Top 10 Exciting Things to See and Do in Turkey

Top 10 Exciting Things to See and Do in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular Middle Eastern country among the tourists. Its pristine beaches, unspoiled nature, historic cities and sites make it a well rounded trip. Take a look at our list and ten choices of the week!

10. Enjoy Swimming in Kekova

The small island is famous for its crystal clear blue water and the ancient ruins, sunken underneath it. Kekova attracts day trippers from Antalya, who come to admire the historic ruins and unspoiled nature.

Why to go there?

Go boating in Kekova – the best way to explore the island as well as the ruins and have a tranquil day out.


Photo by Unknown

9. Go on a Pilgrimage to Sumela

A 1600 year old monastery is carved straight into the Melá Mountain. It boasts striking views as thousands of feet abyss opens underneath the ancient structure. The monastery comprises a church, a chapel, a library and many other chambers – all open for the visitors to view.

Why to go there?

The path that leads to the monastery is very scenic. It also provides a nice stroll, which will count as a pilgrimage.

Sumela Photo by Ferzan Ugurdag

Photo by Ferzan Ugurdag

8. Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia

The historically important site is breathtaking: people have built settlements here in the 6th century BC. Today it is famous for the fairy chimneys, that are a true natural wonder, occurring only in a few more places in the world.

Why to go there?

The staggering landscape is best observed from an air balloon. The hot air balloon tours are one of the most exciting experience on your trip to Turkey.

cappadocia Photo by Vitaly Afanasyev

Photo by Vitaly Afanasyev


Photo by Unknown

cappadocia Photo by Kani Polat

Photo by Kani Polat

7. Climb Mount Nemrut

One of the most magical places imaginable. The summit of the 2,134 m (7,001 ft) tall mountain is peppered with the ancient head statues built by King Antiochus I in 62 BC. Greek and Persian influences are evident in the style of these artifacts.

Why to go there?

Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Mount Nemrut is visited by the tourists on the guided tours that usually take off from Adiyaman.

The east terrace of Mount Nemrut with the Great alter in front of statues and the tumulus.

Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

6. Bathe in Pamukkale

Protected by UNESCO, the site is dubbed the Cotton Castle, as it features beautiful white terraces, ascending the hill. The terraces form pools that get filled up with healthy water rich with minerals, that comes from the hot springs.

Why to go there?

The site provides a well rounded experience: from the stunning landscape to a healthy natural spa!


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5. Paraglide in Ölüdeniz

Ölüdeniz is a popular holiday destination, loved by the sunbathers and swimmers. However, it has also become a popular site among the paragliders, who can admire the fascinating views of azure waters and curvy lagoons.

Why to go there?

The tours are being carried out by the professional pilots. The location guarantees pleasant weather and great views.

para Photo by Kenan Olgun

Photo by Kenan Olgun

4. Explore Ephesus

Ancient Greek city was built in the 10th century BC. Its one of the most famous buildings was the Temple of Artemis, which is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Today there is a replica, which represents the original structure.

Why to go there?

Numerous amazing historic ruins will provide an insight into the ancient period.

Ephesus Photo by Benh LIEU SONG

Photo by Benh LIEU SONG


Photo by Unknown

3. Hike in the Saklıkent Canyon

Located in Saklıkent National Park, at 300 m (980 ft) deep and 18 km (11 mi) long, the canyone is one of the deepest in the world. The water levels drop in summer, when is the peak tourist time.

Why to go there?

The visitors can enter the canyon and hike on the bottom of it, where amazing views to the steep cliffs open.


Photo by Unknown

See... no more walkway. Just a stream and a gorge to walk through.

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2. Visit Istanbul

The historic town was known as Constantinople and played an important cultural and economic role in the ancient times. Today it is one of the most visited cities in Turkey as it boasts amazing architecture, shops, restaurants and entertainment.

Why to go there?

Go on a boat tour and explore the magnificent skyline of Istanbul.

İstanbul Photo by Proto Hack

Photo by Proto Hack


Photo by Unknown

1. Relax in Antalya

One of the most popular resorts in Turkey attracts millions of tourists every year. An abundance of resorts, great weather, soft sandy beaches and warm water make a great combination for a perfect summer holiday!

Why to go there?

The resort also provide numerous opportunities to eat and shop, as plenty of local traders offer their handcrafts and other goods. Don’t forget to bargain!


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antalya 2

Photo by Unknown