Top 10 Christmassy Capitals to Visit This Year

Top 10 Christmassy Capitals to Visit This Year

If you are looking for a variety of Christmas evens, shows, concerts and other entertaining activities, consider visiting these ten capitals. All humming with the holiday spirit and making a lively place to spend the winter holidays.

10. Budapest, Hungary

In winter the historic Vörösmarty Square attracts guests and locals to its market. The Christmassy scents of mulled wine, honey cookies, fir and cinnamon fill the air and can be smelled from afar. The visitors are entertained with various music and dance performances. The skating rink provides a wonderful opportunity to experience winter fun.

Why to go there?

The beautiful city provides various fun winter activities. And the Christmas market features 122 stalls! Also the trams get covered in thousands of lights, making the city look even more Christmassy!


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9. Belfast, Northern Ireland

The city boasts a fair, which features a magic post box, where kids’ letters to Santa Claus reach the North Pole. Found in front of the City Hall the market offers international delicacies: Italian nougat, Belgian chocolates, French tarts, Bratwurst, Spanish Paella and even exotic meats like Alligator, Impala, Kangaroo and Wild Boar!

Why to go there?

Apart from the market, various Christmas events and shows take place here, not to mention beautiful decorations that take over Belfast.

Belfast-Photo by Alamy

Photo by Alamy

Belfast-Photo by Christopher Heaney

Photo by Christopher Heaney


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8. Glasgow, Scotland

The city was a prototype, on whose architecture American cities are based on. Its market takes over Argyle Street in the city center, where traders from all around the world gather. You can find products from Lapland and even Ecuador! Various international specialties, including Continental beer and wine, supplement the local goods. Meanwhile hot Glühwein comes straight from Germany, Mosel valley.

Why to go there?

The city hosts an abundance of Christmas events and shows, a beautiful skating rink and a New Year’s Eve party.


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7. Helsinki, Finland

The country of snow and ice, where Santa Claus lives, is always a good choice for a winter holiday. The city offers plenty of versatile activities, that include outdoor fun as well as all the urban facilities. Helsinki turns on the Christmas lights and mood before December. The season features festive events, carol singing and concerts. Restaurants serve seasonal specialties, while at the Christmas markets you can warm up with delicious mulled wine.

Why to go there?

Also Helsinki is surrounded with forests, that feature 200 km of trails perfect for skiing. The hills are great to sledge – this is a beloved family activity. Meanwhile skating rinks in the town are always busy as well.

Helsinki-Photo by Asad Malik

Photo by Asad Malik

Helsinki-Photo by Thomas Leppä

Photo by Thomas Leppä

Helsinki-Photo by Pajunen

Photo by Pajunen

6. Lisbon, Portugal

Beautiful and shimmering Christmas Tree is posited in Praça do Comércio in Lisbon every year. Although the climate is mild all year round here, it is no obstacle for the Portuguese to embrace the holiday spirit. Also a pretty Christmas village is being set up, which provides a great spot to visit with a family.

Why to go there?

Not an obvious destination to visit in winter, Lisbon however puts an effort to make the city look Christmassy.

Lisbon-Photo by PMTN

Photo by PMTN


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Lisbon-Photo by Rui Pedro

Photo by Rui Pedro

5. Madrid, Spain

The Christmas market is set in the largest square of Plaza Mayor and is famous for the marvelous and original decorations. Each year different lights, shapes and figures are hung above the square – no one will argue that Spanish know how to celebrate! Various gifts can be found on over 100 stalls.

Why to go there?

One of the most original decorations are found in vibrant Madrid.


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4. Washington DC, USA

The sparkling Christmas tree in front of the White House alone provides a postcard-pretty view! The city gets covered in thousands of sparkling colorful lights and hum with Christmas carols, provides entertaining skating rinks and events, while restaurants prepare delicious holiday meals.

Why to go there?

Go to see some spectacular shows, musicals and performances that take place both – inside and outside.

Washington- Photo by Ken Kaminesky

Photo by Ken Kaminesky


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3. Paris, France

The famous shopping center Galeries Lafayette puts out marvelous Christmas Tree every year. Posited in the fancy surroundings it looks even more shimmering and gorgeous. Also the skating rink in the Grand Palais is simply splendid. But the best decoration all year round is the Paris’ symbol – Eiffel Tower.

Why to go there?

It is always a good time to visit Paris – the city of romance, love, great cuisine and passion for anything that is beautiful. Enjoy elegant Christmas in Paris this year.


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2. Rome, Italy

The eternal city and Vatican might not need too many Christmas decorations, since it is rich with architectural heritage. However, the sparkling and amusing decorations and displays are found in the various piazzas.

Why to go there?

The Nativity Scene settings, Christmas markets, beautiful trees, skating rinks and an overall Christmassy spirit makes it one of the best holiday destinations. Not to mention the numerous museums and Vatican – the holy place for the Christians.

Rome-Photo by Marco Mastracco

Photo by Marco Mastracco

Rome-Photo by Vedad Becirovic

Photo by Vedad Becirovic

Rome-Photo by Calim

Photo by Calim

1. London, England

One of the best cities in the world never sleeps and is fun to visit all year round. Meanwhile during Christmas it becomes an ultimate place to visit. The vast range of amusing outdoor activities, like numerous skating rinks, to indoor activities will please anyone’s taste.

Why to go there?

Visit the events, pick a theater show or a concerts, go shopping, visit some of the multiple skating rinks and simply enjoy the holiday season in shimmering London.


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London-Photo by Think James Photo

Photo by Think James Photo


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London-Photo by Roberto Mango

Photo by Roberto Mango