Top 10 Best Surfing Spots in 2015

Top 10 Best Surfing Spots in 2015

Enjoying adventures and exciting sports? Want to try something different? Or are you already a professional surfer? Here are ten locations to consider. Some of them are suitable for the beginners, but of course the most exciting ones are for the experiences hardcore surfers only! Check them out.

10. Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

Tiny island is declared to be the “one and only” surf city of Canada, the country which is famous for its mountains, glaciers and ancient woods, rather than beaches. However, the unlikely spot offers great environment, unspoiled nature and waves, suitable for all surfers – from beginners to pros.

Why to go there?

The best time to go there is fall, when the weather is still mild and there is no fog, which covers the site quite often in summer. Also there are no crowds in autumn.

Top Surfing-Canada

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Clouds at sunset from above

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9. Makapu’u Beach Park, O’ahu, Hawaii

Surrounded by the steep mountains, the coastline in Makapu’u is loved by the surfers and bodyboarders. The tides are pretty rough and powerful here, therefore making a great spot for the adventurers and water sports lovers. Makapu’u Lighthouse, which is posited on the corner of Makapu’u beach and can be accessed from the parking lot along Kalanianaole Highway, contributes to the overall dramatic shoreline.

Why to go there?

Even if you are not into surfing, you can definitely enjoy hiking along the coast and admire great views to the ocean and two islands – Rabbit Island and Black Rock.

Top Surfing-Makapu-Photo by Ed Yeung

Photo by Ed Yeung

Top Surfing-Makapu

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8. Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Canggu in Bali is the place to be when it comes to surfing culture. The area is a perfect blend of the local Balinese culture, countryside views over the rice paddies and dedicated surfers from around the globe who make it a fun and vibrant place. Even if you don’t surf yourself, the area offers plenty of things to do and some amazing sights to see: varying from stunning sunsets at the beaches to some really authentic villages and temples in the rice fields.

Why to go there?

Great waves, beaches, culture and hospitality of the locals. Bali itself is one of the leading resort destinations in the world.

Top Surfing-Bali-Photo by Sylvain Fleur3

Photo by Sylvain Fleur

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Photo by Sylvain Fleur

Top Surfing-Bali-Photo by Sylvain Fleur

Photo by Sylvain Fleur

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Photo by Sylvain Fleur

7. Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

One kilometer long shore attracts not only swimmers and sunbathers, but also surfers, beach volleyball players and others, interested in active sports. Many events and festivals also entertain the visitors, the annual Miss Bondi beauty pageant and the Vans Bowl-A-Rama skateboarding competition being the most popular. Bondi Icebergs are the popular pools by the sea.

Why to go there?

So much fun in one beach, which is in the neighborhood of one of the most exciting cities in the world! No wonder that Bondi was included in the Australian National Heritage List.

Top Surfing-Bondi-Photo by Aquabumps

Photo by Aquabumps

Top Surfing-Bondi-Photo by Albert Salim

Photo by Albert Salim

Top Surfing-Bondi-Photo by Bright Chen

Photo by Bright Chen

Top Surfing-Bondi-Photo by Darren Hunt

Photo by Darren Hunt

6. Hossegor, France

The beach is popular among rich and famous, who own expensive houses here. However, the surfers are those, who are able to fully use the coastline. It is known to be the best places in Europe to surf – the waves are tall enough, quite strong and the beach is easily accessible.

Why to go there?

The nice softy sand beach boasts great tube waves, that can compete with those in Hawaii.

Top Surfing-Hossegor-Photo by DCH

Photo by DCH

Top Surfing-Hossegor-Photo by Nico Chapman

Photo by Nico Chapman

Top Surfing-Hossegor-Photo by Timo

Photo by Timo

5. Maui, Hawaii

Another Hawaiian island, which attracts numerous professional surfers. The waves are great, however, there are some challenges, which make the experience especially appealing for the adventurers. Strong wind, sharks and crowds are only a few things a surfer has to deal with here: almost all residents here surf!

Why to go there then?

When the conditions are right, the waves can be great. The water is warm and crystal clear, allowing to watch the vivid marine life underneath.

Top Surfing-Maui

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Top Surfing-Maui-Photo by Mike Tittel

Photo by Mike Tittel

4. Black Beach, San Diego, California, USA

Suitable for the professionals only, since the currents are strong and the waves are tall. Considered to be the best surfing spot on the mainland of the country, Black Beach is also surrounded by a picturesque ridge. Moreover, the waves do not get affected by the wind, thus allowing the surfers to completely enjoy them.

Why to go there?

Considered a dangerous beach, the site nevertheless attracts adrenaline addicts and spectators, especially on the weekends.

Top Surfing-Black

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Top Surfing-Black-Photo by Canavarro Photography

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3. The Aleutian Islands, USA, Russia

One of the most remote parts of the world boasts staggering natural beauty. Tens of islands of volcanic origin are sprinkled across the Pacific Ocean between Alaska and Kamchatka. This is a place for an adventurous traveler to go once in a lifetime! The unspoiled nature provides an unforgettable experience and numerous outdoor activities – from hiking, kayaking and bird as well as wildlife watching to skiing and even surfing.

Why to go there?

This is truly a very unusual and unique place on Earth! There are museums, that provide an insight into the history of this recluse community – there are 9 000 years old archeological findings, that prove humans lived here for that long.

Top Surfing-Aleutian-Photo by Chris Burkard

Photo by Chris Burkard

Top Surfing-Aleutian-Photo by Burkard

Photo by Burkard


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Top Surfing-Aleutian

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2. Cloudbreak, Tavarua Island, Fiji

Located on the heart-shaped island, which pleases each and everyone – from playing toddlers, to lazy bathers, to extreme loving surfers. Despite the heavenly looking environment, the hardcore waves can reach 10 meters high, thus making it an exquisite attraction for some.

Why to go there?

If you are a professional surfer, this might be a challenging goal to hit the waves here. If you are not, there are plenty of beaches that will please the thirst for beach fun.

Top Surfing-Fiji-Photo by Stu Johnson

Photo by Stu Johnson

Top Surfing-Fiji-Photo by Sarah Lee2

Photo by Sarah Lee

Top Surfing-Fiji-Photo by Sarah Lee

Photo by Sarah Lee

1. Supertubes, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

The world famous surfing spot is popular among professional athletes. It provides high walls of waves, that when once break create tubes. The rolling tides take unexpected twists and turns, so there is plenty of surprise in the experience.

Why to go there?

The entire shoreline on J Bay is full of nice beaches, but this one is the best one in regards of a great surfing experience.

Top Surfing-Supertubes-Photo by Shaun Joubert2

Photo by Shaun Joubert

Top Surfing-Supertubes-Photo by Shaun Joubert

Photo by Shaun Joubert

Top Surfing-Supertubes-Photo by Shaun Joubert3

Photo by Shaun Joubert

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Photo by Shaun Joubert