Top 10 Best Countries for the Foodies to Go to

Top 10 Best Countries for the Foodies to Go to

If you are not only a keen traveler but also a passionate foody, here is the list for you. We have picked out ten countries that boast wonderful culture, architecture, and nature as well as diverse cuisine. Where would you like to go first?

10. USA

Another huge country, which boasts an abundance of diverse traditions, flavors, blends and mash ups. People from around the world have brought their own contribution to the American food industry. Chefs allow their fantasy unravel as their vision is big just like the portions themselves.

In the big cities like New York and Chicago, the restaurants are hip and compete between each other which one is more creative and off the wall. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the healthy life-style prevails and offers a delicious alternative to the more fatty cuisine on the East coast.

USA-Photo by Hilton Checkers

Photo by Hilton Checkers

USA-Photo by Asiate Restaurant

Photo by Asiate Restaurant

USA-Photo by III Forks Prime Steakhouse

Photo by III Forks Prime Steakhouse

9. Thailand

The country thrives from tourism: people from all around the world come to admire ancient architecture as well as the pristine beaches. Luxurious affordable resorts will provide the most popular Thai dishes made of fresh seafood, rice and of course coconut milk. Also try the dishes in the local markets and streets – it is as authentic as it can get. Eating out itself can be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

Thai-Photo by By Love

Photo by By Love

Thai-Photo by Soneva Kiri Hotel

Photo by Soneva Kiri Hotel

Thai-Photo by SALA Resorts & Spas

Photo by SALA Resorts & Spas

8. Mexico

Another place where foodies can indulge themselves in an inexhaustible feast of flavors, colors, spices and music. Head out to vibrant Mexico City, which bursts with intense smells, tastes, and sounds. If you want to keep it at the low key, go to a resort on the coast of California Sur and enjoy the food on the sandy beach, while watching a sunset.

Mexico can really provide a round experience for the senses: not only food is rich with blends, but the culture, people and nature are so inspiring.


Photo by the Unknown

7. Argentina

The country of a passionate tango is inhabited by people who seem to know how to enjoy the life and what it has to offer. The juicy beef steak with a glass of local red wine in a restaurant where a soulful tango music is being played live will give you a glimpse of how powerful this culture is.


Photo by the Unknown

Argentina-Photo by Edu Geography

Photo by Edu Geography

6. India

Another country which overwhelms with its colorful culture. Indian food is known to be very spicy and mostly vegetarian. Indian cuisine has conquered the world as well, however, the true flavors will open up in various unfamiliar tastes in India.



India-Photo by 1135AD

Photo by 1135AD

5. France

It is impossible not to appreciate French cuisine. From the fresh seafood in the North, posh restaurants in Paris to Mediterranean herbs inspired cuisine in the South. And every meal can be celebrated with local wine, which provides a unique flavor of the region it is from.

Wherever you travel in France, you won’t be disappointed: its rich culture, historic architecture and versatile cuisine can be found just about anywhere. Experience the country that the French are so very proud of!

France-Photo by 1zoom

Photo by 1zoom


Photo by the Unknown

Image shows a lavender field in the region of Provence, southern France, photographed on a windy afternoon

Photo by Adventure Women

4. Spain

The country boasts probably the most versatile Mediterranean cuisine. From lavish seafood dishes to world-famous bacon delicacies, from Arab inspired cuisine to the finest wines. Food is an inherent part of the versatile Spanish culture, which must be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Spain-Photo by Sedakar

Photo by Sedakar

Spain-Photo by Xoprivate

Photo by Xoprivate

3. China

Chinese cuisine has conquered the world: from fast delicious food to sophisticated cuisine spiced up by elaborate rituals. Also do not underestimate the tea: people from around the world order it to be sent to the furthest corners of Earth to be able to enjoy a cup of fresh wonderful tea.

Here the foreigner will be exposed to the most unique flavors for the first time. Whether its a takeaway, street food or a fancy restaurant – the experience won’t disappoint the pickiest gourmand.

China-Photo by Ila Gereb

Photo by Ila Gereb

China-Photo by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Photo by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

2. Italy

Italian cuisine must be the number one in the world. Pasta, pizza, and ice-cream. However, in Italy, everything will taste ten times better since Italians use an abundance of freshly picked ingredients, herbs, seasoning, olive oil and the magic touch provided by the chefs, who have been inspired by the hundreds of years of tradition.

Go on a wine tour in Tuscany, visit any fishing village on the Amalfi coast, sip Limoncello in Capri, enjoy a glass of local wine before the sunset. Just give in to Le Dolce Vita in Italy!

Italy-Photo by Le Sirenuse Hotel

Photo by Le Sirenuse Hotel

Chianti vineyards with pizza and glasses of white vine, Italy

Photo by Evi Active

Italy-Photo by Jan Sieminski

Photo by Jan Sieminski

1. Japan

Japanese cuisine can be challenging for those, who are used to the food being cooked and soaked in grease. However nowhere else will find such seafood as in Japan: it is easy to get addicted to sushi, made of freshly caught fish and prepared by the best chefs in the world just right in front of you at the restaurant!

Besides food make sure to experience the tea ceremony, which is such an essential part of the local culture.


Photo by the Unknown

Japan-Photo by Kikunoi Honten

Photo by Kikunoi Honten