Top 10 Christmassy American Cities

Top 10 Christmassy American Cities

The holiday spirit takes over the world in December. Various cities in USA decorate the streets and houses, prepare shows for the citizens and guests to lift their spirits. We have chosen ten sites that caught our attention this year. See which town took the first place.

10. Durango, Colorado

The city was founded in 1880 as a company town of legendary Rio Grande Railway, which offers to come and experience the magical Polar Express! Based on the book and film, the steam locomotive takes families to the North Pole (which sprawls along the river). Kids in their pajamas are served hot chocolate, sing carol songs, listen to the story and are even paid a visit by Santa Claus himself!

Why to go there?

A truly exciting Christmas adventure for the families, especially with little children. After the journey families can stay at the local hot springs resorts, that provide a wonderful relaxation and warmth.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

Durango-Photo by Carol Milisen

Photo by Carol Milisen

Durango-Photo by Chris Starnes

Photo by Chris Starnes

9. San Diego

Celebrating Christmas on the beach? Skating on the beach? Yes, please! Forget swimming, surfing and sunbathing – skating is your next favorite beach activity. Hotel del Coronado has made a rink overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Spin around along entertaining music, under the palm trees – where else could you do that?

Why to go there?

Because you can. Skating by the Sea is open all week from Thanksgiving day through January.

San Diego-Photo by Morton Visuals

Photo by Morton Visuals

San Diego2

Photo by Unknown

San Diego

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8. Ketchum, Idaho

If you want to go skiing on your Christmas holiday, visit Ketchum. A very chic town in Sun Valley is popular among the Olympians, who train here. It is said to have the biggest automated snow making system in the world! Besides the world-famous skiing trails, the tourists also enjoy fishing, hiking, tennis and shopping.

Why to go there?

Beautiful town with many amazing restaurants, skiing tracks and great accommodation.

Ketchum-Photo by Singletrack Photos

Photo by Singletrack Photos

Ketchum-Photo by Tal Roberts

Photo by Tal Roberts

Ketchum-Photo by Eric Nelson

Photo by Eric Nelson

Ketchum-Photo by Tory Taglio

Photo by Tory Taglio

7. Aspen, Colorado

The luxurious winter resort becomes all Christmassy in winter. Decorated streets and local customs make it for a cozy winter holiday destination. Beautiful lighted Cooper Avenue practice cookie exchange, its restaurants offer delicious holiday meals and hot wine warms up the hearts of the citizens and guests.

Why to go there?

The town is a truly idyllic place, where great service and Christmas spirit blend perfectly.


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Photo by Unknown


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Photo by Unknown

6. New Port, Road Island

The citizens are expected to light their houses with only white lights, so that the old-fashioned holiday spirit would be preserved. And so it succeeds: the town looks postcard-pretty and truly pretty.

Why to go there?

The festive season is not as crowded as in the big cities. Therefore it could serve as a romantic getaway, where you can stroll the lighted streets and try out holiday meals at the restaurants without having to wait in the queues.


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Photo by Unknown

29 Dec 1995, Newport, Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island, USA --- An elegantly decorated Christmas tree stands in a corner of the library at The Elms, one of the mansions at Newport, Rhode Island. --- Image by © Kevin Fleming/CORBIS

Photo by Unknown

5. Las Vegas

Another top city to visit and escape the traditional ways of celebrating. The city is the hub of partying and knowing how to have fun. Also you get an opportunity to win some money (and spend some as well!).

Why to go there?

Great shows, numerous

events, venues, casinos, hotels and restaurants are waiting for the restless.

LasVegas-Photo by Hicker Photo

Photo by Hicker Photo

LasVegas-Photo by old_man

Photo by old_man


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4. San Francisco

The city on the Western Coast has one big gorgeous tree in the colorful Town Hall. And of course the trees in the shopping malls and various squares are magnificent too – see the Golden Gate Bridge reflecting on the huge heart.

Why to go there?

Visit the city any time. Its freedom loving spirit, numerous museums, nature and people make it one of the most beloved places in America.

SF-Photo by Karson Kwan

Photo by Karson Kwan

SF-Photo by Mikhail Razdobarin

Photo by Mikhail Razdobarin

SF-Photo by Gurpreet Singh

Photo by Gurpreet Singh

3. Chicago

The big city that never sleeps becomes especially festive during the holiday period. It definitely has numerous of restaurants and bars to offer, but most importantly a variety of great events, theater, shows and all sorts of entertainment can be found in here.

Why to go there?

If you are looking for an urban environment to spend the holidays, visit restaurants and shows – look no further as Chicago will provide all you need.

Chicago-Photo by Nick Ulivieri

Photo by Nick Ulivieri

Chicago-Photo by Barry Butler

Photo by Barry Butler


Photo by Unknown

2. New York City

Big Apple attracts visitors all year round of course, but in December it becomes especially festive and romantic. Thousands of colorful lights shimmer in the streets, Christmas music is playing on every corner, a million shopping centers and dining opportunities make it one of the best holiday destinations.

Why to go there?

Various outdoor activities will entertain you and your family. Beautiful skating rinks at Rockefeller Center or Central Park are among the most popular attractions in winter.


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Photo by Unknown

NYC-Photo by Brian Hoffsis

Photo by Brian Hoffsis

NYC-Photo by Deb Cochrane

Photo by Deb Cochrane

NYC-Photo by Ivan Kokoulin

Photo by Ivan Kokoulin

1. Seattle

During December each day offers numerous events, festivals and entertainment. From Christmas plays and street shows, to concerts and such extravaganzas like Celtic or Bavarian Christmas and champagne tasting.

Why to go there?

Wonderful vibrant city probably offers the most exclusive and amusing holiday events. Check the list here.

Seattle-Photo by Inspiredphotos

Photo by Inspiredphotos




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