Top 10 Exciting and Summery Beach Cities

Top 10 Exciting and Summery Beach Cities

Some cities are so lucky to have not only exciting culture and busy lifestyle, but also boast some cool beaches, that attract citizen in summer. Just lay idly on the sand and worship the Sun or do some outdoor activities – check out this week’s choices!

10. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

One of the most exciting Canadian cities boasts ten great sandy beaches. From family friendly to more extravagant – beaches overlook the impressive skyline of Vancouver.

Why go?

Locals head to the beaches to idly lay on the sand, play tennis or basketball in the courts or have a swim in a heater saltwater pool.

canada Photo from Blu Reality

Photo from Blu Reality

9. Tel Aviv, Israel

The town boasts all sorts of youthful entertainment, hip cafes, restaurants and shops. It vibrant spirit can also be found on the beach, where people gather to bathe, play, dance and have fun.

Why go?

The town is within a hand’s reach, which promises all the facilities in the great Mediterranean Sea surroundings.

tel aviv 2 Photo from The Culture Trip

Photo from The Culture Trip

Views of the waterfront and beaches of Tel Aviv

Photo by Unknown

8. Santa Monica, California

The iconic town has been popularized by the Hollywood elite, who would come here to party since the 1920’s. Today its relaxed vibe is much appreciated by the wide public.

Why go?

Play some outdoor sports, go surfing, pay a visit to the iconic Santa Monica pier and bump into a celebrity!

santa-monica Photo from Gergian Hotel

Photo from Georgian Hotel

Santa-Monica Photo from Crural

Photo from Corural

7. Miami Beach, Florida, USA

The coastal resort boasts sandy strip, warm waters and the Art Deco District, packed with the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world! Once in Miami be rest assured that class will follow you everywhere.

Why go?

One of the most popular and oldest resorts in the US attracts visitors from all around the world. The visitors are offered to stay in one of many luxurious resorts and enjoy the summer activities in the town.


Photo by Unknown

miami Photo from Vosizneias

Photo from Vosizneias

6. Nice, France

The French Riviera offers an elegant stay. Nice is one of the most popular resort towns in the country. Visitors will have to pay to get to the beach. But the abundance of facilities, bars and cafes will make it up. (But you will have to pay. Again.)

Why go?

With luxurious resorts, outstanding architecture and pleasant weather this could very well be a Frencophile’s dream destination.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

nice 2

Photo by Unknown

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Probably the coolest city in the country, boasts not only some hip urban scene, but a wonderful landscape as well. Crowned by the Table Top Mountain, the city also offers great beaches and outdoor activities.

Why go?

You will find various beaches for various purposes: from tranquil water suitable for families and lazy bathers, to more tempestuous beaches favored by the surfers.


Photo by Unknown

4. Barcelona, Spain

The impressive architecture by Gaudi, superb cuisine, exciting nightlife and eventful cultural scene attracts millions of tourists each year. Moreover, it also offers great sandy beaches, where one can have a refreshing dip after a busy day!

Why go?

The city offers a perfect combine holiday – explore the cultural attractions and relax on the beach. What more can you want for a summer holiday!

barca Photo from Spin a Globe

Photo from Spin a Globe


Photo by Unknown

3. Sydney, Australia

One of the most popular cities in Australia fascinates with its culture, youthful spirit and all-year-round sunny weather. Enjoy its beaches and the outdoor activities.

Why go?

Sydney offers an abundance of outdoor activities, many of which can be found on the beaches including the iconic Bondi beach.

sydney Photo by Matt Lauder

Photo by Matt Lauder

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the most exciting cities in Brazil boasts a beach, that sprawls for 25 miles (40 kilometers)! Some of the world-famous beaches can be found here – from Copacabana to Ipanema.

Why go?

Brazilians definitely know how to have fun and the beaches become the main attraction in summer – it seems that the entire city moves here!


Photo by Unknown

rio Photo by David Jenkins

Photo by David Jenkins

1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most favorite location of ours. Heaven on Earth, miles of unspoiled spectacular nature, canyons, mountains, volcanoes and yet soft sandy beaches, warm waters and peaceful pace – bask in the Sun together with the lazy tortoises!

Why go?

Honolulu is the busiest city, where all the action is found. Everything is within a hand’s reach. Yet if you would like some solitude, it’s minutes away in the secluded neighborhoods and its beaches.

hawaii Photo from Royal Caribbean

Photo from Royal Caribbean


Photo by Unknown