Top 10 Reasons to Visit Jordan

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Jordan

Jordan is one of the most popular Arab countries among the tourists. From the modern city of Amman to the fascinating natural wonders, staggering landscapes and unspoiled nature reserves. Check out this exciting list and pick your favorite spot!

10. Explore the Roman Ruins in Jerash

The historic region has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. Today it boasts the best preserved Roman ruinsThe hippodrome, temples, arches, theaters and other architectural structures will take you back in time.

Why to go there?

It is the second most popular tourist attraction after Petra!

Jerash Photo by Szwan Bakr

Photo by Szwan Bakr

Jerash Photo by Juan Ramón Jiménez

Photo by Juan Ramón Jiménez

Jerash Photo by Zaid Shishani

Photo by Zaid Shishani

9. Float in the Dead Sea

Actually it is a saline lake, that borders Jordan and Israel. It is found on the lowest part of Earht! At 429 m (1 407 ft) below sea level the lake is so salty that it enables bathers to float effortlessly on the surface!

Why to go there?

Water is said to be beneficial for skin and various afflictions like osteoarthritis, sinusitis and alike. Thousands of bathers come here each year to enjoy this natural healing wonder.


Photo by Unknown

sea ą

Photo by Unknown

8. Go Camping in the Desert

In southern Jordan lies Wadi Rum – a desert, inhabited by the Bedouins – the desert dwellers. Visitors are invited to stay at their campsite, roam in the desert together and spent nights under the starry skies.

Why to go there?

Experience the nomadic lifestyle with the hospitable Bedouins, who have been living here since the ancient times.

bedoiuns Photo by Sanjay Austa

Photo by Sanjay Austa

bedoiuns Photo by O. Alamany & E. Vicens,

Photo by O. Alamany & E. Vicens

7. Go Diving in the Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the most popular seas among the divers, snorkelers and bathers! The sea boasts amazing coral reefs, crystal clear warm water and soft sandy beaches!

Why to go there?

The versatile marine world will leave you breathless (don’t forget the diving equipment and breathe!). An abundance of great hotels in Aqab will provide the accommodation and facilities.

red sea

Photo by Unknown

red sea2

Photo by Unknown

6. Petra

The amazing ancient city from the 200 BC is carved from the red rock. It is protected by UNESCO and is one of the greatest architectural achievements on Earth. Dubbed “the desert rose” by the locals, Petra is the most popular attraction in Jordan.

Why to go there?

Explore this architectural wonder of the world and wander in the ancient city.

Petra Photo by Dave Bouskill

Photo by Dave Bouskill

Petra Photo by Dave Bouskill 3

Photo by Dave Bouskill


Photo by Unknown

5. Amman

The capital of Jordan is the largest city as well as the political, cultural and economic center. It is also one of the most popular Arab city among the tourists.

Why to go there?

Visit the modern skyscraper from where an amazing panoramic view to the city opens. Also go shopping in the huge malls!


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

amman Photo by Dave Bouskill

Photo by Dave Bouskill

4. Climb Mount Nebo

The Biblical place is where prophet Moses had an epiphany and saw the Promised Land. It is believed that he also died and was buried here. Therefore the site is being visited by thousands of pilgrims every year.

Why to go there?

Amazing views to the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem open from the top. Definitely worth a visit.

Mount Nebo taken from southwest of Nephi on I-80 at sunset. February 23, 2005

Photo by Unknown

A stylized "Jesus crucified" overlooks the view of the Promised Land (now Israel), as Moses must have seen it at the top of Mt. Nebo, Jordan. © Rick Collier Jordan 'Mount Nebo' 'Mt. Nebo' Nebo church Bible Biblical Roman history historic archaeology 'Holy land' Christian 'Old Testament' 'holy place' antiquities antiquity cross chapel altar mosaic Moses 'Church of Moses' 'Promised Land' cross crucifix monument view panorama tourist tourism Israel Galilee

Photo by Rick Collier

nebo 2

Photo by Unknown

3. Go to Wadi Mujib

The impressive 4 kilometers long and 500 meter deep canyon is another outstanding natural wonder of Jordan. It is found in the Mujib Biosphere Reserve, which is the lowest reserve in the world and also boasts a diverse wildlife.

Why to go there?

Go hiking in the canyon, which is still being carved by the waters, that at points are shallow, allowing to hike, and at other sections quite deep, providing a refreshing dip.


Photo by Unknown

Wadi-Mujib Photo by Raed Shomali

Photo by Raed Shomali

2. Explore the Cinematic Wadi Rum

The desert has served as a set for various Hollywood movies, including Indiana Jones, The Martian, Lawrence of Arabia and more. Explore its amazing landscape and then spend a night at the Bedouins’ camp.

Why to go there?

The red and orange landscape is so otherworldly and surreal that it will really make one feel as if from a film.

wadi-rum Photo by Oliver Clarke

Photo by Oliver Clarke

wadi-rum Photo by Guillaume Baviere

Photo by Guillaume Baviere

wadi rum Photo by Sillie R

Photo by Sillie R

1. Explore Dana Biosphere Reserve

The largest nature reserve in Jordan is covered in a rugged surface of carved limestone, granite and sandstone cliffs. Some peaks can reach up to 1500 meter height, whereas the valleys lie below the sea level!

Why to go there?

It is a popular hiking spot, since the staggering views follow in every step. There is even a wonderful award-winning eco-resort Feynan Ecolodge, which will provide an accommodation for the travelers.


Photo by Unknown

dana Photo from Landlopers

Photo from Landlopers