of the most unique beach scenes you will ever see!

Collioure Photo from Iha

Photo from Iha


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

4. Marina di Pisciotta, Italy

The town is found on the hill, approaching the beautiful Tyrrhenian coastline. Its historic Old Town will definitely take you back in time. The lifestyle is slow and the visitors will appreciate every moment spent in this picturesque town.


Photo by Unknown

marina Photo by Luca Pèrcopo

Photo by Luca Pèrcopo

3. Kalkan, Turkey

A town on the Turkish Mediterranean coast boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the region, including idyllic Kaputas beach. The small and peaceful fishing town is also a popular resort among the vacationers who are looking for a good blend of great nature, tranquility and a low key urban facilities.


Photo by Unknown

kalkan Photo from My Konut

Photo from My Konut

kalkan Photo from Kalkan Tekeeli

Photo from Kalkan Tekeeli

2. Salema, Portugal

Found on the Costa Vicentina Natural Park, which is unspoiled compared to the most of the Algarve coast, Salema is a quiet haven. It boasts a pretty sandy beach and is peppered with the white houses, creating a true southern vibe for the vacationers.

salema Photo from Salema

Photo from Salema

salema Photo from Simply Salema

Photo from Simply Salema

salema Photo from In the Algarve

Photo from In the Algarve

1. Menton, France

Found in the iconic region of Provence, Menton’s colorful houses lined up on the coast will create a very nice view for the visitors. The Old Town boasts historic architecture from Latin and Baroque eras, while the slow pace make it a perfect summer getaway!

Menton, Aussicht vom Boulevard de Garavan

Photo by Unknown