Top 10 Great Climbing Sites in 2016

Top 10 Great Climbing Sites in 2016

If you are a keen climber or considering to start practicing the sport, you will have to find the best spot to do it. Here are ten great sites, that are perfect for climbing. Not only they feature rocky walls, that will challenge the skills, but also mesmerizing panoramic views, that open while climbing.

10. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

At 5885 m (19 308 ft) high Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. On the top of it there are glaciers, that are really fun to climb.

Why to go there?

The glaciers melting rapidly and NASA estimates that by 2060 they will be entirely dried out. Therefore it might be about time to visit.


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9. Banff, Alberta, Canada

Embedded in the middle of National Park and surrounded with mountainous landscape. The town is a popular tourist attraction, providing plenty of picturesque sites and activities, that include climbing, skiing, cycling and more. Meanwhile Banff Avenue is at the heart of the town. It features numerous cafes, restaurants, shops and museums. The main street features historic architecture, which is interesting to explore.

Why to go there?

Various all year round activities; a beautiful avenue in the center of the town, which provides a romantic night out.


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8. Kauai, Hawaii

Geologically the oldest Hawaiian islands, Kauai fascinates with the amazing scenery. At 1,598 m (5,243 ft) high Kawaikini is the tallest peak on the volcanic island, which is also known as the Garden Isle due to the lush vegetation and green landscape. Some of the most exciting hiking trails are found here.

Why to go there?

There are various peaks, suitable for the beginners and professionals. Sleeping Giant is easy to reach, while Haupu is visited by a very few adventurers. Kalalau Trail on a dramatic Na Pali coast is a challenging and difficult one, but is very scenic.

Kauai-Photo by Nerijus Lostinhdr

Photo by Nerijus Lostinhdr

Kauai-Photo by James Johns

Photo by James Johns

7. Lofoten, Nordland, Norway

The archipelago in the northern Norway is incredibly beautiful and unique. Although it is located in the Arctic Circle, the climate here is surprisingly mild. It is an anomaly – the weather in Lofoten is really warm considering its Nordic latitude. It also has a rich marine life, including the biggest deep water coral reef on the planet.

Why to go there?

Apart from having a picturesque landscape, Lofoten offers various activities. Visitors go climbing, hiking, cycling and even surfing. Unstad is the most popular surfing destination. In summer 24 hours of daylight provide the best experience for the rock climbers and mountaineers.

6. Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

Located on the North Island Tongariro is the oldest park in New Zealand and the fourth national park in the world. The versatility in the park is peerless: from three active volcanoes to a number of Māori religious sites, Tongariro is a wonderful natural retreat in the country. Many endemic animals live in the park, including kiwi – a national symbol of New Zealand.

Why to go there?

Climbing and hiking are the most popular activities in summer, as well as fishing, biking, rafting, while skiing and snowboarding are the main activities in winter.

Tongariro-Photo by Mark Watson

Photo by Mark Watson


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Tongariro-Photo by Ansley Snapp

Photo by Ansley Snapp

Tongariro-Photo by Black Diamonds Images

Photo by Black Diamonds Images

5. The Dolomites, Italy

The famous mountain range in the Alps is popular among skiers, hikers, mountain climbers as well as base jumpers, Dolomites provide some breathtaking views and edgy slopes. Since there are numerous peaks, the range is still being explored by the base jumpers, who love to discover new locations.

Why to go there?

Find great tall peaks, overlooking the breathtaking landscapes of valleys, lakes and Alpine meadows. Skiing resorts attract those fond of outdoor winter activities.

Dolomites-Photo by Lukas Furlan

Photo by Lukas Furlan


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Dolomites-Photo by Hans Kruse

Photo by Hans Kruse

4. The Troll Wall, Romsdal, Norway

The impressive wall is part of Trolltindene mountain in the Romsdalen valley. It is a desirable challenge for the climbers and base jumpers. The rock is not solid: the frequent storms and melting ice cause rockfall. Therefore, it is hard finding the route, since it is being constantly reshaped by the nature. There are ten routes established by the various international climbing groups and new possible options.

Why to go there?

One of the famous rocks for the climbers. Even if you are not a professional climber, the landscape is breathtaking. There are many climbing and hiking options in the region. AAK Fjellsport Senter provides with information, equipment and even gives climbing lessons.


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Troll-Photo by Andreas Winter

Photo by Andreas Winter


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Troll-Photo by Natalia Eriksson

Photo by Natalia Eriksson

3. Hua Shan, China

Hua Shan is a historic, as well as a religious place. For thousands of years people have been growing rice, tea and oranges here. Also for hundreds of years Taoists have been climbing the mountain. Due to these pilgrimages many temples are located in the area. Today Buddhists also climb the steep paths and leave red ribbons with wishes behind.

Why to go there?

Although many non professional climbers come here, the hiking tracks are very dangerous here. The unreliable trails and railings open an unforgettable scenery, though.


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2. Zion National Park, Utah, USA

It is one of the most popular and famous reserves in the country. There is plenty to do and see: from hiking, camping and climbing to horse riding and mountain biking. Various iconic places like Kanarra Creek, Subway, waterfalls and viewpoints allow to explore this huge and versatile canyon – a true natural wonder.

Why to go there?

If you want to have a all around experience – go to Zion. From the diversity of activities to numerous breathtaking panoramic views – find it all here.


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Zion-Photo by Joe Braun

Photo by Joe Braun

Zion-Photo by Joe Braun2

Photo by Joe Braun

1. Yosemite National Park, California, USA

Yosemite Valley is a popular attraction, which mesmerizes with unique unspoiled nature. Climbers, hikers and backpackers visit the site all year round. Meanwhile Half Dome is an unusual rock formation, which challenges the adventurers and adrenaline lovers. The free-rope climbers try their fortune here.

Why to go there?

Visit the park and admire its wonderful nature. There are various activities you can choose from: hiking, climbing, camping or base jumping (which isn’t legal though).


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Yosemite-Photo by Jimmy Chin

Photo by Jimmy Chin