Top 10 Scenic Rides

Top 10 Scenic Rides

Already planning your summer vacation, all you travelers? It is always fun to explore the unfamiliar destinations. But the trip is not about staying at one place. It is about the process. And the more you get to see, the more blissful memories you bring back home. These scenic rides not only take you from one place to another, but provide with the breathtaking views as well. Actually, they are worth driving for themselves alone!

10. Sylvenstein Bridge, Upper Bavaria, Germany

The bridge runs across the Sylvenstein lake, which is situated 750 meters in the Karwendel Alps. The ride provides picturesque views of the Isar valley. Tourists come here to admire the views, hike, cycle and bathe in the lake.

When to go there?

Anytime: the place offers all year round activities and great sites.

How to get there?

Best way to get there is by car. Use the German Alpine, Mittenwald Germany or Wallgau roads.

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Sylvenstein-Photo by Gavin Hellier

Photo by Gavin Hellier

9. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

The trees were planted in the 18th century by the Stuart family, who wanted to create the unforgettable ride that led to their Gracehill House. Today the trees form this eerie tunnel. The ride under the merging branches looks like from a fairy tale.

How to get there?

Drive about 50 miles northwest from Belfast. The Dark Hedges stretches along the Bregagh Road.

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8. Maeklong Railway, Samutsongkram, Thailand

A 67 km (42 mi) long route takes off from Bangkok and heads towards Maeklong. It has recently become popular among the tourists. The reason is a Maeklong Market: 8 times a day the train runs through its narrow section, as the sellers and customers make way to the coming vehicle.

When to go there?

Anytime – the train goes here all year round, 8 times a day.

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Top 10 Scenic Rides-Maeklong-Photo by Paul Sarawak

Photo by Paul Sarawak

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Maeklong

Photo by Unknown

7. Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, California, USA

Opened in 1932 the arch bridge itself is a beautiful creation. However, the sites that open from it are priceless. A 98 m (320 ft) deep abyss opens under the bridge, while a great view to the Ocean sprawls in front of it.

How to get there?

The bridge is 190 km (120 mi) south of San Francisco, 21 km (13 mi) south of Carmel. Get there by car.

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Top 10 Scenic Rides-Bixby Bridge-Photo by Marvin Chao

Photo by Marvin Chao

6. Serra Verde Express, Paraná, Brazil

The train connects Paranaguá and Curitiba and transports over 150 000 travelers a year. The 3 hour journey takes the passengers through the mountainous landscape and provides with the breathtaking views. Just look at that abyss expanding beneath the rails!

When to go there?

All year round, seven days a week.

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Top 10 Scenic Rides-Serra Verde

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Serra Verde2

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Serra Verde5

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Serra Verde-Photo by Jeferson Luiz de Luz

Photo by Jeferson Luiz de Luz

5. The Seven Mile Bridge, Florida, USA

A 10.9 km (6.8 mi) long bridge stretches above the blue coral archipelago. The section connects Knight’s Key to Little Duck Key and offers a wonderful ride. Every April, on Saturday the road is being closed for 2,5 hours and a marathon takes place.

When to go there?

All year round.

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Top 10 Scenic Rides-Seven Mile

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Seven Mile2

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Seven Mile-Photo by pixeldreamer

Photo by pixeldreamer

4. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, USA

Stretching along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, 25 km (16 mi) long Lake Shore Drive offers indeed some unforgettable sites. It combines the amazing urban cityscape of one of the biggest American cities with the views of the one of the biggest American lakes.

Why to go there?

Great views to the city and lake.

How to get there?

The drive is part of U.S. Highway 41. There are many junctions and bridges that connect with the city.

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Chicago-Photo by John Harrison

Photo by John Harrison

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Chicago-Photo by Bob Segal

Photo by Bob Segal

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Chicago-Photo by rudi1976

Photo by rudi1976

3. The Jacobite, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

The iconic stream train takes off from Fort William and heads to Mallaig. It passes picturesque Scottish Highlands, Glenfinnan viaduct, historic villages and mountainous landscape. Moreover, in Mallaig visitors go to the local restaurants to relish fresh seafood.

When to go there?

The train runs from 12th May until 24th October 2014.

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Top 10 Scenic Rides-Jacobite-Photo by Daniel Korzhonov

Photo by Daniel Korzhonov

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Jacobite-Photo by Graham Brown

Photo by Graham Brown

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Jacobite-Photo by Thomas Mader

Photo by Thomas Mader

2. The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

The impressive 8.3 km (5.2 mi) long road stretches across the picturesque archipelago in the Norwegian Sea. Today it is classified as the National Tourist Route and is free to ride. Adventurers come here in autumn to experience the stormy waves, crashing on the road.

How to get there?

The road connects Averøy island with the mainland at Eide municipality. Rent a car and hit the road.

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Top 10 Scenic Rides-Atlantic Road-Photo by Asbjørn Floden

Photo by Asbjørn Floden

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Atlantic Road-Photo by Benjamin gs

Photo by Benjamin gs

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Atlantic Road

Photo by Unknown

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Atlantic Road-Photo by Svein Volle

Photo by Svein Volle

1. Rhaetian Railway, Switzerland

Protected by UNESCO and included in the list of the World Heritage Sites, the train route goes through a breathtaking alpine landscape. The train passes high bridges, tunnels and picturesque sites. It offers stunning views all year round.

How to get there?

Albula links Thusis on the Hinterrhein with St. Moritz spa resort in Engadine. From here Bernina Express takes off to Davos or Tirano in Italy.

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Top 10 Scenic Rides-Rhaetian-Photo by Jan Geerk

Photo by Jan Geerk

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Rhaetian-Photo by david gubler

Photo by david gubler

Top 10 Scenic Rides-Rhaetian-Photo by Andrea Badrutt

Photo by Andrea Badrutt