Top 10 Capitals and Summer Festivals in 2016

Top 10 Capitals and Summer Festivals in 2016

Summer is approaching and most of you are planning your vacation. We have chosen ten capital cities, that will hosts a plethora of fun events and festivals this summer. Check out the list and plan your holiday!

10. Stockholm, Sweden

The capital is hip and lively city, which buzzes with entertainment and crowds of tourists in summer. Its postcard-pretty Scandinavian architecture is also something to admire here.

Why to go there?

Take a boat tour around the city and get to know it better from the marine perspective.

Stockholm-Photo by Pedro Szekely

Photo by Pedro Szekely

Stockholm-Photo by Jonathan

Photo by Jonathan

9. Canberra, Australia

It is summer in Australia, nevertheless the weather is mild, therefore the locals have to be creative and invent their own winter activities. Therefore the city hosts skating rinks, enormous slides and food stalls, that can be found in the European Christmas Markets!

Why to go there?

Canberra is one of the youngest cities in the continent therefore its youthful vibe will charm anyone who is up for some fun.

Canberra-Photo by Ibis Canberra

Photo by Ibis Canberra

Canberra-Photo from Travel Devotion

Photo from Travel Devotion

Canberra-Photo from Unirea

Photo from Unirea

8. Madrid, Spain

The royal city is the official seat of the King of Spain. Madrid however is not only a political, but also a cultural center in Spain. Numerous cultural venues, historic architecture and lively pace attracts millions of visitors each year.

Why to go there?

In summer the city offers even more activities and amusements that will entertain the locals and the city’s guests.


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown

Madrid-Photo from Flybe

Photo from Flybe

7. Ottawa, Canada

The city invites sports enthusiasts, art lovers and foodies! From Ottawa Race Weekend to the Canada Dance Festival, from Italian Week to the Dog Festival – a wide range of events will soon take over the capital!

Why to go there?

Probably no better time to visit Ottawa than during the warm season when locals and guests go out and enjoy all the city can offer.

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Photo from Batl Grounds

Ottawa-Photo from Cgi Ottawa

Photo from Cgi Ottawa

Ottawa-Photo from Michael Qaqish

Photo from Michael Qaqish

6. Paris, France

The capital of elegance and style preserves its charm during the hot months too. Adults and children are welcome to go for a wild ride in Fête des Tuileries amusement park. Also various music festival invite for a dose of the unheard of sounds.

Why to go there?

Do it like the Parisians do – keep it cool and stylish even when the thermometer starts to melt!

Paris-Photo from Suitcase stories

Photo from Suitcase stories

Paris-Photo by Vita Laurea

Photo by Vita Laurea

5. Budapest, Hungary

The capital invites to enjoy the numerous classical events brought to you by the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra, National Ballet Theater and Margaret Island Open-Air Theater. If its too sophisticated, go to beer festival held in the glorious Buda castle!

Why to go there?

Budapest is a true gem in Middle Europe. In summer an abundance of diverse events take place, making it an attractive holiday destination.

budapest-Photo from Ryanair

Photo from Ryanair

budapest-Photo from Armacad

Photo from Armacad

budapest-Photo from Studio Abroad

Photo from Studio Abroad

4. Prague, The Czech Republic

One of the most awaited events probably is Vital Art Nouveau 1900 exhibition, which will include items exhibited in the Paris World’s Fair of 1900! Also plenty of theatrical, musical and dance events as well as food and beer festivals will entertain the locals and the guests.

Why to go there?

Beautiful Prague is one of the best cities to visit in Europe – packed with architectural beauties, the city won’t cease to impress.

Prague-Photo from Book Travel Prague

Photo from Book Travel Prague

Prague-Photo from Prague Summer Nights

Photo from Prague Summer Nights

Prague-Photo from Prague Summer Nights2

Photo from Prague Summer Nights

3. Berlin, Germany

The city never cease to impress. Visit the fashion week, which will take place in June, open air gallery and Foreign Affairs – a festival of contemporary performative arts.

Why to go there?

An abundance of events will take place in Berlin. Also it is a great place to go shopping and exploring arts.


Photo by the Unknown

Berlin-Photo by Fotolia

Photo by Fotolia


Photo by the Unknown

2. Tokyo, Japan

Visit Tokyo and summer and you will be taken away by flowers, prayers and funky arts. The parks and gardens burst with blossoming flowers, which means a celebration in Japan. Meanwhile pilgrims go to the temples to meditate and prey. Many markets and performances also take over the city.

Why to go there?

Join the locals and participate in some of the numerous festivals, celebrations and Japanese customs.

Tokyo-Photo from Forbes

Photo from Forbes


Photo by the Unknown

tokyo-Photo from Text 100

Photo from Text 100

1. London, England

One of the most exciting cities in the world is preparing for the busy summer season. Numerous events will take place this season: from funky World Naked Bike Ride to sophisticated theater performances – anyone will find something for them!

Why to go there?

Besides the events there is a plethora of museums, galleries, cultural venues, shopping centers and landmarks to see in London.


Photo by the Unknown


Photo by the Unknown