Top 10 Beautiful Forests Across the World

Top 10 Beautiful Forests Across the World

Forests and woods seem to be separate universes of their own. An entirely different world, filled with life, uncovers once one puts her foot in it. Hiking in a hundreds of years old forest makes one rejuvenated and relaxed within minutes. Check out these ten sites we have picked, that feature big, small, unique and unusual trees.

10. Daigo-ji, Kyoto, Japan

People travel to the country in spring to admire cherry blossom trees, that cover parks and cities. While it is in full bloom, autumn is much more low key, but no less beautiful. Meanwhile the famous temple complex in Kyoto provides a perfect place to meditate and have a nice stroll.

Why to go there?

Travel Japan by train – it is a quick way to get around and also allows to admire the magnificent views through the window.

Top Forested-Daigo

Photo by Unknown

Top Forested-Daigo-Photo by muralunique

Photo by muralunique

Top Forested-Daigo-Photo by Dominic Curro

Photo by Dominic Curro

Top Forested-Daigo-Photo by Tom NC

Photo by Tom NC

9. Homebush Bay, Sydney, Australia

In the west side of Sydney there is a 102 year old ship, which has turned into what is now known as a Floating Forest. The ship was supposed to be dismantled, however it was left floating in the bay. During the years the bushes and other plants overgrown the ship. It was discovered recently after the attempts to clean the bay. The Floating Forest has become a favorite site for photographers, who have popularized it online.

Why to go there?

Homebush Bay is a place where the old ships end up. Due to this forested boat, it has become quite a popular urban attraction.

Top Forested-Homebush

Photo by Unknown

Top Forested-Homebush-Photo by Bruce Hood

Photo by Bruce Hood

8. New Hampshire, USA

Part of New England, New Hampshire drops into the climate zone, which has four very distinct seasons. The nature boasts rivers, lakes, mountains and forests, that make a striking foliage in fall, worth to visit and admire.

Why to go there?

The scenic Mount Washington Auto Road runs through the region. It leads to the summit of Mount Washington, thus promising spectacular panoramic views.

Top Forested-New Hampshire

Photo by Unknown

Top Forested-New Hampshire2

Photo by Unknown

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7. Maramures, the Carpathians, Romania

The historic region sprawls across the northeastern part of the country towards Ukraine. Basically it is a valley, surrounded with the mountains. Rivers and creeks, lush forests and overall unspoiled nature make it a true gem in the middle of Europe.

Why to go there?

It is indeed a special place in the heart of the continent. Many places and architecture are preserved by UNESCO. Local customs, food and wine are also something to discover.

Top Forested-Marmores-Photo by Alex Robciuc2

Photo by Alex Robciuc

Top Forested-Marmores-Photo by Alex Robciuc3

Photo by Alex Robciuc

Top Forested-Marmores-Photo by Alex Robciuc4

Photo by Alex Robciuc

Top Forested-Marmores-Photo by Alex Robciuc

Photo by Alex Robciuc

6. Gorbea Natural Park, Alava and Vizcaya, The Basque Country

Located in northern Spain, Gorbea is a huge protected natural park. At the heart of the park is an eponymous peak – the 1482 m (4862 ft) tall Gorbea, which is available to climb with no special equipment. The park also features waterfalls, hiking trails, lush vegetation, diverse fauna, beautiful landscapes and forests, that look really fascinating in these misty pictures.

Why to go there?

The reserve is surrounded with various towns and makes a popular recreation area for those, who love to leave the city for a while and go to nature.

Top Forested-Gorbeo-Photo by David Pintado

Photo by David Pintado

Top Forested-Gorbeo-Photo by David Pintado2

Photo by David Pintado

Top Forested-Gorbeo-Photo by Jokin Romero

Photo by Jokin Romero

5. Taipingshan, Taiwan

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area sprawls across a huge mountainous zone and mesmerizes with its natural beauty. Unspoiled nature provides numerous sites to admire: rivers, creeks, lush greenery, lakes and viewpoints, overlooking a breathtaking landscape, making it an exceptional place to visit.

Why to go there?

Various popular sites are connected by the hiking trails, that stretch throughout the forests and picturesque surroundings. The park often receives mist and fog, coming from the Pacific Ocean. This misty romantic and tranquil view permeates the traditional art and can be recognized in the Asian esthetics.

Top Forested-Taipingshan-Photo by Jack Lee

Photo by Jack Lee

Top Forested-Taipingshan-Photo by Neil Wade

Photo by Neil Wade

Top Forested-Taipingshan2

Photo by Unknown

Top Forested-Taipingshan

Photo by Unknown

4. Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan

The western outskirts of Kyto – Arashiyama – have a lot of famous tourist attractions. Among Tenryuji Temple, Togetsukyo Bridge and Japanese garden the bamboo forest is one of the favorite destinations. This quiet and striking nature retreat attracts the locals and tourists for a stroll. Situated in the mountains, forest’s paths lead to the top, where amazing panorama of the forest and river opens.

Why to go there?

Bamboo plays a very prominent part in Asian culture. In Japan the bamboo forests often surround shrines to protect them against evil. Also on top of the mountain there is a Monkey Park, where over a hundred of monkeys roam free.

Top Forested-Bamboo-Photo by Peter Stewart

Photo by Peter Stewart

Top Forested-Bamboo-Photo by Haruka Suzuki

Photo by Haruka Suzuki

3. Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

Found on the Olympic Peninsula, the national park was created by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1909. Due to the unspoiled and diverse nature the park was declared a World Heritage Site. Indeed it features three distinct reserves: a subalpine as well as temperate forests and the rugged Pacific shore.

Why to go there?

Visitors have a vast land of wilderness to explore. There are various trails, that allow to explore the park and admire amazing views. From an impressive coast and beaches to colorful alpine meadows and rainforests, from fishing to climbing – tourists can enjoy a diverse nature all the way.

Top Forested-Olympic-Photo by Anna Gorin

Photo by Anna Gorin

Top Forested-Olympic3

Photo by Unknown

Top Forested-Olympic2

Photo by Unknown

Top Forested-Olympic

Photo by Unknown

2. Seoraksan National Park, Gangwon Province, South Korea

Seoraksan – the highest mountain in the country – is found in the Taebaek mountain range. The mountain is 1708 m (5603 ft) high and is surrounded with the waterfalls and temples in respect in and appreciation of nature. It makes the hiking in the park a spiritual experience.

Why to go there?

The hike to the higher mountains, including Seoraksan, might be challenging, taking up to 12 hours to come back from the top. There are many hotels and even camping areas near the park to spend the night in after a day in the mountains.

Top Forested-Soraksan

Photo by Unknown

Top Forested-Soraksan-Photo by phantastes

Photo by phantastes

Top Forested-Soraksan-Photo by Xin Jie

Photo by Xin Jie

1. Otago, New Zealand

Autumn takes place in March in this part of the world. Nevertheless, in Otago it is particularly beautiful. The region features fun cities and impressive nature: mountains, lakes, unspoiled forests and scenic routes.

Why to go there?

Besides various great things, the region is a major wine producer, making award winning wines. Wine makers ripe the harvest during the season.

Top Forested-Otago

Photo by Unknown