The Wales Coast Path – a Route That Circles the Whole Country, UK

The Wales Coast Path – a Route That Circles the Whole Country, UK

The Wales Coast Path, Wales, UK. Now buckle up and hear this – it is a 1400 km (870 mi) long walking path! Stretching from Chepstow to Queensferry, the route passes some pretty exciting places: eleven National Nature Reserves are on the way, not to mention the dramatic coastline, which varies from sandy beaches and flowery fields to precipitous cliffs.

It was opened in 2012 and was the first path, that encompasses the entire country. The path was establish to preserve the beautiful coast of Wales as well as to introduce it as a recreational area for the public. Tourists can go hiking or cycling at various sections and on their way admire spectacular views, diverse wildlife and historic heritage, which includes numerous castles.

Why to go there?

The vast route provides great hiking opportunities and amazing views. Travelers also can go bird watching, explore historic monuments and natural reserves, while enjoying outdoor activities.

When to go there?

Anytime. The best time to go animal watching is spring and summer.

How to get there?

Basically from anywhere in the country head towards the coast. Public transportation makes it really easy to access any destination in Wales.

Lead photo by Arwyn Harris

Wales Coast-Photo by Michael Oddi

Photo by Michael Oddi

Wales Coast-Photo by Paul Edwards

Photo by Paul Edwards

Wales Coast-Photo by Tim Wood

Photo by Tim Wood

Wales Coast-Photo by Stephen Craven

Photo by Stephen Craven

Wales Coast-Photo by Brian Miller

Photo by Brian Miller

Wales Coast-Photo by Graham Mulrooney

Photo by Graham Mulrooney

Wales Coast-Photo by Petera Terenig

Photo by Petera Terenig

Wales Coast-Photo by Chris Angle

Photo by Chris Angle

Wales Coast

Photo by Barrie Foster