Top 10 Mesmerizing Canyons and Gorges

Top 10 Mesmerizing Canyons and Gorges

Canyons and gorges are impressive natural wonders, attracting millions of adventurers, thirsty for some staggering views and fun activities. Some canyons feature crystal clear emerald rivers, some are lush and boast a diverse flora and fauna, while others sprawl for an unfathomable length across the Earth. Check out these ten choices of the week.

10. The Bled Gorge, Zgornje Gorje, Slovenia

The impressive gorge is found a few kilometers from the town of Bled, which is famous for its beautiful lake. The site features diverse views, pools, rapids, and potholes. The wonderful gorge features a wooden hiking trail and bridges that run along the river, enabling to explore the site. The pathway ends at the stunning point – the picturesque waterfall Šum marks the finish line.

The length of the path is only 3 km (1.8 mi) and is completed in about one hour. It is not exhausting, but on the contrary – very exhilarating on a hot summer day.

Bled-Photo by Ana Pogacar

Photo by Ana Pogacar

Bled-Photo by Ana Pogacar2

Photo by Ana Pogacar

Bled-Photo by Ana Pogacar3

Photo by Ana Pogacar

Bled-Photo by katepedley

Photo by katepedley

9. Ice Canyon, Greenland

The big island is a great place to visit since it has many picturesque sites. Ice Canyon is an impressive ice structure and one of the most visited spots in Greenland. The canyon reaches 30-40 meters depth. The water from the melting icebergs forms turquoise rivers, that run through the canyon and add up to the eye-catching landscape. The weather is not so freezing during May and July, therefore might be the best time to visit the country.


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8. Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

Found in Taroko National Park, the site attracts adventurous visitors, who are willing to discover the amazing nature of Taiwan. Tourists can choose from many routes, that will lead them to the gorge, impressive waterfalls, and panoramic views. The impressive wonder was created by Liwu River, that had carved its way through marble and created marble Taroko Gorge. Besides jade is also found in the park.

Taroko Gorge is a 19 km long marble canyon, Baiyang trail leads through the rocky tunnels with streaming water and jungle trails are wild and exciting.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


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Taroko-Photo by James Lambie

Photo by James Lambie

7. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, USA

The man-made reservoir known as Lake Powell is the second largest lake in the States. It is also one of the greatest recreational sites, offering activities including swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and water skiing. Besides, the sites are stunning and can be explored on a boat or a plane tour. Hiking is another popular activity.

Powell-Photo by Wan Shi

Photo by Wan Shi


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

6. Waimea Canyon, Kauaʻi, Hawaii

A 16 km (10 miles) long site is also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. However, its lush surface isn’t anything remotely similar to the rocky and bare landscape of Arizona. The site welcomes tourists and provides numerous hiking trails, that enable to explore the natural wonder. The Waimea Canyon Lookout provides breathtaking panoramic vistas, as well as numbers of other smaller viewpoints and picnic areas.

Waimea-Photo by Ian Miller

Photo by Ian Miller


Photo by Unknown

Waimea-Photo by Petr Š.

Photo by Petr Š.

5. The Verdon Gorge, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France

Considered to be the most beautiful canyon in Europe, the Verdon Gorge is 25 kilometers long and 700 meters deep. Part of its beauty comes from the incredible turquoise water of the Verdon River. The river canyon attracts many adventurers. Rock climbers and hikers can choose from more than 1 500 routs.

Choose activities including rafting and canoeing in the river, bungee jumping, mountain biking, fly fishing and paragliding from the steep and high canyon cliffs.


Photo by Unknown

Verdon-Photo by Gabriella Halperin

Photo by Gabriella Halperin

Verdon-Photo by Sébastien Ynesta

Photo by Sébastien Ynesta

4. Zion National Park, Utah, USA

It is one of the most popular and famous reserves in the country. There is plenty to do and see: from hiking, camping and climbing to horse riding and mountain biking. Various iconic places like Kanarra Creek, Subway, waterfalls, and viewpoints allow to explore this huge and versatile canyon – a true natural wonder.

If you want to have an all around experience – go to Zion. From the diversity of activities to numerous breathtaking panoramic views – find it all here. Find more information and fabulous sites here.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

Zion-Photo by Chi Liu

Photo by Chi Liu

Zion-Photo by Joe Braun

Photo by Joe Braun

3. Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland

The canyon in the south eastern part of the country is often referred to as the most beautiful one in the world. It is a result of thousands of years of erosion, caused by the melting glaciers. Today 2 kilometers long and up to 100 meters deep canyon is being constantly carved by the Fjaðrá river. It is also loved by the photographers, who can find numerous angles to capture this natural beauty.

Visitors can easily hike up the canyon and along the river. The views are constantly changing and simply overwhelming. The flowing river complements the experience with a soothing sound of flowing water. You can walk along it, but make sure to wear comfortable hiking boots, since the surface is rough.


Photo by Unknown

2. The Blyde River Canyon, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Blyde means happy in Dutch for a good reason: the canyon is one of the most beautiful in the world. It stretches for 25 km (16 mi) to the north of the Drakensberg. It certainly is the biggest green canyon on Earth: lush foliage covers the precipitous red sandstone cliffs. Besides the thick forests, the canyon is also home to various species: hippos, antelopes, and numerous primates. It also features several waterfalls and viewpoints.

Tourists can explore the site by hiking trails or even horse riding. There also are various other activities: rafting, hot-air ballooning, fly-fishing, biking, tours and boat trips on the Blyde Dam.

Blyde-Photo by Pete R.

Photo by Pete R.

Blyde-Photo by Cal Redback

Photo by Cal Redback

1. The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Carved by the Colorado river, the canyon at 277 miles (446 km) long is the biggest one on Earth. Two billion years of our planet’s geological history are evident here. Native Americans have been living here for centuries, inhabiting the caves and gorges. The natural wonder attracts 5 million tourists annually, who come to admire the canyon as well as do some fun outdoor activities.

Besides viewing the monumental structure and admiring the views, go rafting, camping, hiking, climbing or book a tour and approach the canyon from a helicopter or an airplane.


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