Top 10 Natural Pools

Top 10 Natural Pools

Think pools and baths, and spas are all human invention? Not at all. Check out these incredible natural reservoirs, created, shaped and formed by the natural forces and then inundated with water from the underground or waterfalls. Some are better than the water parks!

10. Geneve Bay, Saint Martin

Although the island is an attractive tourist destination because of its white sandy beaches and clear blue water, there is a nice natural pool on the Geneve Bay. A little rocky coast can be reached by walking from Guana Bay.

Why go there?

The pool provides a refreshing dip after a pleasant coastal hike.

Top Natural Pools-St. Martens-Photo by Carver Haines

Photo by Carver Haines

Top Natural Pools-St. Martens

Photo by Unknown

9. Champagne Pool, North Island, New Zealand

The geothermal pond is a spectacular natural marvel, formed 900 years ago – a relatively young age for such a formation. The hot spring is 62 m (203 ft) deep and the water temperature is about 73 °C (163 °F). It is obviously not suitable for bathing, but gorgeous to admire.

Why go there?

The pool is a popular attraction in the region.

Top Natural Pools-Champagne Pool

Photo by Unknown

Top Natural Pools-Champagne Pool-Photo by Blaine Harrington

Photo by Blaine Harrington

Top Natural Pools-Champagne Pool2

Photo by Unknown

8. Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming, USA

The travertine Minerva Terrace is one of the most spectacular spots in Yellowstone National Park. The water streaming from under the ground and down the hill is extremely hot (80 °C;170 °F). The hot springs cover a very large area, which is exciting to explore.

Why go there?

Although impossible to bathe, the area is indeed very beautiful.

Top Natural Pools-Mammoth-Photo by Julie Lubick

Photo by Julie Lubick

Top Natural Pools-Mammoth-Photo by Shijie Jin

Photo by Shijie Jin

7. The Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, USA

The largest hot spring in the country got its name due to the vibrant iridescent colors, caused by bacteria. The color of the spring’s rim changes every season, except for the center, which is free from bacteria due to the extreme temperature.

Why go there?

It is the third largest hot spring in the world and indeed impressive.

Top Natural Pools-Grand Prismatic-Photo by Tom Charonsinphon

Photo by Tom Charonsinphon

Top Natural Pools-Grand Prismatic

Photo by Unknown

Top Natural Pools-Grand Prismatic2

Photo by Unknown

6. The Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia

A gorgeous and one of the most popular waterfalls in the world is known as “the smoke that thunders” among the locals. The Devil’s Pool is a naturally formed pool on the Zambia’s side. From September to December the current becomes weaker than usual and some adventurers dare to swim in it just a few feet away from the abyss.

Why go there?

It is worth seeing the waterfall. But swimming in the pool is not an approved activity.

Top Natural Pools-Devil's-Photo by Annie Griffiths

Photo by Annie Griffiths

Top Natural Pools-Devil's2

Photo by Unknown

Top Natural Pools-Devil's

Photo by Unknown

5. Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA

The beautiful falls, found in the Grand Canyon, form a natural pool, which provides an exhilarating swim for the hikers. The average water temperature reaches pleasant 21.1 C (70 F) degrees. Its blue color is due to magnesium and calcium.

Why go there?

Stunning surroundings, a natural pool with two waterfalls and plenty of hiking opportunities.

Top Natural Pools-Havasu

Photo by Unknown

Top Natural Pools-Havasu2

Photo by Unknown

Top Natural Pools-Havasu-Photo by Guy Schmickle

Photo by Guy Schmickle

4. Bahmah, Wadi Shab, Oman

A natural sinkhole in Hawiyat National Park is truly beautiful and provides a great swimming experience. Surrounded with the desert, the sinkhole is filled with crystal clear water, creating a nice oasis. There is a car park and changing facilities to ensure a nice trip.

Why go there?

One of the best swimming places in the country.

Top Natural Pools-Oman

Photo by Unknown

Top Natural Pools-Oman2

Photo by Unknown

3. Hamilton Pool, Texas, USA

Created by the collapse of the ground, today the natural pool is a favorite attraction. Surrounded with limestone walls the pool also features a waterfall, plunging down from the ceiling. Visitors reach the site by completing a picturesque trail and then have a dip.

Why go there?

Beautiful park, great natural site and hiking opportunities.

Top Natural Pools-Hamilton

Photo by Unknown

Top Natural Pools-Hamilton2

Photo by Unknown

Top Natural Pools-Hamilton3

Photo by Unknown

2. Giola, Thassos, Greece

A unique water reservoir, located near the village of Astris, provides a pleasant swimming experience. The Aegean Sea inundates the lagoon with water, which gets much warmer than in the sea. It is indeed one of the most popular bathing sites here!

Why go there?

Not only it is a unique natural pool, but the water is much warmer than in the sea and more pleasant to swim.

Top Natural Pools-Giola

Photo by Unknown

Top Natural Pools-Giola-Photo by Evgeni Dinev

Photo by Evgeni Dinev

Top Natural Pools-Giola2

Photo by Unknown

1. Queen’s Bath, Kauaʻi, Hawaii

As if sandy beaches were not enough, nature has created some additional wonders in Hawaii. Queen’s Bath is fed by the ocean and enables to swim on this rocky coast. There is even a small waterfall nearby, where swimmers can rinse off salty water.

Why go there?

A beautiful natural pool, where you can have a refreshing dip in summer.

Top Natural Pools-Hawaii-Photo by Laura Hope

Photo by Laura Hope

Top Natural Pools-Hawaii

Photo by Unknown

Top Natural Pools-Hawaii-Photo by Alex Rapada

Photo by Alex Rapada