Top 10 Countries to Discover This Year

Top 10 Countries to Discover This Year

Up for some adventure this summer? Don’t hesitate and consider some of these countries. Tourism only begins to flourish here, so hurry up and be a pioneer! Check out our choice of the week – the countries have captured our attention for their unspoiled nature as well cultural and historic heritage.

10. Timor-Leste

The country just recently declared its independence and is open for the visitors as well as adventurers, who are up for a quite an experience. Found in the Indonesian archipelago, Timor-Leste fascinates with its forests and a coastline, untouched by the humans and an immense coral reef, which is a dream destination for the divers and snorkelers.

timor Photo by Design Pics Inc

Photo by Design Pics Inc


Photo by Unknown

9. Uzbekistan

The country has been isolated for a very long time. Despite the tumultuous political events, today the country lures in with its fascinating beauty. Ancient historic architecture reflects Islamic heritage, whereas the staggering nature leaves one breathless.


Photo by Unknown

Uzbekistan 2

Photo by Unknown

8. Georgia

The country is gaining its power again after a recent war with Russia. Batumi is especially popular with the vacationers: a Black Sea port has been restored and now spoils with great resorts, an abundance of entertainment and a great coastline!


Photo by Unknown

georgia 2

Photo by Unknown

7. Lithuania

The Baltic state is becoming one of the main tourist attractions in the region. In summer it is especially alluring: the land is dotted with hundreds of lakes, that boast nice lodges and resorts. Surrounded with forests, these vacation centers will provide a much required peace and relaxation.

Lietuva Photo from Fotoskrydis

Photo from Fotoskrydis

lietuva Photo by Z. Jonikas

Photo by Z. Jonikas

Lietuva Photo from Ilzenbergas

Photo from Ilzenbergas

6. Nicaragua

Surrounded with the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua is a summer holiday paradise. The country promotes its eco-tourism, which offers a stay in eco-resorts or lodges, that work on preservation of the wonderful unspoiled Nicaraguan nature.

nicaragua Photo from Retire Nicaragua

Photo from Retire Nicaragua

nicaragua Photo by Ryan Forbes

Photo by Ryan Forbes

5. Iran

There are 19 splendid ancient ruins, declared a World Heritage by UNESCO. Ruins of Persepolis, 18th-century Golestan Palace, rose gardens and gorgeous tile facades of 16th-century capital Isfahan – to name the few among many others. And also today Iran is way more accessible for the Westerners as ever before.

Iran Photo by Sylvain Dossetto

Photo by Sylvain Dossetto


Photo by Unknown

iran Photo from Sputnik news

Photo from Sputnik news

4. Albania

Found on the Adriatic coast, Albania is becoming more and more popular among the beach goers. Warm turquoise water, great beaches and resorts make it an attractive summer destination. Moreover, the country is dotted with many ancient Greco-Roman ruins, that add up an extra charm.

albania Photo from Teach Away

Photo from Teach Away

Albanian Photo from Voyagerinfo

Photo from Voyagerinfo

albania 2

Photo by Unknown

3. Nepal

The country has been a popular stop for the climbers, who were headed to the Himalaya. However, the recent earthquake has undermined the tourism. Fearless adventurers are welcome as never before and will the country a step further towards the recovery.

nepal Photo by Intrepid Travel

Photo by Intrepid Travel

Nepal Photo from Nepalconresearch

Photo from Nepalconresearch

nepal Photo by thisyearsboy

Photo by thisyearsboy

2. Armenia

Found in the South of Caucasus, Armenia mesmerizes with staggering nature and historic architecture. Ancient castles and churches embedded in the mountains, overlooking the green valleys below – a sight you won’t regret to have seen.

Armenia Photo from Armenia 365

Photo from Armenia 365

Armenia Photo from Ecotour

Photo from Ecotour


Photo by Unknown

1. Turkey

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the regions boast a plethora of various attractions. From swimming in the deep blue sea in Antalya, hot air ballooning above the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia to paragliding in Oludeniz – these are only a few things to do on your holiday in Turkey!


Photo by Unknown

turkey Photo from Turkeyvision

Photo from Turkeyvision

turkey 2

Photo by Unknown