Top 10 Examples of Surreal Geometry in Nature

Top 10 Examples of Surreal Geometry in Nature

Nature is the best artist they say. And we add that it is the best scientist as well. Take a look at these incredible shapes and patterns, that to millions of years to form. Today most of them are popular tourists destinations!

10. Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve, Northern Territory, Australia

Also known as Karlu Karlu, the site is one of the most unique natural wonders in the area. It holds a great cultural and spiritual significance to Aborigines and has one of the oldest religious sites in the world. The huge granitic boulders are the most exciting features of Australian outback. For millions of years shaped by natural forces, the boulders balance precariously on the surface or are split.

Why to go there?

There are various facilities, a tourist center, camping area and friendly rangers, who arrange live events between May and September.

Devils-Photo by Regina

Photo by Regina

Devils-Photo by Nerijus Lostinhdr

Photo by Nerijus Lostinhdr

Devils-Photo by Adam Armstrong

Photo by Adam Armstrong

9. Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia

A wonderful inselberg, which is surprisingly similar to a breaking ocean wave, soars abruptly in Hyden Wildlife Park. The formation is 14 m (46 ft) high and 110 m (360 ft) long. The wall attracts around 140 000 tourists annually.

Why to go there?

The multicolored granite wall was formed millions of years ago. Surrounded with a nature reserve and bushland, the site offers a great spot to admire the unique landmark. Wave Rock of course has a significant cultural value to Aborigines, who cherish and appreciate their majestic land.

Wave-Photo by Christof In Oz

Photo by Christof In Oz

Wave-Photo by AlanM images

Photo by AlanM images

Wave-Photo by Scott Barnett

Photo by Scott Barnett

8. Salt Mines in Yekaterinburg, Russia

Underneath the industrial city a rather stunning natural wonder is found. The old salt mines feature the psychedelic colorful stripes! It is a result of layers of carnallite, that decorates the walls of the mines’ corridors for miles. Only a small part of the mines is being used today, however it is not open to visit, unless with a permit from the government.

Why to go there?

The vivid spectacle of colorful minerals is found 200 m (650 ft) under the surface. That is definitely not for everyone to see, but photographer Mikhail Mishainik was determined to visit the mines and made pictures for the world to admire.

Salt-Mine-Photo by Mikhail Mishainik

Photo by Mikhail Mishainik

Salt-Mine-Photo by Mikhail Mishainik3

Photo by Mikhail Mishainik

Salt-Mine-Photo by Mikhail Mishainik2

Photo by Mikhail Mishainik

7. Devils Tower, Wyoming, USA

A formidable laccolith – an intrusion of magma – is found in the Black Hills. It is considered a sacred place by the Native Americans, who have created various legends about its origins. Therefore visitors are asked to respect this place.

Why to go there?

Local tribes still hold rituals on this site. Every June visitors are expected not to climb the Devils Tower – activity not approved by the Native Americans. However, everyone is welcome to explore the formation and its impressive surroundings by completing a 2 km (1.3 mi) trail.

Devils-Photo by John Haig

Photo by John Haig


Photo by the Unknown

Devils-Photo by Brenda Bergman

Photo by Brenda Bergman

6. Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

This unique site is one of the most popular attractions in the country. The legend has it that after the giant Arogo’s love died he cried for so long and later his tears dried and formed the landscape. It is really tempting to believe that such beauty was created by supernatural forces, however scientists have their own explanation.

Why to go there?

The geological formation is covered in grass, which dries and gets brown coloration. Hence the name – Chocolate Hills. There are approximately 1260 visible hills, that protrude above the trees. There are two resorts – Chocolate Hills Complex and Sagbayan Peak – that have viewing points from where the hilly landscape opens.

Philippines, Chocolate Hills at sunrise

Photo by the Unknown

Chocolate-Photo by Stefan-Forster

Photo by Stefan Forster

Chocolate-Photo by Carlo Romero

Photo by Carlo Romero

5. The Great Blue Hole, Belize

It is a true natural wonder. It is a submarine sinkhole, which lies next to the Lighthouse Reef. It is considered to be a large sinkhole: it is over 300 m (984 ft) across and 124 m (407 ft) deep.
The hole was formed during the Ice Age, when the sea levels were much lower. When its levels rose, the water flooded the cave, which resulted in this fascinating view.

Why to go there?

Belize is a great holiday destination at any time of the year. Meanwhile, tourists can explore the whole on a boat or plane tours.


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown

4. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

It is the biggest salt flat in the world, which stretches for 4,086 sq mi (10,582 sq km). The salt desert used to be covered with water. Several prehistoric lakes were lying here. After a long time however, the lakes have disappeared, uncovering this amazing spot. The area which is covered with a few meters salt crust is extraordinarily flat. Due to this and clear air, as well as low humidity, Salar De Uyuni is perfect for satellite calibration.

Why to go there?

The unusual spot attracts tourists from all around the world. Some hotels are built entirely with salt blocks.


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown

3. Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

The remote island in the Indian Ocean, 2,000 km (1,200 mi) away from Africa, is a very attractive tourist destination. The underwater waterfall, located on the southwestern shore, might serve as a signature of Mauritius. It isn’t an actual waterfall, but an optical illusion: the sediment of sand and silt create this dramatic site. The reason for this is that the island is relatively new and a formation of it is still present, causing an underwater slope.

Why to go there?

Tourists are offered to relax in the white sandy beaches and enjoy the warm water, explore the mountains, a reef and underworld world.


Photo by the Unknown

mauritius-Photo by Frederick C Millett Photography

Photo by Frederick C Millett Photography


Photo by the Unknown

2. Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines

Its steep slopes form a perfect symmetrical classic volcano. Mayon is active and eruptions are frequent. In 2013 in May the volcano spit ash and rock, forming a cloud 500 meters (1640 fr) above the peak. It killed five climbers, who were on their way to the summit.

Why to go there?

Mayon is truly one of the most beautiful volcanoes, a perfect cone. However, it is dangerous, so the climbers usually are devoted adventurers.


Photo by the Unknown

mayon-Photo by Ferran Vega

Photo by Ferran Vega

mayon-Photo by Edwin Martinez

Photo by Edwin Martinez

1. Palau

The glorious archipelago is a true paradise for the vacationers and adventurers. The amazing nature has formed this unique web of islands, that attract visitors for the warm climate, white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. A favorite spot for diving and snorkeling: Palau is famous for its barrier reef and marine life. The island also has an interesting culture: visit its cave paintings and World War II wrecks.

Why to go there?

A truly divine place to have a vacation in.


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown